Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seven dead, nine injured as Hawks prevent robbery

Seven dead, nine injured as Hawks prevent robbery
Police tape closes off a crime scene. Picture: EWN. Govan Whittles | 20h00

ROBERTVILLE - At least seven people were reported dead on Saturday evening, while nine more were wounded in a shootout with police in western Johannesburg.

The incident unfolded in Robertville.

The Hawks said they acted on a tip-off and prevented about 20 gunmen from entering a Protea Coin depot.

According to the Hawks' Paul Ramaloko said the men, who were armed with pistols and assault rifles opened fire when they saw the police.

“We retaliated, killing instantly seven armed robbers, nine of them were wounded and taken to hospital under heavy police guard.”

Dozens of police cars were parked on the street leading to the depot.

A few meters away, the area had been cordoned off.

A truck belonging to the robbers was visible, while the silhouettes of bodies could also be seen on the ground.

In the badly lit area, crime scene detectives were hard at work combing the scene in the rain.

Police said the group of men tried to rob three other businesses in area before they hit the depot.

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Seven Robbers Shot Dead By S Africa Police Seven men who tried to rob a cash depot have been shot dead by elite South African police in Johannesburg.

4:10am UK, Sunday 25 November 2012

The robbers were shot in western Johannesburg
EmailAn elite South African police unit has shot dead seven men who tried to rob a cash depot in Johannesburg.

Nine others were injured and under police guard in hospital, a spokesman for the unit said.

Police also confiscated 11 vehicles and four firearms.

"We believe we got the kingpin down. We are convinced that we got all the robbers - dead or arrested," said Captain Paul Ramaloko, of the South African Police Service.

The depot belonged to Protea Coin, a security company which runs a cash-in-transit business in the west of the capital city.

Crime is a chronic problem for South Africa. It has one of the highest murder rates in the world outside a war zone.

About 40% of the adult population is jobless - a percentage expected to rise substantially in the coming years - and this is seen driving crime and widening economic inequality.

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  1. Great job by the 'Tarkies' and SAPS......

    On should put this case under a magnifying

    glass and assess the facts....

    Who are these 'robbers' and who recruited the

    'BOYZ' for the job?

    A few years ago 'robbers' were recruited by

    members of security companies to secure their

    "Christmas Bonuses" and get rid of opposition.

    One such Kingpin was convicted of a robbery at a

    popular Casino in Sandton and did time....

    He is now out on parole and his handlers have

    since parted ways with that certain security


    This could have been the perfect opportunity to

    get back into the trade.

    Taking out opposition is a national sport in SA

    crime and politics.

    We must remember that Brett Kebble's killers

    were all "police spies!"

    Crime is syndicated, professional and run by

    the 'inner circle!'

    When suspects are killed on a scene of crime it

    is not always easy for the NPA to prosecute the

    outstanding survivors!

    WATCH THIS SPACE.........