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Top cops being paid by gangs - Plato

Top cops being paid by gangs - Plato
2012-02-03 10:49

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Cape Town - High ranking police officers are on the payrolls of drug lords and underworld figures in the Western Cape, according to community safety MEC Dan Plato.

The Cape Times on Friday quoted Plato as saying that night club owners, and others who were concerned about the situation, were too afraid to contact the police and told him this was because police officers were involved with those they wanted to lodge complaints against.

“They’ve got no trust in the police because there are too many officers on [crime bosses'] payrolls,” he said.

The names and ranks of officers allegedly receiving bribes were known and Plato was taking the matter up with police management.

Plato made the accusations based on information he had been gathering about the city’s lucrative and notorious bouncer industry, which was now dominated by a new company - Specialised Protection Services (SPS).

SPS, allegedly backed by businessmen police say are linked to organised crime, was set up after the murder of underworld figure Cyril Beeka in March.

It is an amalgamation of two companies, one previously run by Beeka.

In recent weeks a number of city club owners had contacted Plato complaining that they were being intimidated and threatened by individuals trying to force them to use particular bouncers.

Plato was planning to set up a separate phone line specifically for those feeling intimidated by security company bosses to call anonymously.


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Cyril Beeka's driver a 'hitman'- report
2011-12-19 14:32

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Cape Town - Murdered underworld boss Cyril Beeka’s driver has been arrested in connection with his murder and is allegedly a hitman from the Serbian mafia, IOL reported on Monday.

Sources told the Weekend Argus that police are investigating the possibility that one of the five bullets that hit Beeka was fired from inside the car Beeka and his driver were travelling in.

The identity of Beeka’s driver was in question. South African and Serbian authorities are working to ascertain his real identity, but he is thought to be a hitman from the Serbian mafia.

Czech fraud suspect Radovan Krejcir was thought to be involved in his murder as police found a hitlist with Beeka’s name on it when they raided Krejcir’s Johannesburg home shortly after Beeka’s murder.

Krejcir has denied any involvement in the murder.

Beeka was gunned down in Cape Town in March this year. He was linked to various criminal syndicates.

Police say a motorcyclist pulled up alongside his BMW X5 and opened fire on the vehicle.

Beeka was killed while the driver of the car survived.

Read the full report.

- News24

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