Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cop, couple held for ammunition

Sapa | 27 November, 2012 20:05 Under arrest. File photo. Image by: MIKE SEGAR / REUTERS A Limpopo police station commissioner was arrested on Tuesday afternoon for possession of and dealing in ammunition, the Hawks said. He was arrested while in a police meeting in Bela-Bela, Captain Paul Ramaloko said. More than 500 rounds of ammunition were found at his house. Earlier police arrested a couple believed to be station commissioner's accomplices. They were found with 10,500 rounds of ammunition in a Fiat Uno in Montana, Pretoria, and apparently on their way to deliver them to the commissioner. The 43-year-old captain, based in Rust de Winter, allegedly sold the 9mm and shotgun ammunition to criminals. The ammunition was estimated to be worth around R1 million. The three would appear in the Pretoria North Magistrate's Court on Wednesday. TIMES LIVE COMMENTS BY SONNY WHY WAS THIS CAPTAIN IDENTIFIED BEFORE HE APPEARED IN COURT? Are the HAWKS acting to the Media again? So,it's not only McIntosh Polele who is on an ego trip? We have always been convinced that crime is syndicates and not random in South Africa. There is no doubt in our minds that their is a "Third Force" responsible for major crimes in SA. We are also aware of who controls them! Is this not a case of "get rid of the opposition and keep the attention from the real arms dealers/smugglers/murderers?" WHERE DID THE ARMS/AMMUNITION GO THAT WERE HANDED IN BY THE PUBLIC ON FALSE PRETENCES? Crime is a close knit home industry controlled by the inner circles.



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