Thursday, June 30, 2011

Report: SA govt gets worst rating

28 June 2011 15:00
Report: SA govt gets worst rating
The South African government has received a 'red' rating by an independent peer review report for failing to separate its party-state relationship
The president should provide particular leadership in making party–state distinctions. Holding office for the entire country, the president needs to guard against the commandeering of state resources for party ends," says the report.

"The distinction between the state and the political party has become blurred," adds the document, titled, "Implementing the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Views from Civil Society".

It was released by the APRM Monitoring Project (AMP) to the Pan African Parliament on Tuesday.

The AMP is run jointly by the SA Institute of International Affairs, the Centre for Policy Studies and the Africa Governance, Monitoring and Advocacy Project.

The government received the worst possible rating, red, for "an element of denialism" about xenophobia, state-party separation and relationships, cadre deployment and politicisation of institutions and regulating private funding to political parties.

A red rating means "no progress has been achieved on addressing the issue; or very little progress has been achieved and the government does not seem to be on track to complete it in the near future". Sapa

Comments by Sonny

Our source has been trying to resolve a faulty/fraudulent water & light account for the best part of this year, after having spilt over from last year.

He put his complains in writing and this is the response he gets from Joburg Metro...

On 30 June 2011 he received a letter from Mailtronic Direct Marketing P O Box 5674


There is a reference number and then the contents of the letter states that his query has been resolved.

He is therein advised to send his personal particulars to fax number (011) 727-0370.

Johannesburg Metro is in possession of the clients particulars as he has been a client at the same premises since 1978.

This is how complaints get resolved/waylaid/lost/handled by the ANC run JOHANNESBURG MUNICIPALITY.

The letter was not signed and therefore is not authentic.

The next time around the ANC is going to lose Johannesburg and all the big Cities!

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