Monday, March 12, 2012

'Ex-Tokyo spin doctor allegedly linked to cash heist'


Fake cash plan netted R5m - He allegedly pretended to be a Coin Security man

Getaway vehicle, which had been stolen in Soweto in 2010, led to the arrest

A FORMER Mogale City official allegedly used an elaborate scheme to net R5-million in false collections over two years.

Thabang Mamonyane - once a spokesman for former Gauteng premier Tokyo Sexwale - allegedly preyed on unsuspecting business owners and coin security companies in a scheme that involved the use of a converted cash-in-transit van to collect millions of rands.

The police alleged that Mamonyane, 50, and his accomplices, who have not been arrested, went from business to business passing themselves off as coin security personnel before making a getaway with large sums of money.

Mamonyane could be linked to 22 false cash collections during 2010 and the date of his arrest.

The alleged crimes took place minutes before the real cash collectors were due to arrive at their destinations to receive the monies.

Mamonyane's getaway vehicle - a vehicle that was converted into a fake cash-in-transit van - led to his capture.

The vehicle, police confirmed, was stolen in Diepkloof, Soweto, in 2010 and allegedly used to swindle businesses of millions.

His former wife, Superintendent Edna Mamonyane, Johannesburg metro police spokeswoman, said when contacted that she knew nothing about the arrest.

"We've been divorced for more than five years.

"He lives somewhere and I live in another part of Gauteng. But I am shocked," she said.

Mamonyane appeared in the Krugersdorp Magistrate's Court yesterday following his arrest on Tuesday morning at a plot in Hekpoort in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg.

He appeared in the dock in a dirty pair of denim pants and black top.

A woman accompanied him halfway up the stairs to the dock before heading back down. Her identity was not revealed but Sowetan understands that the woman was arrested along with Mamonyane.

She was released during Mamonyane's appearance.

On Tuesday, police found a canopy of a cash-in-transit van as well as receipt books for cash collection belonging to Coin Security.

Two cash collection boxes from an unknown company were also found in a house on the plot.

Information collected from evidence found at the plot led police to a second property where the fake cash-in-transit van was found.

Police suspect that Mamonyane was trying to destroy incriminating evidence when they arrested him.

"It would seem the suspect was trying to get rid of his instrument of committing these crimes by dismantling the van after realising that his theft strategy could not work anymore," they said.

Mamonyane worked at Radio 702, now Eyewitness News, for several years.

He was also Mogale City municipality director of communications.

He was remanded in custody and is expected to apply for bail on March 15.


Comments by Sonny

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.......

You don't seem to be able to learn old dogs new tricks.

The records speak volumes, by themselves!

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  1. The same tactics were possible used to enrich the NOW RICH CLIQUE within the ANC.......?