Sunday, June 27, 2010

Malema in disciplinary battle

Jun 27, 2010 11:31 AM | By Staff Reporter

Julius Malema's deputy Andile Lungisa is to testify against him with regards to the improper use of police force and abuse of power in the Limpopo.

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema
Photograph by: TEBOGO LETSIE

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According to the Sunday Independent Lungisa is to testify on behalf of ousted Limpopo chairman Lehlogonolo Masoga, who was disciplined for walking out of the conference.

Though his expulsion from the league has yet to be made public, Masoga sought an urgent court interdict against the disciplinary action taken by Malema, holding that the decision to oust him in a disciplinary hearing was made before the meeting in question.

Masoga gained an affidavit from Lungisa in order to prove his case.

The meeting, conducted by Doctor Tshwale, Lindiwe Gunuza and Busisiwe Zulu at Luthuli House ended when Masoga's lawyer tried to call a witness. The lawyer was then expelled from the meeting, and Masoga was told it would carry on without him as he sought new representation.

Masoga contends that by not allowing him representation, the ability to call witnesses or put forward evidence, the committee violated the ANC Youth League's constitution.


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Jun 27 2010 11:36:13 AM
Baboon with Lipstick
the anc yoof leak thugs sure are keep police busy I wonder if these police have anytime left after all this to look after the interests of the entire SAn tax payers??? after all this is what they are being paid to do. This is one of the reasons I will never respect current anc leadership,
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:39:45 AM
Jun 27 2010 11:36:13 AM
Baboon with Lipstick

They became the Yuck Leak after the toilet fiasco.
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:45:56 AM
**** the ancyl!


Can anyone tell me about the ANCYL borrowing people money to buy RDP houses, but at 30% interest?

Scumbags deserve to be put down, and kicked out of South Africa.


Sunday Times

Comments by Sonny

Has this brat heeded ZJ's call to be silent during the World Cup?

He should be investigated 'criminally!"

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