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SAPS Task Force members want out - POPCRU

SAPS Task Force members want out - POPCRU
Theto Mahlakoana
25 November 2012

Union says 27 out of 35 member of Pretoria unit have applied for transfers

SAPS Task Force Members still treated like dogs and are demanding transfers

22 November 2012

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) is extremely disappointed by the SAPS senior managers who have total disregard for the members' complaints that fell on deaf ears despite the union's engagement in meetings.

Twenty seven (27) out of 35 members from the Pretoria Special Task Force unit have applied for transfers. We were informed that ten (10) members from the Durban unit have also applied for transfers. This element of reluctance to remain in the unit is posing a great security risk for the country considering the lengthy period and quality of international training they have undergone.

A lot of these members are a first line of defence to our country have resigned and sought employment in private security companies and in other countries.

The next bargaining council meeting to entertain their complaints is to be held in February next year. Members will suffer and as usual SAPS management will sit in cosy and air-conditioned offices without lifting a finger until they draw their fat cheques!

Despite being treated like dogs these are the SAPS members who have done our country proud in various international events and paid with their lives in any some task that they have been assigned to including the recent rhino poaching incident and the rescue of a medical doctor in a Mangaung Prison in a hostage situation that ended without any fatality!

POPCRU is eagerly waiting for an urgent meeting with the National before the end of this weekend. Our country deserves better than this!

Statement issued by Miss Theto Mahlakoana, Media & Communications Officer, POPCRU, November 25 2012

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The Parallel ANCpf Task Force.... ready & waiting in the wings to be deployed into the shoes of the well-trained apolitical professional current incumbents.

If truth be known, they are probably already deployed within these task forces in terms of AA and BBeee etc . .more

by John Austin on November 25 2012, 22:04

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