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My supplier has come up with some new P-51s & P38s from Michiana Forge in Arizona Click here to buy them The old P-38 web page is below P-38 WWII FIGHTER PLANE MILITARY SPECIFICATIONS & DRAWINGS FOR THE P-38 & P-51 "THE ARMY'S GREATEST INVENTION" THE P-38 CAN OPENER THE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CAN OPENER P-51 CAN OPENERS!! The P-38's Big Brother, twice as big and easier to use!! BUY P-38 CAN OPENERS BUY P-51 CAN OPENERS CHIEU HOI SURRENDER BAGS DOG TAG CHAINS P-38 PHOTOS AND HISTORY P-38 STORIES VINTAGE WWII, KOREAN & VIETNAM P-38 CAN OPENERS FOR SALE CLICK HERE READ THE LATEST P-38 STORIES P-38 WWII PISTOL BACK TO GEORGIA-OUTFITTERS.COM MAIN INDEX BE SURE AND HAVE A P-38 OR P-51 IN YOUR GET & GO BAG OR 72 HOUR KIT C-RATION PHOTOS CHARLIE-RATION COOKBOOK CLICK HERE P-38 TIMELINE MADE IN USA US FLAG MAIL IN SPECIAL VINTAGE P-38 $4 CLICK HERE THE P-38 CAN OPENER SIMPLICITY AT IT'S BEST. MY MINIMALIST SURVIVAL KIT NAIL CLIPPERS. WHISTLE, STARFLASH SIGNAL MIRROR, GI FIRESTARTER, AND A P-38. CAN OPENER DIRECTIONS Open blade. Place opener as shown in diagram. Twist down to puncture slot in can top inside rim. Cut top by advancing opener with rocking mo- tion. Take small bites. STERILIZE BEFORE RE-USE Tie string through hole in opener to wash and ster- ilize with mess-gear if possible. When boiling water is unavailable, clean opener as thorough- ly as possible and hold cutting blade over a match flame a few sec- onds immediately before use. CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE P-38 CAN OPENER DIRECTIONS MODERN VERSION CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE P-38 CAN OPENER DIRECTIONS WWII VERSION Originally P-38s came in a brown Kraft paper wrapper with a diagram and directions how to use printed on it. Another purpose of the wrapper was to keep the P-38 clean before use. Afterward the used P-38 was expected to be thrown away as more P-38s were packed in with each case of C-Rations. At first a dozen P-38s came with each case but eventually only 3 or 4 were packed in a case because it was found that GIs were keeping the P-38s rather than being without one at chow time (read Rations in Korea note). Unopened P-38s still in the wrapper and still in good condition are getting much harder to find. During the WWII, Korean and Vietnam Wars when hungry GI's were ready to dive into their delicious meals of K or C-Rations they used their trusty P-38s to open the cans. No it wasn't the famous WWII fighter plane or a German pistol, it was an amazingly simple little piece of 1-1/2 inch stamped metal that was developed in just 30 days during the Summer of 1942 by the Subsistence Research Laboratory in Chicago. It's official designation is 'US ARMY POCKET CAN OPENER' or 'OPENER, CAN, HAND, FOLDING, TYPE I', but it is more commonly know by its nickname the P-38 which it supposedly acquired from the 38 Punctures required to open a C-Ration can. It is also known by many as a "John Wayne" by those in the Navy and Marines because he was shown opening a can of C-Rations using a P-38 in a WWII training film. From then on Sailors and Marines referred to them as a "John Wayne". Recently I received emails from two different Vets that referred to P-38s as 'Dead Dukes' after John Wayne's death. Originally P-38s came wrapped in brown Kraft paper packets with a diagram and directions how to use printed on it. About a dozen P-38s came packed in a case of C-Rations but because everyone was hoarding them eventually only 3 were included in a case (read Rations in Korea note). These handy gadgets have adorned the dog tag chains and key rings of WWII, Korean and Vietnam war vets ever since opening their first can of C-rats with one. I've heard stories about GIs holding C-Ration can opening races using P-38s which were usually won by one who could open a C-rat can in less time than it takes to read this sentence. In her famous article for 'The Pentagram' Army Public Affairs' Officer Maj. Renita Foster wrote the defining article about P-38s how they could be the Army's greatest invention ever. Most WWII, Korean and Vietnam era GIs would hardily agree. (CLICK HERE FOR JPG OF 'ARMY'S GREATEST INVENTION' ARTICLE) (TEXT VERSION OF 'ARMY'S GREATEST INVENTION' ARTICLE) (MORE ARTICLES & STORIES BY RENITA FOSTER) Renita Foster, Fort Monmouth Public Affairs has updated her famous P-38 article (click on link below): http://www.army.mil/-news/2009/08/11/25736-the-best-army-invention-ever Unopened vintage P-38s in their original paper wrapper are getting much harder to find so resist the temptation to open one if you find it. They are becoming collector's items since more and more GIs are putting them in their military & medal displays, collections and to replace a lost beloved P-38. Also P-38 collections have become very popular lately as they don't cost much and don't take up much space. It's a lot of fun finding the hard to get P-38s. I've had the same US SPEAKER P-38 on my key-ring since my first Boy Scout camping trip when the Scoutmaster gave it to me. We used them to open the big cans of peaches for the delicious cobbler that he would make in a huge cast iron skillet over the campfire. We ate that delicious cobbler as we sat around the campfire just before crawling into our sleeping bags. I can even taste it now. My Scoutmaster was a WWII and Korean War veteran that knew how handy the little P-38s were and gave one to every new member of the Scout troop on their first camping trip. Recently P-38s have added a new role to their long list of uses. Shelters and organizations that aid the homeless hand them out and they were also included in some of the humanitarian relief packets dropped into Afghanistan. I've also been told they are being handed out here in the USA by relief organizations after natural disasters for when the power is out and electric can openers no longer work. A P-38 is a lesson in simplicity at it's best. Don't you wish everything in life could be as simple and useful as a P-38. "THE ARMY'S GREATEST INVENTION" THE P-38 CAN OPENER THE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CAN OPENER. WHEN THE POWER IS OUT OR YOUR ELECTRIC CAN OPENER BITES THE DUST A P-38 CAN SAVE THE DAY. DON'T GET CAUGHT WITHOUT A WORKING CAN OPENER. A P-38 WILL WORK ON ANY SIZE CAN WITH A RIM. PERFECT FOR CAMPING, HIKING, FISHING OR FOR THE SURVIVALIST IN YOUR FAMILY. BE SURE TO CARRY A P-38 ON YOUR KEY RING, DOG TAG CHAIN, TACKLE BOX OR IN YOUR 72 HOUR EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT. TAPE ONE TO EACH CAN IN YOUR GRAB & GO BAG OR EMERGENCY STOCKPILE. HAND A P-38 TO A STRANGER AND THEY WILL EITHER HAVE A LOOK OF BEWILDERMENT ON THEIR FACE OR LOOK UP AT YOU WITH A BIG SMILE AND TELL YOU THEIR P-38 STORY. GIVE A P-38 TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES. REMEMBER THE GI'S GOLDEN RULE: 'ALWAYS MAKE SURE SOMEONE HAS A P-38.' (CLICK ON THUMBNAIL TO ENLARGE PHOTO) SORRY OUT 50P38 $16.50 50 US SHELBY P-38 CAN OPENERS (@$0.33 each)(ON BACKORDER) SORRY OUT 100P38 $32.00 100 US SHELBY P-38 CAN OPENERS (@$0.32 each)(ON BACKORDER) SORRY OUT 500P38 $155.00 500 US SHELBY P-38 CAN OPENERS (@$0.31 each)(ON BACKORDER) BRAND NEW NOT SURPLUS! MODERN PRODUCTION MADE BY CURRENT MANUFACTURER US SHELBY CO STAMPED FROM COLD ROLLED STEEL 100% MADE IN THE USA Sorry, no International Sales or Shipping. I try to keep a good supply of P-38s and P-51s onhand ready for immediate shipping. VINTAGE P-38s & P-51s FOR SALE JUST LIKE YOUR DADDY OR GRANDDADDY HAD - CLICK HERE My supplier has come up with some new P-51s from Michiana Forge in Arizona Click here to buy them COMMENTS BY SONNY Every day when we open the newspapers to all "DOOM AND GLOOM!" Got into a debate about where the nifty 'Rat Pack Can Openers' we used in the Army and Police came from. After a little research (at the tip of my fingers)I now also know of one of the greatest inventions in Military History (1942). We can broaden our knowledge about the things we use to survive, instead of filling our lives with "REVOLUTION, CORRUPTION & GENOCIDE!" GOD SAVE SOUTH AFRICA! GOD SAVE OUR PLANET!

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