Monday, August 1, 2011

All hell broke loose at shooting - Mthethwa

All hell broke loose at shooting - Mthethwa
2011-08-01 19:08

A police helicopter is seen near a shooting at the Rosebank police station, where a clerk shot dead one official, and wounded another, before killing himself.

Johannesburg - A police clerk shot dead a police captain and wounded the Rosebank police station commissioner on Monday, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said.

"At 15:45pm the officer entered the Rosebank police station, went into the station commissioner's office and shot her and a colleague," he told reporters at the police station in Johannesburg.

The commissioner was taken to hospital in a critical condition. The female captain died on the scene and the clerk shot himself. He also died on the scene.

Mthethwa could not say if the man was on duty or suspended. He was found guilty last week of mishandling firearms.

"It's a tragedy, and some of these things you cannot plan for. In this case, we think all hell broke loose when the member found out he was going to be fired," said Mthethwa.

"Even more disturbing, both the commissioner and the captain were ladies."

It was unclear how many shots were fired, but police said the weapon used could take 15 bullets and was empty.


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