Sunday, June 27, 2010

Driver walks 5km after being shot

Jun 27, 2010 10:21 AM | By Sapa
A man was shot and wounded during a hijacking in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal paramedics say.

The 36-year-old man was allegedly shot in the stomach during a hijacking on the R56 and walked 5km before collapsing outside his house, ER24 spokesman Derrick Banks said.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening and the man was treated on the scene before being sent to Edendale hospital.


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Jun 27 2010 10:45:23 AM
now the police must find the animals who did this and shoot them DEAD!
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 10:50:18 AM
i see things are slowly going back to normal now that k@kfana is out of the swc
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:03:11 AM
Taken everything into account, I would prefer to die at the outside of my house, for sure not in Edendale hospital.
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:09:08 AM

What era am I in now Cele?
anc-pf normality?
Most STupid YL in the world?
Bankrupted by fraud and unethical standards era?

I get quite lost at times, dodging the spray of bug juice and body parts that my beloved continent hurls before me?
any 4 skins for sustenance available today? Not RANCID pondo n xhosa ones tho. LOL
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:17:05 AM
also wonder where the nathi and fickle brigade are in THIS era?
REPORT ABUSE Jun 27 2010 11:23:14 AM
You find them(the thugs) you kill them beacause person to hijacked is either You,me or any relatives so.
we don't need these ppl in this world.

look they hikacked so why trying to kill him's all in Cops heands now,please protect us.

Sunday Times

Comments by Sonny

Nobody will protect you in your time of need!

Be prepared to protect yourself!!

It's your God Given RIGHT!

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