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Court stops newspaper report on crime intelligence

Oct 30, 2010 11:09 AM | By Sapa
The Sunday Independent was interdicted by the High Court in Pretoria from publishing information on appointments in the crime intelligence division of the SA Police Service (SAPS), the National Press Club said.

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Sanef supports newspaper after court ruling

"The Minister of Police, National Commissioner and Divisional Commissioner of Crime Intelligence brought an urgent application before the court on Friday evening to stop the Sunday Independent from publishing any information about appointments and to return documents in possession of the newspaper," the National Press Club said in a statement.

"It is believed that the newspaper wanted to expose alleged nepotism within Crime Intelligence. Last week, the paper published a series of allegations."

According to the National Press Club, the lawyers for Independent Newspapers were stuck in traffic and late for the hearing set for 8pm on Friday.

"Shortly before 9pm, Judge Ephriam Makgoba decided to continue with the hearing, in the absence of the respondent's legal team.

"Within minutes, the judge made a ruling in favour of the applicants," the statement read.

Judge Makgoba ordered Independent Newspapers to refrain from "publishing or causing to published any information pertaining to the advertisement and appointment of any individual within the Division: Crime Intelligence".

Independent Newspapers was also ordered to immediately hand over any information or documentation about appointments to the SAPS.

The newspaper was ordered to pay the costs of two counsels.

Chairman of the National Press Club, Yusuf Abramjee, said: "We are shocked. The ruling came as a surprise and without legal argument by both parties.

"This is a travesty of justice. There may be a technical point here because the respondent's legal counsel was not on time. But, that's not good enough. The case should have been argued on its merits.

"We have been told that the matter will be taken on appeal by the Sunday Independent to higher courts."

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Comments by Sonny

The Americans have the Illuminati, the CIA and the FBI.
The British have the Masons, MI5 and MI6.
The Afrikaner SA had the Broeder Bond and BOSS.
The ANC has MK and all their cronies.
Generally the police forces are run via Nepotism links and the "Inner Circle!"
No wonder the "Who's Who" should not see the light of day!

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