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R1m stolen from Cele's house - report

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Mystery surrounds claims that a large amount of cash - said to total at least R1-million - was stolen from the Durban home of police boss Bheki Cele at the end of March, the Mail & Guardian reports.

Cele has reportedly denied the allegation. "It's not true that there was a burglary at my house recently," he told the weekly newspaper, adding there had not been a burglary at his home since 2006 when laptops and CDs were stolen.

Cele, who was KwaZulu-Natal Minister for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison at the time, told Independent Newspapers that he had been attending a late meeting when he received a call from a family member informing him that his home had been burgled.

"When I arrived home I found that my house had indeed been broken into. The burglars gained entry through the front door," he said.

It was not clear whether there were security guards at the house when the incident took place. Among the items taken were a television, laptop, music system, glasses and money.

"I don't know at this stage what the value of the stolen items is, but I know that my music system alone cost me around R20 000," he said.

Political parties at the time said the burglary was proof that crime was out of control.

"If the ANC government needed proof that crime is out of control in South Africa, they got it when Cele's home was burgled. The message of Cele's burglars is clear: no one is exempt. The vulnerability of a ministerial home shows that we all are potential victims of crime," said the IFP's Lionel Mtshali.

The rumour of the recent theft, according to the Mail & Guardian, is rife in security circles in KwaZulu-Natal.

The weekly newspaper reports that police and VIP protection unit sources said that millions of rands disappeared from Cele's home in Umhlanga. One police source put the figure as high as R5-million.

They said that the incident happened around March 31, a few weeks before Cele paid lobola for his fiancee, Thembeka Ngcobo. - IOL reporter

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Comments by Sonny

Does this protector need more protection?

Who ever said that crime is out of control in SA?

'Inside-job' burglary surprises Mbalula

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By Moshoeshoe Monare

Deputy Police Minister Fikile Mbalula's home in his fortified official Pretoria residence was burgled at the weekend in what is believed to be an inside job.

Six months ago, the private home of the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Thandi Tobias-Poloko, was broken into - three months after a mysterious theft of R1 million cash at Police Commissioner General Bheki Cele's house.

But Cele has denied reports of a theft at his Durban home.

The Pretoria News understands that several expensive appliances, including an LCD TV, were taken from Mbalula's Waterkloof official residence while the deputy police minister was busy with ANC work in Cape Town.

He returned to Pretoria yesterday.

Mbalula had just moved his belongings to the house last week. He and his family had not yet moved in.

A government official said a Public Works official and the police went to the house yesterday to finalise security installations and found the gate was damaged.

They alerted police.

Mbalula's communications aide, Paena Galane, confirmed the incident, but declined to give more details.

"We have left the matter in the hands of the Brooklyn police," he said.

Brooklyn police spokeswoman Captain Collette Weilbach could not be reached for comment.

However, it is understood that Mbalula's office and the police suspected an inside job.

The Pretoria News understands that the guardhouse at the gate was not staffed by the police as required at ministers' and deputy ministers' homes. It is believed that an internal probe will be conducted.

An insider, however, said: "The police didn't do their job.

"How else do you explain such a (theft) at the house of the police deputy minister... whose home is supposed to have 24-hour security surveillance? Where were the police at the guardhouse?"

Mbalula - the second in command of the police - is one of the few heavily guarded deputy ministers, given his security portfolio.

Ironically, Mbalula has defended his men and women in blue for their success in combating crime and is credited for innovating the crime-prevention slogan wanya tsotsi (thugs will s*** themselves).

He, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, and Cele worked diligently to improve South Africa's image for the World Cup by deploying more police officers in an attempt to contain crime.

Meanwhile, Tobias-Poloko confirmed that her garden chairs were stolen from her Bloemfontein private home soon after intelligence officers had warned her.

"My house was broken into early in January. Police (and the National Intelligence Agency) did necessary assessments before (the burglary)... and the report came to a conclusion that my house was not safe.

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Comments by Sonny

Welcome to the land of crime, Mr Mbalula!

Look around your and see who could have committed this 'inside-job!'

It may turn out to be one of your 'trustworthy' cronies!

Hope you were insured!

Funny that the police must alert the police to investigate the break-in!

Cops 'refused' to help, so robbers went free

29 June 2010, 10:30

By Graeme Hosken
Crime Reporter

Four potential armed robbers are on the loose after a Pretoria security company was forced to release them when police allegedly refused to question or arrest them.

This is despite the four being caught with knives outside the luxury golfing Gardeners Ross Estate in Mnandi, south-west of Pretoria, moments after a perimeter fence alarm was activated on Sunday.

They were caught by IQ Security guards and found in possession of housebreaking equipment.

The estate has apparently been plagued by a string of burglaries in recent months.

Wierdabrug police station members apparently refused to take statements, question witnesses or arrest the suspects.

This has prompted a high-level investigation by law enforcers, and has left police red-faced, especially after assurances by the police chief, General Bheki Cele, that the World Cup and security around it would not affect day-to-day policing.

IQ Security managing director Phillip van Schalkwyk said: "The alarm was activated at 5.30pm. Our guards caught the men just outside the perimeter fence.

"After questioning the men and unable to get information, we contacted the police."

But police from the Wierdabrug police station said they could not help and would contact them the next morning. Only after repeated phone calls to the police station were officers dispatched to the estate - two hours later.

Expecting the suspects to be fingerprinted and questioned, the security guards were in disbelief when the officers allegedly told them it was not their "responsibility" to arrest them. Also, that they (the security guards) would have to house and feed them for the night.

The reason given: the security guards who had arrested the men had gone home because their shift had ended and the officers needed to take statements from them.

"I was in shock, especially when I heard we would have to keep them overnight at our office.

"I immediately contacted the police station, but the policeman I spoke to, who happened to be the officer who came out to the estate, refused to assist me.

"When I asked him why he had not fingerprinted the suspects or taken them in for questioning he said it was not their job.

"I thought he was joking, but when he insisted that it was not his job and that the onus was on me to detain them I asked to speak to his shift commander.

"When I offered to take the suspects to the police station, the captain told me I would be wasting my time as she would not accept the suspects. When I told her I would take them to either Brooklyn, Lyttelton or Pretoria Central police stations she said no one would help me.

"When I tried to ask her why, she passed the phone to another policeman who said his commander no longer wished to speak to me."

Unable to get assistance, Van Schalkwyk phoned his lawyer who said he would have to release the suspects as he (Van Schalkwyk) was breaking the law by detaining them as he had no legal mandate to do so.

Van Schalkwyk said he released the men five hours later and gave their weapons back to them. Wierdabrug police station spokesperson Captain Agnes Human said the allegations were viewed in a serious light and would be investigated immediately.

This article was originally published on page 4 of The Pretoria News on June 29, 2010

The Star

Comments by Sonny

This is not neglect of duty on the part of the SAPF.

Mr Van Schalkwyk obviously does not know his Criminal Procedure Act, regarding arrest, search and seizure of suspects and property.

The arresting security guards should not have left their posts without writing out their statements and waiting for the police to arrive at the scene.

Did Van Schalkwyk ever hear of the "chain of evidence?"

Well done SAPF.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Namibia's 'struggle kids' demand redress

JOHN GROBLER - Jun 25 2010 06:00

Political entitlement has a sell-by date -- a harsh truth discovered by a group of Swapo "struggle children" after they walked 500km to Windhoek to demand jobs.

Since 2008, a group of about 700 people who claim to have been born in exile to parents involved in the Namibian independence struggle of 1963 to 1989 have been insisting that they be given privileged access to jobs because they are "special cases".

How they came to be abandoned in 1989, when Swapo repatriated about 15 000 exiles, is not clear. Many appear to have been born of brief liaisons in the movement's refugee camps across the northern border; others lost track of their parents in the turmoil of war. But others appear to be political opportunists, say senior government officials.

Last year, a large number of them blocked the traffic between Oshakati and Ondangwa in Namibia's densely populated Ovambo region by occupying a bridge and stopping a presidential motorcade.

They were eventually dispersed by police using teargas, but the media attention seemingly emboldened them into pressing on with their demands in Windhoek itself.

After they had camped outside the ministry for veteran affairs in the capital for several months in unhygienic conditions, the government tried to contain the problem by sending about 400 of them to a National Youth Brigade camp at Berg Aukas, 500km to the north-east.

The plan was apparently that they would wait to be recruited into jobs by various ministries.

How many of the 400 remain at Berg Aukas is unclear, but the delegation complained of "fraud" in the way jobs were dished out. They also allege that there is a constant shortage of food, because those administering the camp look after themselves rather than the inmates.

They are demanding first option on all government jobs, but appear to show little enthusiasm for the training they are supposedly receiving at the youth camp. Namibia has a 55% unemployment rate.

Last week, the country's youth and sport minister, Kazenambo Kazenambo, gave a delegation of struggle children, who had been sent to complain about a lack of food and favouritism in the allocation of jobs, a public dressing-down in front of the media.

Berating them for lacking discipline, he accused them of wrongly assuming they deserved special treatment.

"Who gave you money to come here?" he demanded.

Last Friday, at a parade of 1000 new recruits to the National Defence Force, Defence Minister Charles Namholo interrupted his speech to order the immediate removal of young people protesting at the gates of the Ondangwa Military Base.

His stern warning appears to have gone unheeded. On Sunday, outside Windhoek, the police intercepted a group of 129 struggle children, who said they had walked the 500km from Berg Aukas to Windhoek to state their case for jobs.

They were swiftly moved to a local soccer stadium, where they vowed to stay until their plight was addressed.

Mail & Guardian

Comments by Sonny

When will our 'displaced youth' start making the same demands in SA?

Are they not also entitles to a piece of the BEE pie?

When will equality come to our white children born after the 1994 elections?

When will president Zuma address our youth issues!

When will the Bill of Rights be implemented in SA?

SAA drug bust at Heathrow

29 June 2010, 07:14

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By Jason Warner

For the third time in less than two years, British authorities are investigating an alleged attempt by an SAA crew member to smuggle drugs through Heathrow International Airport.

A senior SAA flight attendant from Cape Town is in British police custody after allegedly being found with more than R1 million in cocaine strapped to her body.

UK Home Office spokesman Jamie Hamill said Elphia Dlamini, 42, had been detained after about 3kg of the drug were found during routine checks of crew members on a flight from Johannesburg.

Last year, the 15 crew members of an SAA flight were arrested at Heathrow in January and those of another flight in February after drugs were found in luggage.

Airline crews are subject to the same security checks as passengers in Britain and South Africa.

On Saturday, UK Border Agency officers searched each of the crew members on SAA flight SA236.

The cocaine allegedly found on Dlamini was worth an estimated £120 000 (R1 365 600).

Dlamini was charged with trying to import a Class A drug and appeared in the Uxbridge Magistrate's Court near Heathrow yesterday afternoon. She was remanded until July 6.

"UK Border Agency officers are determined to stop illegal drugs reaching our streets," Philip Astle, Heathrow director of the UK Border Agency, said.

Scotland Yard spokesman Eddie Townsend said Dlamini's arrest was under the UK Border Agency's jurisdiction, and police would carry out only a follow-up investigation.

SAA spokesman Fani Zulu confirmed the arrest, and said the airline would investigate how security had been breached in South Africa.

"We view this in a very serious light. We've been co-operating with authorities in the United Kingdom and we'll also do a follow-up investigation on our side."

Zulu said Dlamini had been employed by SAA for 15 years.

He said the airline had beefed up security since last year's arrests in an attempt to deter staff from trying to make money as drug mules.

In January last year, 50kg of cannabis and 4kg of cocaine were found in the luggage of a member of the crew of a flight from Johannesburg to Heathrow. The 15 crew members were released on bail after their fingerprints and DNA samples were taken.

Charges against 14 of them were dropped, while police continued to investigate the 15th crew member.

The following month, British police found 2kg of cocaine in luggage alleged to be an SAA crew member's. The flight's crew members were arrested and released on bail.

The investigation into the case is continuing.

Two days later, in South Africa, police arrested a security officer and another SAA employee. The officer was alleged to have given the SAA staff member security tags allowing her to carry extra luggage.

Interpol and British police said at the time they were investigating whether the alleged drug mules had been working for the same syndicate.

"We carry out searches on our side and have enhanced our security," Zulu said.

"Unfortunately, in this case the modus operandi was slightly different as (the crew member) allegedly had the drugs on her person, and not in luggage."

Zulu said efforts by drug mules to outsmart security posed a challenge.

Asked why SAA did not carry out body searches of staff, Zulu said the Airports Company of South Africa (Acsa) had taken over responsibility for searching airline employees after last year's incidents.

Acsa spokeswoman Unathi Batyashe-Fillis said the company was investigating where its security team had lapsed, and would decide which aspects needed adjusting.


This article was originally published on page 1 of The Cape Times on June 29, 2010

The Star

Comments by Sonny

The red lights have been flickering for years now.

Who is really behind ACSA and this organised crime syndicate?

If you can smuggle drugs then you can smuggle Nukes and Humans!

Who is really behind this lucrative trade?

Is it not time for these parastatals to be nationalised?

Fourth wounded suspect found after robbery

Alex Eliseev | 3 Hours Ago

A fourth wounded suspect was found and taken to hospital after a high-speed car chase in which two gunmen were shot dead on Monday.

Police responded after a jewellery store was robbed in Vereeniging at about 9:30am.

The chase ended on Old Vereeniging Road, near Brackendowns.

Crime scene investigators were combing the veld next to Old Vereening Road in search of further evidence.

The street remained closed and the bodies of the two robbers killed during the pursuit were still on site.

Officers from the Rapid Response Unit confronted the robbers an hour after the robbery and shot out the tires of the get-away vehicle.

The gang jumped out of the car and tried to run down the embankment while shooting at the officers.

The Police said four guns were recovered along with the stolen jewellery.

Both cars were pierced with multiple bullet holes and there were about 50 beacons around them, marking where the spent shells had fallen to the floor.

Eye Witness News

Comments by Sonny

SAPF You did us proud today, congratulations on a job well done!

Hijack suspects nabbed at funeral

28 June 2010, 09:41

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By Graeme Hosken
Crime Reporter

A gang of suspected hijackers, who allegedly raped a Pretoria attorney and sexually assaulted her sister for over four hours, were arrested hours after the attack as they left the funeral of an apparent accomplice.

The three Soweto men were caught on Saturday as they drove out of Lotus Gardens Cemetery by Pretoria Flying Squad and K9 Unit members who had been lying in wait for them.

Police had tracked them down after tracing the sister's rental car's tracking signal.

The three, one of whom was seriously injured when he tried to resist arrest and shoot at police, are alleged to have attacked the two sisters outside Club Mint in Joburg in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The two, aged 21 and 24, who had been spending the night with their relative, had gone to the nightclub's car park to get something from their Audi A3 when they were attacked at gunpoint, pushed into the car and driven off.

The relative, unaware of what had happened, became worried when the sisters did not return.

Unable to reach either of them on their cellphones, she contacted her boyfriend, a police reservist.

He immediately alerted police colleagues and informants, and a frantic search was launched.

The relative said that when the sisters did not come back, she was beside herself with worry.

"I did not know what had happened. I went outside but I could not see the car. I became frantic and did not know where to begin to look for them," she said.

Unbeknown to her, her phone call to the sisters is believed to have sparked the rage of one of the hijackers.

"I discovered that up until then my relatives had managed to convince their attackers that they did not have any cellphones or cash with them, but when one of them heard the phone ring and saw it, he flew into a rage," she said.

Recalling the sisters' description of the attack, the relative said the hijackers stopped the car and covered the sisters' faces before shoving one of them into the boot.

"The man continued demanding cellphones and money. He screamed repeatedly at them, pushed one of them into the boot before he attacked the other, repeatedly raping her at gunpoint.

"The rape apparently went on for ages. Her sister could hear everything from inside the boot.

"It was terrible. He was brutal. He carried on and on. He just would not stop," said the relative.

The sisters, one of whom is a beautician in Durban, were visiting their relative for the weekend.

"We just wanted a fun weekend. We had not seen each other for a while and wanted to spend time with each other," she said. The sister who was raped was living in Pretoria, she said.

The relative, eventually making contact with the car rental company, had the vehicle's tracking signal activated.

Police in Pretoria, who were on patrol, were immediately contacted by Tracker and began their search.

Police from the Flying Squad and K9 Unit began tracking the vehicle through Atteridgeville, while colleagues began closing off roads.

The vehicle's signal was eventually traced to the Lotus Gardens Cemetery, where a Tracker member, in an unmarked car, had tracked it.

As police lay in wait outside the cemetery taking up strategic positions near the entrance, the Tracker member drove into the cemetery and held the car under observation, alerting officers when the suspects drove off.

The suspects, realising that they were caught in a trap, tried to force their way past officers in their vehicle before abandoning it and attempting to flee on foot.

Police, who surrounded the suspects, arrested them. The recovered an unlicensed .38 Special revolver and an Okapi knife, which one of the suspects tried to use as he attempted to resist arrest.

Pretoria K9 Unit spokeswoman Captain Colette Weilbach confirmed the arrests and said the suspects would appear in court on Monday.

She said the arrests were made as the suspects left the cemetery, where they had attended a funeral. "The gunman was arrested before he could shoot at police," she said.

Weilbach said the men, who were aged 35 and 21, would appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

"Police are investigating the possibility of whether they can be linked to other possible crimes," she said.

This article was originally published on page 4 of The Pretoria News on June 28, 2010

The Star

Comments by Sonny

This is a brutal crime and should carry the Death Penalty!!

Where is this country heading, when criminals are in control!

Well done Tracker and SAPF!

Let justice be done here!

Cop dies on his way to twin's funeral

28 June 2010, 11:04

Friends of a cop who died on the way to his twin sister's funeral say his sibling's spirit called him home.

The popular Mitchells Plain cop was the only fatality in the crash involving five people.

In an eerie twist of fate, the officer was taking his family to the Eastern Cape to bury his twin sister.

Constable Vuyo Ndlazi, 34, died when his vehicle spun off the road between Graaff Reinet and Cradock earlier this month.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Ian Williams said Ndlazi was in the car with his wife, child, brother and nephew.

"His wife and other passengers made it out of the accident unharmed," he said.

"The family were on their way to attend the funeral service of his twin sister in the Eastern Cape."

Williams said Ndlazi, who worked as a court orderly, had been popular among his co-workers because of the wonderful person he was.

"Constable Ndlazi was well loved for his personality," he said.

Court security guards, who wish to remain anonymous, believe Ndlazi's sister's spirit was calling him to come home.- Daily Voice

The Star

Comments by Sonny

This is now double jeopardy if we ever saw it!

Spirits at work and on the road in Eastern Cape.

KZN is another place for spirits activity!

31 exotic dancers nabbed in raid

28 June 2010, 06:51

By Caryn Dolley

Nearly three dozen exotic dancers from Bulgaria, Russia and the Ukraine, arrested at a city club on suspicion of working in South Africa illegally, face deportation.

The Arabesque Review Bar in Burg Street in the city centre was raided two days ago.

Department of Home Affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa said on day that 17 patrons were arrested for "illegal acts" but declined to describe what these were.

Seven South African patrons, five Turks, two Dutch, an Indian, a Chinese and a Briton were released from custody and were expected to appear in court this week.

Mamoepa said the 31 dancers' work permits were illegal. The issuing of the permits was being probed.

Cape Town police spokesman Ezra October on day confirmed the 31 dancers were still in custody after being arrested in an "immigration operation".

Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat) advocacy co-ordinator Vivienne Lalu said their detention made her "really angry".

"(Groups targeting sex workers) are supposed to rescue people forced into sex work yet these women find themselves arrested."

Neil Arendse, spokesperson for the city's specialised law enforcement services, said the vice squad had assisted metro police and Home Affairs members for the weekend's raid.

He said the vice squad had never targeted or arrested exotic dancers as they usually involved immigration matters dealt with by Home Affairs.

The bar's website describes "three levels of chic Moroccan elegance, dangling chandeliers, with plush leather sofas" where "upmarket businessmen (enjoy) premium cigars while in the private (sic) of gorgeous dancers" and "lowbrow behaviour" was not tolerated. "This is a nice place and, well, you should be nice too," it said. The "ladies... are friendly but not pushy" and aside from table dancing and a lapdance room, "high friction" dances were also offered.

On Sunday no one answered calls.


This article was originally published on page 5 of The Cape Times on June 28, 2010

The Star

Comments by Sonny

Jackie Selebi wanted to legalise prostitution, now exotic dancers get arrested?

Why does the SAPS not rather solve Lolly Jackson's murder instead of harass workers!

Illegal sex workers have been in SA for longer than time itself!

Not only Home Affairs needs a bit of "Ethnic Cleansing!"

We must rid SA of the role players here!

Who is really benefiting from organised Crime in SA?

Police rifle confiscated from suspects

27 April 2010, 00:07

Two Mamelodi police officers and three civilians, believed to be part of the blue-light syndicate, were arrested in Silver Lakes on Monday, the Hawks said.

"Two of the suspects are women, including one of the officers," said spokesperson Musa Zondi.

The Pretoria rapid response unit and a police team specialising in house and business robberies were conducting surveillance east of Pretoria when they saw a vehicle believed to have been involved in a robbery.

They stopped it, checked it and found that it had been stolen a month ago, said Zondi. The three occupants were arrested.

Police went to the place the three had driven from, where they found two policemen, said Zondi. He would not say whether this was a house.

"It is suspected that the two police officers were trying to possibly hide evidence," he said.

Police seized an R-5 police rifle and a number of pistols.

The five faced charges including illegal possession of arms and ammunition, and driving a stolen vehicle. Police were still trying to determine whether they could be linked to other crimes.

Zondi said the scene was visited by Police Commissioner General Bheki Cele

The Star

Why do we allow these criminals to move amongst US?

This is not the first gang of 'officers' to be arrested in Mamelodi?

Who allows them bail?

Organised Crime is rife in Pretoria!

Is Pretoria their Head Quarters?

Police pounce on bogus cop linked to blue-light gang

28 June 2010, 09:47

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By Graeme Hosken
Crime Reporter

A suspected bogus police officer linked to a blue light robbery gang involved in a spate of violent armed robberies across the city has been arrested.

The man, whose alleged accomplices included two Mamelodi police officers who were arrested last month, was nabbed in a luxury security estate in the Silver Lakes area on Friday.

The man, who is wanted in connection with armed robberies, hijackings, possession of unlicensed firearms and housebreaking, was caught in the same flat in the Out of Bounds security estate in which his accomplices were arrested in May.

The gang was exposed last month when police stopped a BMW in Hans Strijdom Drive after its occupants behaved suspiciously.

During a search of the vehicle it was discovered it had been fitted with blue lights. Police were led to the unit in the Out of Bounds security estate where they arrested the police members as they were loading their car with weapons and police equipment.

During the earlier arrests the Hawks and Gauteng Rapid Response Unit police recovered police equipment including uniforms, weapons, stun grenades, police vehicle number plates and vehicles fitted with blue lights.

Initial investigations showed that the gang was wanted in connection with a spate of truck hijackings and ATM bombings in Gauteng and several neighbouring provinces.

One of the five who was arrested last month was out on bail for murder while another suspect was recently released from prison after serving time for being in possession of illegal firearms.

Police sources this weekend said that after a month-long investigation they received a tip-off that other gang members were continuing to use the house as a hideout and a base from which to operate.

After staking out the house on Friday, police stormed it when the latest suspect arrived home.

During the raid police recovered two vehicles, including a BMW and a VW Kombi, which are believed to be used by the gang in their crimes.

A source said that the vehicles' engine and chassis numbers had been tampered with.

It was also believed that the vehicles had earlier been hijacked by the gang.

"We are now following up on more information to see if we can make more arrests in connection with this gang," said a police officers.

He said the suspect would appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court soon on charges of possession of suspected stolen vehicles and for impersonating a police officer.

This article was originally published on page 4 of The Pretoria News on June 28, 2010

The Star

Comments by Sonny

What are the true stats on stolen/missing SAPF firearms?

General Cele should be addressed in Parliament on this point!

There are too many "Bogus Cops" wearing SAPF uniformed armed with weapons of War!

DA Newsletter 28 June 2010

The "Thugocrats" that threaten our future

The longer people live in an "open society", the more they tend to take its advantages for granted. So much so, that many of us do not know what the concept means nor understand its significance.

Our constitutional negotiators in the mid 1990s considered the concept of "openness" so important that they include it in the first clause of the first chapter of our Constitution.

It is a sign of the progress we have made that many South Africans today exercise the rights and freedoms of the "open society" without thinking about them. They speak their minds, make their own decisions, and express themselves boldly even if their views run counter to popular opinion. They reserve the right to change their opinions, if new information arises. This culture is the bedrock of democracy, sustainable development and technological progress. It creates opportunities for growing numbers of people, and encourages them to take responsibility for improving their lives.

For those who take this culture for granted, it is sobering to remind ourselves that South Africans who live in our country's "open society" enclaves are probably outnumbered by those who don't. There are millions of South Africans who fear speaking their mind, taking their own decisions, or expressing a view if this contradicts the dominant position of "the collective". Ironically, this "collective" generally consists of a small clique of self-appointed individuals who assume a mantle of legitimacy by describing themselves as "the community".

They set themselves up as "gatekeepers" over all the people living in a defined geographic area, prohibiting any alternate channels of communication, and claiming to represent the "collective will". And they do not hesitate to use intimidation and violence to impose their views. They control resources and manipulate patronage. They use labels to smear any opponent. This is the iron grip of the closed society that throttles democracy, smothers development, and prevents people from using the opportunities available to improve their lives.

Here is just one small example (among very many) that came to my attention in recent weeks.

A few days before Bafana's final match against France, an enterprising woman in an informal settlement, without electricity, decided to make the match accessible to her neighbourhood. She managed to source a generator and a donation of petrol to run it. She sought assistance to hire a small hall. She then began spreading the news of the event. Before long she was visited by a few individuals, who forced her to cancel her plans, because she had not been authorized by "the community" to screen the game. The "community" consisted of a few self-appointed individuals who arrogate to themselves the right to decide what may happen and what may not in the settlement where she lives. They are more accurately described as the local "warlords".

This is not an isolated incident. It is the daily reality for millions of South Africans. I have experienced this autocratic and unconstitutional authoritarianism in countless contexts in the course of my work.

This is a well known phenomenon throughout our continent and one of the main reasons why so many attempted transitions to democracy have failed.

In his excellent book "The Shackled Continent", Robert Guest graphically describes the situation in Mogadishu, Somalia (the ultimate failed state). In Mogadishu, says Guest, nothing happens without the permission of the local warlords, whom he calls "thugocrats". They often exercise their sadistic control over no more than a couple of city blocks, but that ground is their fiefdom. Their tools are intimidation and violence.

A senior employee of a soft-drink company described how difficult it is to distribute the product to the few local shops that still operate in Mogadishu. To enter or pass through any one fiefdom they must first pay the local warlord and his coterie with crates of cooldrink. To get to some shops requires crossing several of these small fiefdoms, paying each time -- otherwise the trucks are hijacked or burnt.

This may be an extreme example. But there is no shortage of "thugocrats" in South Africa. Many well-intentioned people help to tighten their control by facilitating their gatekeeping role, abetting their patronage, and entrenching their power abuse. South Africa's legal and regulatory framework, that requires a great deal of "public participation" also often has the unintended consequence of extending the thugocrats' control, by devolving decisions on the allocation of resources to these self-appointed spokespersons of "the community". Sometimes they are even given fancy titles, such as "community liaison officers", an Orwellian description of people who are more often involved in preventing individuals from expressing divergent opinions. This is the foundation of the "closed, crony society" that results in endemic corruption and eventually, a criminal state.

Recently, this downward spiral took a retrogressive step-change when the SA Human Rights Commission recognized a group of "thugocrats" as the legitimate spokespersons for an entire community -- after this group of bully-boys had intimidated people and destroyed their toilet enclosures against the wishes of the people themselves.

The World Cup has given South Africans a great confidence-boost and a glimpse of what we, as a nation can be. But there is another South Africa just beyond the reach of the fanparks, fanjols and stadiums. It is a South Africa in the grip of feudal authoritarianism. As we celebrate the nation-building of the past four weeks, let us redouble our efforts to include all South Africans in the "nation" envisaged by the founding fathers who crafted our Constitution.

Helen Zille

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Zuma nephew wins oil probe rights in DRC

Jun 27, 2010 12:00 AM | By LIHLE Z MTSHALI
Two companies owned by Khulubuse Zuma, a nephew of President Jacob Zuma, this week landed keenly contested exploration rights to oil blocks in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Caprikat and Foxwhelp, both subsidiaries of Zuma's Impinda Group and registered in Switzerland, were awarded two oil blocks in the Lake Albert region in the eastern Congo.

The Mail & Guardian reported last year that Encha Group, controlled by Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke via a family trust, had been pursuing oil rights in Albert Basin since 2006.

The Mosenekes, with businesswoman Andrea Brown's Divine Inspiration Group, had provisionally won two exploration blocks in the region.

It is understood that these are the same blocks that have now been awarded to Zuma.

Mpumelelo Tshume, acting group CEO of Impinda Group who is in charge of Impinda Energy, said on Friday the deal with the Congolese government was signed on Tuesday.

"The bidding process for the blocks took place earlier this year, but the engagement has been going on for the past two years," he said.

Tshume is a former CEO of Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of SA (PetroSA). He said Caprikat and Foxwhelp paid $6-million to the DRC in sign-on fees, but the value of oil in the blocks would be determined only once the fields had been developed.

"At this stage, we are estimating that there are 2billion barrels of oil in the two blocks," said Tshume.

The Congolese gave the companies 18 months to determine the quality and grade of the oil.

"We have begun preparing the business plan for the DRC project, which includes analysis of the available data, drawing up the exploration programme, assessment of the blocks' potential and finalisation of the development plans," he said.

Once the business plan is complete and exploration begins, it is intended to register the two companies in SA.

"We want to work with the South African government, which is a net importer of oil, and supply oil to the country at favourable rates."

While Zuma's energy interests appear to be on track, his mining business is still making news for the wrong reasons.

Zuma is chairman of Aurora Empowerment Systems, which last year took over the running of Pamodzi Gold's two liquidated mines, Grootvlei in Ekurhuleni and Orkney outside Klerksdorp.

On Friday, trade union Solidarity said 300 workers at Grootvlei had not been paid. It said 100 of its members at the mine were helping with care and maintenance of the mine.

Zuma said at the beginning of this month that Impinda Mining was preparing to extend a shareholders' loan to Aurora, and all outstanding wages would be paid by June 21.

On Friday, Tshume admitted that the shareholders' loan was yet to be extended to Aurora.

"The June 21 deadline to pay all outstanding wages has been missed, but that is because Impinda has not received full records from Aurora about what is owed and to whom.

"By the end of this month, Aurora will have been able to provide us with those records and the shareholders' loan will be extended," said Tshume.


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Coal in vogue in Zimbabwe?
South Africans win in the sack
No World Cup windfall for Zimbabwe's tourism industry
Mapping the success gene in a star's DNA
Deadlock in 'blood diamond' talks
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Jun 27 2010 02:36:22 AM
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 05:58:02 AM
donkey boy
Aren't this 2 donkeys,the 1's that used to own Grootvlei mine that awaiting to Sweep Springs and nearby towns with thousands of gallons of Water?I wonder.
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 06:26:56 AM
Some souls will be so angry as it was not won by some western based company with the Koekemoer's and David's in it. Go brother and make them eat a humble pie.
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 07:59:05 AM
Blatant African nepotism
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 08:52:38 AM
crazy medic
LOL, good luck with that we have 3 blocks in the DRC (Lake Albert) and have been TOTALLY unable to do exploration because of corruption, demanding bribes, and bureaucratic meddling, but hey maybe Zuma has influence in the DRC to help his nephew.

We have tried since 2005 to get going there without an inch of success even after spending millions of USD. On the other side of Lake Albert in Uganda no problem, really cooking, in 5 years Uganda will be a big player in the Oil game......... if the Uganda government does not go the same route as Nigeria, Niger, etc.

Anyway good luck, if he comes right maybe there is hope for us as well.
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 09:06:08 AM
Please Vavi prosecute them if there are SA taxpayer moneys involved.

Viva socialism, Viva Vavi.
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 09:23:35 AM
NO WONDER the zuma's had to get mbeki out of the picture!

and pity the CONGO, when the employees get no pay, the surrounding ebvironment is degraded and destroyed with no inkling of GREENING policies, and a warring niger delta style of community develops.
the zuma's will simply fly in the SADF to go and protect their property rights AT OUR COST again, apart from paying for his wives and extended (presumably his) offspring.
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:16:11 AM
zuma is a puppet not only to his anc cronies,but also to his own family.no wonder mantuli is playing away
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:33:32 AM
When do we hear of the next thrilling zuma saga, maybe Phumlani zuma frolicking with the Rockefellers in the Bahamas on luxury cruise ships eh?
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 12:16:16 PM
Jackie Carey
Oh well, if everyone else is raping DRC, why not this lot? Polite warning, however: there is absolutely no rule of law in Congo except the gun. And if mini-Zuma thinks that he can treat people in Congo like he and his team did in South Africa, let's hope he has plenty of fat to insulate him from the shower of bullets headed his way. No-one who goes Congo gets out alive.

Sunday Times

Comments by Sonny

Now, you wonder why the presidential jet lands in the middle of the DRC jungle and gets flat tyres?

Cultural exploration!

ANC treasures!

Luthuli House investments!

Driver walks 5km after being shot

Jun 27, 2010 10:21 AM | By Sapa
A man was shot and wounded during a hijacking in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal paramedics say.

The 36-year-old man was allegedly shot in the stomach during a hijacking on the R56 and walked 5km before collapsing outside his house, ER24 spokesman Derrick Banks said.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening and the man was treated on the scene before being sent to Edendale hospital.


Gauteng: Fight substance abuse
Malema in disciplinary battle
Driver walks 5km after being shot
Blubbing Keys blogs about SA HIV heroes
Cops probe Kabila rival's claim of death threats
Pledge to end Australia's mining tax row
Europe in worst slump
Web crime on the rise in SA
Teacher absentee rate disturbing
Ex-husband gunning for the Gundelfingers, court told


Jun 27 2010 10:45:23 AM
now the police must find the animals who did this and shoot them DEAD!
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 10:50:18 AM
i see things are slowly going back to normal now that k@kfana is out of the swc
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:03:11 AM
Taken everything into account, I would prefer to die at the outside of my house, for sure not in Edendale hospital.
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:09:08 AM

What era am I in now Cele?
anc-pf normality?
Most STupid YL in the world?
Bankrupted by fraud and unethical standards era?

I get quite lost at times, dodging the spray of bug juice and body parts that my beloved continent hurls before me?
any 4 skins for sustenance available today? Not RANCID pondo n xhosa ones tho. LOL
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:17:05 AM
also wonder where the nathi and fickle brigade are in THIS era?
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:23:14 AM
You find them(the thugs) you kill them beacause person to hijacked is either You,me or any relatives so.
we don't need these ppl in this world.

look they hikacked so why trying to kill him now.it's all in Cops heands now,please protect us.

Sunday Times

Comments by Sonny

Nobody will protect you in your time of need!

Be prepared to protect yourself!!

It's your God Given RIGHT!

Malema in disciplinary battle

Jun 27, 2010 11:31 AM | By Staff Reporter

Julius Malema's deputy Andile Lungisa is to testify against him with regards to the improper use of police force and abuse of power in the Limpopo.

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema
Photograph by: TEBOGO LETSIE

Malema sets police on rivals

Rights body clears Zuma justice cartoon
Malema report confirms police support
ICD to probe after Malema sets police on rivals

According to the Sunday Independent Lungisa is to testify on behalf of ousted Limpopo chairman Lehlogonolo Masoga, who was disciplined for walking out of the conference.

Though his expulsion from the league has yet to be made public, Masoga sought an urgent court interdict against the disciplinary action taken by Malema, holding that the decision to oust him in a disciplinary hearing was made before the meeting in question.

Masoga gained an affidavit from Lungisa in order to prove his case.

The meeting, conducted by Doctor Tshwale, Lindiwe Gunuza and Busisiwe Zulu at Luthuli House ended when Masoga's lawyer tried to call a witness. The lawyer was then expelled from the meeting, and Masoga was told it would carry on without him as he sought new representation.

Masoga contends that by not allowing him representation, the ability to call witnesses or put forward evidence, the committee violated the ANC Youth League's constitution.


Gauteng: Fight substance abuse
Malema in disciplinary battle
Driver walks 5km after being shot
Blubbing Keys blogs about SA HIV heroes
Cops probe Kabila rival's claim of death threats
Pledge to end Australia's mining tax row
Europe in worst slump
Web crime on the rise in SA
Teacher absentee rate disturbing
Ex-husband gunning for the Gundelfingers, court told


Jun 27 2010 11:36:13 AM
Baboon with Lipstick
the anc yoof leak thugs sure are keep police busy I wonder if these police have anytime left after all this to look after the interests of the entire SAn tax payers??? after all this is what they are being paid to do. This is one of the reasons I will never respect current anc leadership,
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:39:45 AM
Jun 27 2010 11:36:13 AM
Baboon with Lipstick

They became the Yuck Leak after the toilet fiasco.
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:45:56 AM
**** the ancyl!


Can anyone tell me about the ANCYL borrowing people money to buy RDP houses, but at 30% interest?

Scumbags deserve to be put down, and kicked out of South Africa.


Sunday Times

Comments by Sonny

Has this brat heeded ZJ's call to be silent during the World Cup?

He should be investigated 'criminally!"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Police arrest terror suspect at SA border

Police arrest terror suspect at SA border
2010-06-26 07:58
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No terrorism threat to SWC - Cele
Extremists charged with terrorism

Johannesburg - Zimbabwe's police arrested two Pakistani citizens on suspicion of terrorism when they attempted to cross the border into South Africa, news reports said on Saturday.At least one of the men was wanted by Interpol in connection with terrorist activities, South African radio said.The men had tried to enter South Africa via the Beitbridge border crossing with Zimbabwe on Sunday.Zimbabwe's government-run The Herald newspaper said police believes the suspects, identified as Imran Muhammad, 33, and Chaudry Parvez Ahmed, 39, tried to enter the country with fake passports.The men flew from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania where they allegedly acquired fake Kenyan passports before entering Zimbabwe overland.Police did not release further details. "They are in Harare and in custody as investigations on the case continue," the Herald quoted a police spokesman as saying.South Africa's border with Zimbabwe has the reputation of being very porous, but security has been stepped up for the World Cup, as authorities fear even a small attack could create massive disruptions of the event.
Read more on: security zimbabwe south africa


Police deny terror arrest
2010-06-26 12:43
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'Terror suspects' in court

Johannesburg - Two Pakistani nationals were arrested in Zimbabwe on suspicion of being illegal immigrants when they tried to cross into South Africa, national police said on Saturday.Colonel Vish Naidoo said the two had suspicious documents when they were arrested by the Zimbabwean police.Naidoo denied earlier reports that the men were held on suspicion of terrorism."Nothing like that [terrorism] was ever discussed. The Zimbabwean police only arrested the two because they had wrong documents. We were informed because they were trying to come to South Africa," he said.Naidoo did not have further details on the matter.According to media reports the two were Imran Muhammad, 33, and Chaudry Parvez Ahmed, 39 and they tried to enter South Africa via Beitbridge border crossing with Zimbabwe on Sunday.Zimbabwe's government-run Herald newspaper said police believed the suspects tried to enter the country with fake passports.The men flew from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania where they allegedly acquired fake Kenyan passports before entering Zimbabwe overland.Police did not release further details. "They are in Harare and in custody as investigations on the case continue," the Herald quoted a police spokesperson as saying.
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Zimbabwean police identify pakistani terrorist suspect
Saturday, 26 June 2010 00:29 Editor

Zimbabwean police have identified the suspected international terrorist arrested at Beitbridge Border Post on Sunday night as Imran Muhammad who is wanted in connection with the Mumbai bombings that left hundreds dead.
Muhammad (33), a Pakistani, arrested on Sunday along with fellow countryman Chaudry Parvez Ahmed (39) as they tried to enter South Africa are now in custody as an international terrorist investigations begins. The duo were using fake passports.
The arrest of the two entering South Africa during the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup has raised much worry around the world.
The state-run Herald said while authorities would not divulge how investigations were proceeding, the Daily Times of Pakistan in January this year reported that the Special Investigation Group of the Federal Investigation Agency was looking for Imran Muhammad as well as 119 other suspected terrorists.
It could not be determined yesterday if this was the same person who is now in custody in Zimbabwe.
Indications were that the Muhammad wanted in Pakistan was allegedly involved in the terror attacks that rocked Mumbai, India, in November 2008.
However, a search of the online database of Interpol’s wanted persons did not return any matches.
Another online search of legal cases involving the name in the past decade showed a case in America of a Pakistani named Imran Muhammad Butt who overstayed in the US in November 2001 and said he could not return home because he would be persecuted because of "membership in a particular social group".
It could not be established at the time of writing if this was the same person.
Sources said Muhammad was normally based in the Chilean capital of Santiago.
It is understood that Muhammad and Ahmed flew from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania, where they fraudulently acquired Kenyan passports before connecting to Zimbabwe by road.
Their luck ran out on Sunday night when an immigration officer at Beitbridge discovered they were using fake passports.
The official alerted the Police Border Control Unit leading to their arrest.
Zimbabwe police are still investigating the case and would not give away anything yesterday.
Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena said the two were assisting police with investigations.
"They are in Harare and in custody as investigations on the case continue."
Assistant regional immigration officer Mr Evans Siziba added: "It’s an issue that is before the police.
"Maybe when they are through we will be at liberty to comment."
Police and Immigration officials would also not say if an international arrest warrant had been issued or what particular acts of terror the suspected terrorist was wanted for and in which country he was sought.
South African and Zimbabwean police have assured visitors that they will thwart crimes of concern during the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup, which started on June 11 and ends on July 11.
Zimbabwean police are in South Africa assisting their counterparts for the duration of the tournament.

'Mr Shilowa, gave himself powers'

25 June 2010, 19:08

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COPE: Parliamentary funding is on ice
COPE parliamentary funding frozen - report

Congress of the People (Cope) president Mosiuoa Lekota on Friday accused his deputy Mbhazima Shilowa of "inappropriately" taking power over the party's parliamentary funds.

"The Chief Whip in Parliament, Mr Shilowa, gave himself powers... to make himself the principle signatory for funds in Parliament," said Lekota.

He said it was decided on June 14 to advise the bank that Shilowa's "powers" were "inappropriate".

The party then sent a letter to the bank reinstating Lolo Mashiane, Julie Killian, and Dennis Bloem as the signatories to the parliamentary account.

The party's congress national committee (CNC) tried to meet on Friday, but only 27 members were present -- 29 were needed to constitute a quorum, said Cope spokesman Phillip Dexter.

As a result, the meeting was postponed until Friday.

At that meeting, a full, independent audit would be proposed, said Lekota.

He said members of Cope's whippery in Parliament had not been briefed on Shilowa's submission of the "so-called audited status" of the party's parliamentary finances and were not aware that these were being submitted to Parliament on their behalf.

He said the documents had not, in fact, been audited.

It was irregularities in the party's parliamentary finances which prompted Lekota to request that the party's parliamentary money be frozen until further notice.

Lekota said Cope had tabled the letter of resignation of its former parliamentary leader Mvume Dandala. A final consideration on the letter would be made at the CNC meeting.

The ANC-breakaway party's tumultuous past few months have included court action by Lekota to retain his position as president.

His leadership battle with Shilowa has torn the party in two, leaving many unsure about its survival. - Sapa


Comments by Sonny

That's what almost all premiers in SA do!!!!

One just has to check their 'track records!'

Seriously ill Moodley urged to tell the truth

Unsolved Mysteries.....

Seriously ill Moodley urged to tell the truth......

26 June 2010, 09:37

Moodley's appeal dismissed

Piet Byleveld remains obsessed by one question: who helped Donovan Moodley conceal the body of Leigh Matthews for a month after he killed her.

Yesterday he urged Moodley, who he says is seriously ill, to confess before it is too late.

Moodley, who is serving a life sentence for Matthews's murder, has no legal option left after losing his appeal at the Supreme Court of Appeal last month.

Byleveld, who retires on Wednesday as the country's most famous modern detective, is anguished by the unsolved riddle.

Moodley's erstwhile fiancee, Yeshika Singh, has left the country and now lives in the Czech Republic. Moodley's family live a very low-key life, as do his once close friends.

Moodley is extremely ill, visiting prison doctors every week, said Byleveld.

"I thought he was pulling a fast one," Byleveld said, "you know, like Schabir Shaik, but he isn't - he's really, seriously ill. Moodley is the only one who can reveal that information. It is those closest to him and this is why he doesn't want to tell. But he is ill now - he may actually crack.

"I am not in any rush because I am not out to just arrest people, I am out to get a conviction," Byleveld said.

The super-sleuth worked day and night with a team of detectives to solve the murder of Bond University student Matthews.

At his appeal hearing, Moodley, jailed for life four years ago for the kidnapping and murder, said he felt like a monkey in a cage and believed he should be released.

Moodley shocked journalists by the incredible amount of weight he had lost behind bars and by his haggard appearance.

In papers filed with the Johannesburg High Court, Moodley maintained the murder had not been planned as claimed during the trial and had suddenly become a necessity.

He also said he believed Johannesburg High Court Judge Joop Labuschagne misinterpreted the media frenzy surrounding the high-profile trial as public interest, which caused bias against him.

But, exactly a month ago, the SCA dismissed the application for leave to appeal, which was Moodley's last hope of getting his sentence reduced.

And as Byleveld prepares for a quieter lifestyle from Thursday morning, it is the Leigh Matthews case that will haunt him until it is completely solved. But not before he chooses which private company he wants to work for and not before his autobiography hits the shelves in July.

"I have so many offers from companies. I can't ever be completely away from the kind of work I am so used to. I haven't made a decision yet.

"The book tells my life story. It'll have many things in it which people may not have known about me. There are many details of the cases which stood out for me. I also talk about the Leigh Matthews case. There are still so many things that are not right with it. But one day is one day."

His new girlfriend, Elize Smit, has nothing but praise for her man but is anxious to see more of him in the future. It is she who he discussed his cases with, who he talked over his theories with and who gave him those pep talks when difficult cases frustrated him.

And Byleveld isn't modest either: "I don't want to be windgat (conceited) or anything, but I am good at what I do. Once I have found a motive, it points me directly to the perpetrator. I always distance myself from the case, even though it pains me at night when I am at home. I treat the suspects with respect. I am not there to judge them. I am doing my job."

So what will the top cop be doing on Thursday morning?

"I am going to visit my brother on his farm and act as if I am retired," he laughs, "Oh wait, I hate that word. I am not going to be playing golf, fishing or sitting on the stoep like a pensioner. I am not a pensioner. I don't like that word either."

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Independent on Saturday on June 26, 2010

Saturday Star

Comments by Sonny


This leaves us with more questions than answers.

Moodley's case was not the only one that ended in a puzzle!

Has Moodley also been injected with the "SA Prison Bug!"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sangoma was supposed to be a hired killer

25 June 2010, 09:20

'I thought she took my baby to make muti'
Cops stole my money - sangoma
Secretary banks on sangoma

By Angelique Serrao

A man calling himself Manto Tshabalala-Msimang's nephew is on the run from the police after his alleged scheme to have his pregnant ex-girlfriend murdered was revealed.

A day before the woman was to be murdered, a sangoma who Bongani Mhlophe allegedly had hired to arrange Malebo Sesoko's murder called her to tell her about the plot.

The sangoma, who cannot be named as he has turned State witness, allegedly called Malebo Sesoko, 37, last month to tell her he had been hired by her ex-boyfriend, Bongani Mhlophe, to kill her.

She was five months pregnant at the time. Sesoko said she believed he took out the hit on her because he did not want the child.

"I dated this man until February, when I found out I was pregnant. He wasn't happy. He wanted me to have an abortion. I said no. I wanted the baby, and I said I would break up with him instead," Sesoko said.

She had met Mhlophe through her church, and she said people in the community found out about the break-up and were upset with him. This included his work colleagues.

Mhlophe is the director of six businesses, including a company that has received numerous tenders through various government departments.

Sesoko said his business colleagues confronted him about the break-up, and he said he would meet her with one of them at a McDonald's in Pretoria.

"I didn't know it then, but the meeting was for four hitmen to see who I was, so that they could follow and kill me," she said. But there were two women, so the men were confused about which one was their target. So another meeting was set up.

Weeks later, Sesoko said she got a phone call from a man pretending to buy her car.

"He told me he had been hired to kill me and he wanted to confess. The hit was supposed to be the next day. I didn't believe him at first, but then he described where I had been and what I had been wearing. The next day we went to the police."

Police arrested three men the next day when they were going to meet, allegedly to kill her. They were allegedly to be paid R120 000 for the crime.

Captain Cynthia Magoai confirmed that three suspects had been arrested and had appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court. The ex-boyfriend is still on the run.

This article was originally published on page 2 of The Star on June 25, 2010

The Star

Comments by Sonny

Great occupation being a sangoma.

You can poison the enemy and say it was a medical mistake.

A fourth force to be reckoned with.

They make the best criminals.

Dept in 'sex for jobs' scandal

2010-06-24 22:39

Durban in a Word

Durban - KwaZulu-Natal transport department employees have written statements alleging some department bosses demanded sex before giving them jobs, a trade union says.

The regional secretary of the National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union (Nehawu), Khaye Nkwanyana, said: "There were witnesses that wanted to testify that they had to sleep with people before getting a job.

"We also have written statements from people who were victims of this. Some of these people were married.”

The Isolezwe newspaper reported on Thursday that some employees allegedly had sex with top managers for promotions. The paper alleged a senior manager was involved.

Transport department spokesperson Lungile Ndlovu said an investigation was on the go.

Provincial transport MEC Willies Mchunu had not received a report back yet.

Sexual harassment

Ndlovu said: “There was a manager doing communication support that was suspended based on allegations of sexual harassment.

"He was reinstated after the complainants dropped the charges last year,” Ndlovu said.

Nkwanyana said Nehawu had called for KwaZulu-Natal transport department head, Chris Hlabisa, to be suspended over allegations of corruption and nepotism.

“In August last year when Mchunu was appointed the new MEC, we approached him about our concerns and he appointed an investigation team to investigate the allegations,” said Nkwanyana.

Transport department employees went on strike in February in a protest against Hlabisa. They alleged that he was corrupt and also questioned his leadership style.

The strike was intended to put pressure on Mchunu to complete the investigation, as it was supposed to have been completed last year.

The employees' statements about sexual harassment would form part of the ongoing investigation, said Nkwanyana.


Read more on: transport | durban | nehawu

Comments by Sonny

This will become a CCMA nightmare if unleashed!

Council unable to pay salaries

2010-06-25 10:11

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Mpumalanga gets new water plant

Buks Viljoen, Beeld

Nelspruit - None of the employees of the Mbombela municipality will receive a salary this month if the council decides on Friday not to take a R57m overdraft facility from Absa.

Officials will therefore be watching their 74 council members carefully when they meet on Friday morning. Should they decide against the overdraft facility, not one of the 1 400 staff members or any of the council members will receive their salaries.

The council's salary account runs towards about R30m per month.

The municipality's financial problems came to light last month, and it had to dip into its reserve funds to meet its financial obligations.

Residential debt, 2010 spending

Two of the main reasons for their financial situation were the large outstanding residential debt and the extravagant spending related to hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Beeld last month reported how the council was anxiously awaiting the payment of a R200m Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) loan, which it had applied for last year.

Although the bank had agreed in June 2009 to lend the money to the municipality, there were strict terms.

These included, amongst others, that the money only be used for a development project at the Mattafin informal settlement outside Nelspruit.

The Mtombela Stadium, which was built for the World Cup at a cost of R1.4bn, is situated in the middle of this squatter camp.

The council had hoped that the money would be paid at the end of May so it could be used as bridging capital until the financial situation had improved. But this did not happen.

Serious concerns were aired last week when there was speculation that the bank might have finally decided against giving the loan to the council. But no announcement was made in this regard and it is possible that the loan is still being considered.

The municipality's financial committee apparently decided earlier in the week to recommend to the council that an overdraft facility of R57m be arranged.

The money would be used to pay the staff salaries as well as the city's Eskom account.

Technically broke

The council's financial obligations for June ran into more than R280m.

Residents of the larger Mbombela area, which includes towns like Nelspruit, Hazyview, White River, KaNyamazane, Matsulu and Kabokweni, owe the council more than R370m for power, water and rates.

Most of the debt is from residents of the latter three towns.

Gerhard de Bruin, leader of the DA in the council, warned last month that the council would probably not have money for salaries in June.

His fears have now come true.

He said on Thursday the DA supported the decision to urgently get an overdraft facility at the bank until the loan paid out.

"If it is true, however, that the DSBA bank loan has finally been declined, then the council is technically broke," said De Bruin.

- Beeld


Comments by Sonny

How many municipal whistle blowers had to die to conceal this theft?

Now that the ANC corruption has been exposed, how many will have to die to hide the facts?

Is this where ZJ witchcraft applies?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Canada cops stop G20 'bomb' car

2010-06-24 20:10

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G20 bomb plot: Another charged

Toronto - Canadian police on Thursday arrested the driver of a car laden with five gas canisters, a chain-saw and a home-made crossbow close to the Toronto centre where G20 leaders will meet, AFP witnessed.

The grey-haired, bespectacled driver was hustled away by police after they stopped his car because it was topped with a home-made steel container.

The metal storage box was riveted together and balanced on some foam as it drove past the Novotel hotel in the centre of the city which is hosting world leaders this week.

"I'm really glad we found this," said one police officer to AFP as his colleagues leafed through the contents of silver Hyundai, which were emptied onto the roadside and surrounded by police cyclists.

Another policeman confirmed with a nod that one man had been arrested.

It was the second such arrest in two days, after police on Wednesday arrested a man and a woman in a home close to Toronto, and charged them with possession of explosives.

Inside the car they found five blue and red fuel canisters, some only partially full, a half-empty bottle of coke, a bundle of arrows with red and yellow tips, as well as a large chainsaw, the home-made orange steel crossbow and a baseball bat.

Three medium-sized suitcases were found to be stuffed with batteries, scribbled notebooks, and a copy of "100 ways to Make Money on the Internet".



Comments by Sonny

Great arrest Mounties!!!

Let's see you punish the scum!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DA @ Work 23 June 2010

Call to Action:

Helen Zille has a busy and exciting programme over the course of the World Cup. Follow her tweets on www.twitter.com/HelenZille or her posts on Facebook at www.facebook.com/helenzille.

Quote of the Week

"We already know that sport is the great unifier of our nation. We must now consciously apply that knowledge in order to build great national teams, in every sports code. We must begin at entry level: extending opportunity, rewarding effort, celebrating excellence. If we try to take short-cuts and avoid the long, disciplined slog, we cannot be world beaters. Cutting corners will miss most of the available talent, and in many sports codes, result in imposed quotas at the very top level, under the guise of "transformation". This is actually an excuse to avoid the challenges of real transformation. "

Helen Zille in her recent SA Today newsletter, “Proving the World Cup naysayers wrong” .


Last Week's Highlights

Top Story: On the eve of Youth Day, the ANCYL forced to acknowledge hate speech

In October last year, the Democratic Alliance (DA) laid a complaint of hate speech with the Equality Court as a result of Mr. Meeko’s public statements that Professor Jansen, “is equally a criminal like this racist young students at that university. We agree with the president of the ANC shoot and kill a criminal and that is what we must do comrades” and that Professor Jansen, “must be removed, and not only him, as well as the university council...they must leave the University of the Free State. We must tell him that we have removed far more bigger people in this country than him. This is not a threat, it is going to happen.”

Dr Wilmot James MP, DA Shadow Minister of Higher Education and Training said that the court’s decision last week saw Mr. Meeko compelled to publicly acknowledge that utterances made by him, concerning the Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State, Professor Jonathan Jansen, were wrong and could have been interpreted as hate speech.

James stated that it was the DA’s efforts to take the case to the equality court, which forced the outcome for the ANC Youth League official to admit that hate speech had no space in South African society.

James welcomed the courts decision, saying it was of the utmost importance for citizens to not make reckless and irresponsible accusations. He added that creating anxiety by threat of imminent danger was the core definition of hate speech which must not be tolerated in a democratic society like ours, he said.

James criticised Mr. Meeko’s poor grasp of the principles of a constitutional democracy, but did acknowledge some appreciation for his anger at the lack of change in our country for the very poor, homeless and millions of unemployed South Africans.

Neither nationalisation nor land grabs are a solution to poverty, said James. In a recent speech to the DA Parliamentary Caucus, Dr Mamphela Ramphele instead proposed an asset-building approach to poverty. James reiterated her call saying that the youth should get the best education they can, so as to be able to navigate through the modern world with knowledge, insight and understanding. It will bring freedom and richness in spirit and opportunity, said James.

James called for 16 June commemorated annually as Youth Day, as the right moment to recommit to Madiba’s call for quality, excellence and service.

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ANC’s ethics review avoidance tactics an act of blatant political defiance

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has called the ANC attempts to impede parliament’s ability to rewrite the rules of conduct for public representatives, as a blatant act of political defiance by the ruling party.

Athol Trollip MP, DA Parliamentary Leader said that the report in the Sunday Independent was an acute lack of political will to act on the recommendations made by the Public Protector, Adv Thuli Madonsela, in her DA-requested investigation into President Jacob Zuma’s failure to disclose his financial interests. He added that it also raised serious questions about the party’s determination to conflate party and state and its belief that its leaders remained above the law.

Trollip said that the recommendations put forward in Adv Madonsela’s report, available from the DA on request, concerned glaring anomalies in the Executive Members’ Ethics Act and the Executive Ethics Code. Her report highlighted that, along with President Jacob Zuma, almost 40% of the cabinet failed to disclose their financial interests within the stipulated 60 day period and were, therefore, also in contravention of the Act.

Trollip criticised the ANC, stating that the fact that almost half of its members, and the President himself, had been implicated in breaching the Ethics Code placed the highest decision making body in the land in a compromised position.

Trollip said the reports that the ethics review process had been further delayed by the decision of the ANC Chief Whip, to wait until a mandate had been issued by the ANC’s National General Council (NGC) is characteristic of the ruling party’s tendency to blur the line between party and state.

Trollip confirmed that in addition to submitting parliamentary questions to obtain further information about those members of the executive who were found to be in contravention of the Executive Ethics Code, the DA would be writing to the Secretary of Cabinet to determine whether action had been taken on recommendations made by the Public Protector regarding the administration of the Register of Members’ Interests.

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Why has ministerial review of SOEs been scrapped?

Dion George MP, Shadow Minister of Finance raised serious concerns over reports that the long awaited review of state owned enterprises (SOEs) was being shelved.

George criticised the ANC government, stating that it had no interest in plugging the gaping hole left in the Treasury by a fundamentally flawed financial model. George said that leakage from the Treasury resulting from poorly managed parastatals ran into hundreds of billions in the form of bailouts, loans and guarantees.

Although Ms Hogan criticised the DA’s alternative budget for highlighting this fact, there is no doubt that state guarantees to the parastatals to keep them afloat prevented in many instances even the most basic services to the poorest communities, said George.

George said that the inconsistency in the ANC government’s statements and actions on economic policy and good governance was a serious threat to positive sentiment about our economy and negatively influenced our growth prospects.

George called for certainty and stability which included a clear commitment from government that the state owned enterprises would not continue to be the cash-cows that funded its unsustainable cadre deployment programme to the detriment of all South Africans.

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Department of Health dragging its heels

A recent reply to a Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary question showed that the Department of Health would not enlist the assistance of the private sector in training medical specialists.

Mike Waters MP, DA Shadow Minister of Health said that given the critical shortage of medical professionals, an action plan that included the private sector was the only viable solution to the problem.

Waters expressed concern for Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Health’s statement that the Department of Health was of the view that the training of specialists should be conducted in public facilities. He added that the move greatly limited the number of specialists the country could produce each year.

Waters said that he would be requesting a meeting with the Minister of Health to discuss these issues and propose the enlistment of the private sector in training which would go a long way to addressing this problem so that South Africans could have access to a quality health system.

Helen Zille