Friday, December 3, 2010

If the SAPS want to fight crime, then, START NOW!

Richmond robbers out of jail

The two men accused of armed robbery have been acquited.

05 November 2010 | Thuli Malinga

The two men who are part of a gang involved in terrorising the community, students and workers in Richmond are out of jail.

This follows their acquittal last week, on armed robbery charges. The two were arrested earlier this year in Hillbrow by Brixton police station officers who worked hard to put the suspects behind bars.

These men mainly targeted people walking from the bridge between Barry Hertzog Avenue and Empire Road to Richmond, and those living in Delheim Village.

According to a police officer, the pair was dismissed because the investigating officer failed to collect evidence which could corroborate that of witnesses to build a solid case.

The officer, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisal, said, "This is hard work gone down the drain because it took time to arrest these criminals. I don't know how this happened because there were more than enough witnesses to testify in this case. We are really disappointed about the outcome of the case."

One of the victims, Daniel Matlaung, said he now feared for his safety and that of other students and workers who used the route.

"I was robbed on my way to school and I've been waiting to testify since the two were arrested but was never called to court. My only concern is that they will go back to the same spot and continue to rob people without being brought to justice," he said.

Matlaung wants to warn the different education institutions around the area to place notices informing students of the dangers of the route and advising them to travel in groups. "One of these days someone will be killed."

At the time of going to print, the suspects had been out of jail for only a day and two women reported being robbed at the same place.

Details: Brixton police station (011-248-5520/1)
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There is enough serious crime in the Brixton area. Officers going to Hillbrow for arrests should be reprimanded. House Breaking and House Robberies happen every day in Brixton. The police remove clues from the scenes and the investigating officers 'never' visit the crime scenes! Fingerprints are only taken the next day? With a competent police 'force' they could eradicate crime/criminal gangs in one month under the right supervision! What are the specialised units doing at Brixton Flying Squad? STOP USING 'STUDENTS' TO DO A MANS JOB!!
By Billy Cox on 03 Dec 2010, 10:33

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