Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lutzkie under police surveillance in Zim


FILE:Frikkie Lutzkie crashed and buried a helicopter a month ago at the ranch, in southern Zimbabwe. Picture:

HARARE - Police in Zimbabwe have put South African businessman Frikkie Lutzkie’s ranch under 24-hour surveillance after government officials called him a threat to state security.
Lutzkie crashed and buried a helicopter a month ago at his ranch in southern Zimbabwe, and authorities believe he has been flying in and out secretly.
Police have now set up a tent to monitor the situation where Lutzkie runs his safari business.

Authorities have been angered by last month’s discovery of a helicopter wreck that he had crashed and buried allegedly without informing authorities.
He claims he had the wreckage buried to stop it from catching fire and harming by-standers, but Zimbabwe’s civil aviation authority insists he breached national security by flying into the country illegally.
Officials, including the transport minister have accused Lutzkie of flying into the country illegally on several occasions.

The state run Chronicle newspaper said a group of Russian clients are presently at the ranch and the intelligence agency is monitoring those who come and go.

Lutzkie told the paper that he’s an innocent investor and that he has not committed any crime.


Ludzkie crash no 1 - 

Lutzkie defends crash

A Helicopter belonging to alleged underworld tycoon and businessman Frikkie Lutzkie mysteriously crashed in Northern Cape, near the border with Botswana. Picture:

 | 2 years ago

JOHANNESBURG - Middleburg businessman and cage fighter Frikkie Lutzkie on Wednesday said he was not doing anything criminal when he was forced to put down his helicopter in the Northern Cape.
He also denies claims that he was trying to cover up the crash.  
Lutzkie's helicopter was found on Monday, intentionally covered with branches and mud.
The accident took place on Friday.
It is claimed that several large calibre cartridges were found inside the chopper, while its blades and skids were sawn off.
Lutzkie said he was on his way home from a hunting trip organised by his church when his chopper crashed.
The businessman, who survived a dramatic assassination attempt two years ago, said he suspects someone tampered with his helicopter.
He said he dismantled the craft and camouflaged it to avoid vandalism.
Lutzkie reportedly told The Times newspaper that he was flying low while searching for a farm to purchase.
The crash occurred near several rhino farms, which led to suspicions that he could have been linked to poaching.
Both the South African Police Service and Civil Aviation Authority are investigating the bizarre crash.
Officials are trying to establish why the accident was not reported for several days.
In 2011, Lutzkie was identified as the last person to see underworld boss and “Godfather of the West Rand” Ralph Haynes before his disappearance.
He has also been at the centre of dubious property deals.
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The infamous "Hunter" who let Ralph Heynes disappear off the South African Radar?
Is Ralph Heynes and Corrie Goosen probably on his Zimbabwe Game Farm?
Will this SAGA see the light of day?
Did they try and bury the helicopter like Corrie Goosen buried the R13 Million diamonds in Klerksdorp after that FATAL ROBBERY?

Are the Hawks too backward to put one and one together?

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