Monday, September 3, 2012

If the police are no better than thugs, who will save us?

The Editor, The Times Newspaper | 30 April, 2012 00:08 previousnext 12 The Times Editorial: There is a disturbing trend running through our police service and, if not stopped, it will render efforts to fight crime impossible. Today we publish several stories about police behaviour in dealing with suspects. It seems torture and outright violation of human rights is becoming the order of the day for some of our police officers and experts warn that the line between criminals and our law enforcement officers is "blurred". One of the alleged victims gives a chilling account of what happened to him when police arrested him after he was accused of killing a police officer. Sifiso Makhubu claims he was threatened with death by officers who were supposed to uphold his rights as a suspect. Makhuba says his hands were handcuffed behind his back and to his ankles. He says police sprayed him with water and pulled a tyre tube over his face as one of the officers sat on his back. Such tactics are well documented in our history. They are those the apartheid security force used when dealing with political activists. Now that the ANC is in power, it comes as a shock that some within our police service still use such tactics against suspects. There is an outcry across our townships about a particular police unit that, the people claim, is violating basic human rights. But the government seems to be turning a blind eye to all this. Peter Jordi, of the Wits Law Clinic, has warned that the police have become predators who, with unrestrained violence, hunt down suspects. "What is happening is an out-of-control spiral. It is not isolated. It is happening everywhere with those involved simply moving from one police station to another when they get caught," Jordi said. Though everyone supports clamping down on crime, a crime-free South Africa cannot be achieved at the expense of human rights or by giving the police carte blanche. - Times Live - Comments by Sonny - Peter Jordi has been making wild accusations for some decades now. He has not been able to substantiate any of his wild accusations in a Court of Law. In the past he entered the Brixton Murder and Robbery Unit where he was evicted from the building. Yes, SA is in the process of becoming a 'Police State' due to the abuse of power by the ANC lead government. The 'Blue Light Gang' is just one example of abuse of power by the ruling party! Peter Jordi is an associate professor who joined the law school in 1989 after practising as an attorney. He runs an attorney's practice through the Law Clinic and specialises in delictual (tort) claims especially against the police. He has represented clients in several high-profile cases, including in the Constitutional Court. His major interest is in the area of police misconduct, including torture. Jordi started working at the Wits Law Clinic when it was still run by Adv Arthur CHASKELSON.

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