Saturday, December 18, 2010

Prominent businessman to appear in court next week

Alex Eliseev | Yesterday

Police in Mozambique on Thursday said a prominent businessman arrested with R18 million in cash is due to appear in court next week.

Businessman Mohammed Ayoob was caught two weeks ago at the Swaziland border and again this week while trying to enter Mozambique.

Ayoob’s family has reportedly been linked to drugs-trafficking networks in that country and elsewhere in southern Africa.

Authorities in Mozambique are not willing to give more details about the case against Ayoob.

Earlier this month, he was released on bail after being caught in Swaziland with R18 million in cash.

He then tried to cross over into Mozambique through the Goba border post and was taken into custody. He is now at a prison in Maputo while police figure out what to charge him with.

The allegations against his family emerged in one of the recently released WikiLeaks cables.

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Comments by Sonny

Is Mohamed Ayoob related to Nelson Mandela's one time struggle friend and lawyer

Ismail Ayob of Johannesburg?

Makes sense, does it not.

Oh, the missing "O" indicates wealth!!

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