Friday, April 30, 2010

2 500kg explosives found in Joburg house

30 April 2010, 11:58

Police found 100 boxes of commercial explosives in a raid on a house in the south of Johannesburg on Friday, a spokesman said.

Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said police raided the house at 16 Regina Road in South Hills after receiving information via Primedia's Crime Line that there were explosives in the house.

Each of the boxes contained 25kg of commercial explosives.

"We suspect that the explosives were to be used to blow up ATMs (banks)," said Dlamini.

Police suspected the explosives were stolen from a container in a shipping container depot in City Deep.

"We do not know yet who the container belong to and where it was headed," he said.

An 18-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man were in the house at the time of the raid on Friday morning. Both were arrested and would be charged with contravention of the Explosives Act.

"We suspect that they are part of a syndicate," said Dlamini. Police expected to make more arrests soon.

The two were expected to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Tuesday. - Sapa

The Star

Comments by Sonny

Is this how the state controls explosives?

We should declare an "EXPLOSIVE FREE SA!"

The police cannot even control their own state issued firearms.

Oh yes, The Master of Explosives is to blame here.

Organised Crime is involved here!

Man shot in Sunninghill identified

30 April 2010, 17:51
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N1 victim's identity still unknown
Motorist shot in the face on Joburg highway

A man shot dead on the N1 freeway in Sunninghill early on Friday morning has been identified as Joseph Fok-Tim, 55, said Johannesburg police.

He was identified by his wife, said Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela.

Police initially described the man who died as being in his 30s.

Fok-Tim was found dead in a Nissan Sentra between the Rivonia and Buccleuch interchanges just after 2am. He had a bullet wound to the head.

His vehicle had crashed into a concrete barrier wall on the north-bound freeway.

It was thought that he had been shot at from another car, but police could not say whether it was a contract killing or the result of road rage. - Sapa

The Star

Comments by Sonny

Chinese Triad?

Or just a road rage?

Did anyone see a white Toyota bakkie near the murder scene?

[White Refugees]: FIFA & Mbeki's $3 Billion Elephant Finger to Capetown..

ANCYL wants 'radical' land reform

ANCYL wants 'radical' land reform

Johannesburg -

The ANC Youth League supported President Jacob Zuma's call for a review of the "willing buyer willing seller" land redistribution strategy, a spokesperson said on Friday."The African National Congress Youth League is totally behind President Jacob Zuma’s call for a decisive land redistribution strategy, particularly the long overdue review of the willing buyer-willing seller principle," said a statement from Floyd Shivambu who had just returned from a league field trip to Venezuela on oil nationalisation.The ANCYL also agreed with Black Management Forum (BMF) president Jimmy Manyi's contention that the constitutional imperative of providing a fair price for land needed to be revised because under the current system "exorbitant" market-related prices were being paid.Zuma broached the topic at a BMF conference on "unintended consequences" of the Constitution.No land invasions - ZumaBut, Zuma hastened to add there would be no land invasions, an apparent reference to Zimbabwe's land redistribution programme widely regarded as the main contributor to that country's economic crisis."There will be no similar kinds of land invasions in this country, because we do things within the law," he said.Zimbabwe's land redistribution policy was largely run by people calling themselves war veterans who would camp on farmers' property and either forcibly remove farmers or harass them into leaving. A void in agricultural knowledge, and of the funding required for inputs, saw the agricultural sector plunged into a crisis that left huge swathes of the country dependent of food aid.The league said that historically defined racial inequalities should be appreciated and that it would lobby for a "more radical and decisive" economic transformation and land redistribution programme."None of these programmes will undermine the rule of law, but will ensure that law is progressively utilised for redress purposes."The land reform department said that its core land reform programme was to redistribute 30% of white-owned agricultural land.RedistributionTo date 5.9 million hectares of land had been acquired through redistribution and restitution.The league's president Julius Malema recently said he supported Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's programme of land seizures from white farmers, and that South Africa's political freedom would mean nothing if a practical programme of intervention on property issues was not decided.He claimed that South Africans did not own their own country because the land was owned by foreigners.The league had already spoken out on its belief that mines should be nationalised, and, said Shivambu, on the Venezuela trip, they learnt how the state's control of oil contributed to the national fiscus."People are having immediate benefits from the state's control of the oil industry," said Shivambu, who accompanied Malema on the trip.
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Zuma wrong on Constitution - Zille2010-04-30 21:06

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Constitution not under threat - Zuma
Hlophe challenge to continue

Cape Town
- Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille has dismissed President Jacob Zuma's charge that her party is abusing the Constitution by challenging government decisions in court."This is deeply ironic," Zille wrote in her we ekly newsletter on Friday."As everyone knows, it is Zuma who is the past-master of 'endless court actions' to prevent the law from taking its course."Zuma needs to understand that it is his unconstitutional behaviour that needs to be called into question not the DA's legal challenge of it. Far from 'petty politicking' - as Zuma has called these court cases yesterday - they are fundamental to the future health of our constitutional democracy."At a Black Management Forum symposium on Thursday, Zuma told delegates: "Going forward, we must protect our Constitution from abuse as South Africans."'Cheap political points'"We have noticed in recent months a tendency to use the Constitution by some parties to block transformation, or to seek to reverse decisions made by the executive, through endless court actions," he said."The Constitution should be used for protection when there are genuine grounds, not for petty politicking and to score cheap political points."The DA has applied for a high court review of the National Prosecuting Authority's decision to withdraw corruption charges against Zuma.The party successfully challenged the Judicial Service Commission's decision to dismiss the complaint of gross misconduct against Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe. They are also seeking to have the appointment of Menzi Simelane as head of the prosecuting authority declared invalid.In her newsletter, Zille also dismissed Zuma's criticism of black economic empowerment at the symposium as disingenuous given the business dealings of the ANC's investment arm Chancellor House.BEE abuseThe president told the symposium: "We cannot allow an abuse of the policy to empower just a few. We also want government procurement opportunities to be actively used to promote the economic development of our people.""The unintended consequence of fronting is also still prevalent and seeks to defeat the objectives of BBBEE. We must work together as various sectors to expose and eradicate this practice wherever it occurs."Zille commented: "Zuma talks of BEE as if it was imposed on the ANC from elsewhere, as if he is powerless to take immediate action to stop it being perverted by the ANC.""If Zuma really wanted to stop 'fronting' he would shut down the biggest 'front company' in the country - the ANC's own front company, Chancellor House.""It is not intended to empower previously disadvantaged people, or to achieve what he calls 'broad-based empowerment'. It is designed to enrich the ANC."The ANC appears divided over whether to sell Chancellor House's controversial 25% stake in Hitachi Power Africa, which has been contracted to supply boilers for Eskom's new power stations.Zille lobbied the World Bank to make its loan to Eskom conditional on the ANC divesting. Party treasurer Mathews Phosa then promised to do so within six weeks after the loan was awarded earlier this month, but secretary general Gwede Mantashe has dug in his heels.
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Mob kills murderer during crime re-enactment

April 29 2010 at 04:44PM

Lebanese villagers on Thursday killed the murderer of two grandparents and their two young grandchildren as he was re-enacting the crime in front of police, reported the state-run National News Agency.

The deceased was identified as Mohammed Salim Mosallam, who allegedly on Wednesday shot to death Youssef Abu Merhi, 75, and his wife Kawthar, 70, along with their grandchildren Zeina, 7, and Amneh, 9 in the southern Lebanese village of Ktirmaya.

When the villagers saw Mosallam near the murder scene with police, they managed to push past the officials and start hitting the killer, who suffered severe wounds.

Local radio broadcasts said villagers then chased the police unit to the hospital and managed to drag Mosallam out of the car and kill him.

The villagers then tied his body to a car and drove to Ktirmaya's main square.

Once they reached the village centre, they stripped the body of clothing, tied metal wire around its neck and hung it on a pole.

According to local broadcasts, the villagers believed the man has done a "very ugly crime for no reason and he deserved to be punished immediately."

It was not clear why Mosallam might have killed the family.

The mother of the two children works as a teacher at a nearby school and is divorced from their father, Mohammed Mustafa al-Rawwas, who is said to be living abroad. The mother was at school when the murder took place.

There was no comment from the Lebanese police regarding the incident. - Sapa-dpa

The Star

Comments by Sonny

....."The people shall rule"....Quote Jabob Zuma 2010.

Justice to SWEET!

Trouble in the White house

I have just received this: from my friend in Israel, who moves in high circles in Israel

Tonight Clive and I heard very disturbing information – we heard it from a consultant to the United States who meets once a month with the President in the White house. He is in the know. This is what actually has happened with the relationship with Israel and the USA and it is not pretty:

1. Israel during the Bush and Clinton Administrations – had landing rights in Turkey , and in the USA bases in the middle east and more recently under George Bush, in Iraq . This was in case they were invaded by Iran , or Saudi or any other Arab country. Obama has withdrawn those landing rights. Israel now has nowhere to refuel in the middle east.

2. Netanyahu was instructed to come to the white house for a meeting. He was brought in through a servants entrance – the only head of state ever in US history to be given that disgraceful treatment. He was not offered even a cup of tea – but was lectured to by Obama who told him that he is not permitted to attack Iran and that he has to withdraw all forces from the West bank and may not build any more settlements ( neighborhoods) in East Jerusalem.

3. Israel found out that there were four terrorists meeting in Dubai . As they have done for the past 62 years, they informed the US of that and said that these terrorists had to be dealt with. Obama said under no circumstances. Israel decided to go ahead. They killed the one terrorist who showed up. However the CIA was sent there to film the entire event by Obama – and then a concerted PR campaign was waged by the White house to discredit Israel and what they did – this kind of action has taken place with US support for the past 62 years since we have common enemies.

4. Obama has refused to oppose Syria ’s re arming of Hezbollah and Hamas – Israel now sits in imminent danger from the amounts of missiles that can be sent into her territory.

5. Israel will never tell the US again of its plans – since they cannot trust us.

6. Israel intends to attack Iran –there are over 30 installations of which 4 have underground bunkers that contain nuclear weapons. Israel cannot wait any longer. The US is no longer supporting Israel ’s self defense.

7. This is the same man that gave the White House a full file on the 9.11 attack – his warnings and proof were laughed at.

8. He believes that the next attacks in the USA will be mass transportation – subways and malls – especially the largest malls where the most people can be killed - and that Vegas and wherever there are conventions of employees will be a huge target. We are not prepared and are naïve in our lack thereof.

9. Once Israel attacks Iran , every Jew and Jewish institution will be at risk – temples, religious schools etc. We must be prepared.

10. This kept a room of 200 people spellbound. It is not fiction. It is fact.

What can be done?
It is essential that everyone who doesn’t know yet, now understands that the protection and survival of Israel is not on Obama’s list – and he is now taking ACTUAL steps to move all protections away – no more landing rights, negotiating with Iran and Syria, making nice to the Moslem World in the face of allies of long standing and he is no friend of the Jewish people and Israel.

We must be sure that we elect politicians who protect Israel as well as the USA – our interests are intertwined. Please forward to everyone you know.

Author anonymous

Comments by Sonny

We saw this coming during the last elections!

Obama and his Panorama!

Driver shot on N1 in Rivonia

2010-04-30 08:55

Johannesburg - A man was shot dead while driving on the N1 highway in Johannesburg in the early hours of Friday morning, Gauteng police said.

Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said police found the man, who had not yet been identified, just after 02:00 on Friday.

"He had a bullet wound to the head and his car crashed into a concrete wall on the N1 north," said Dlamini.

The incident happened between the Rivonia and Buccleuch interchanges.

"We don't have a motive for the killing yet," said Dlamini.

Eyewitness news reported from the scene several bullet wounds were visible in the man's Nissan Sentra. It was believed the man was shot at from another car.

Johannesburg Metro Police spokesperson, Inspector Edna Mamonyane, said traffic was backed up because of motorists stopping and looking at police clearing up the scene.

"We have a problem with traffic backing up even more," she said just after 08:00.

No other information was immediately available.



Comments by Sonny

Road rage or Hit?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Legless cows were worth R200 000

29 April 2010, 08:35
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Cows found with legs chopped off

By Alex Campbell

Twenty-five stolen cattle were found with their legs slashed, unable to walk and needing to be euthanised, 25km from their farm south of Joburg.

The cows were lying in tall grass in Lawley, near Lenasia, police said.

They had panga-style gashes above their knees, said Colonel Johan Scott, provincial co-ordinator for stock theft policing. Five of them were calves.

The 25 crippled cows and 65 others were reported stolen to the police early yesterday. Fifty-seven of the cows were retrieved unscathed and eight are still missing.

Jaco Taute, who owns the cattle, watched as workers dragged the crippled stock onto an Isuzu pickup truck so that they could be taken to be slaughtered. One bull tried to run away but was reduced to crawling on its knees.

"This is plain cruelty," said Taute, who runs a farm in Elandsfontein called Aeterno Investments. He said he now wondered whether he should continue running his farm, which his father bought 20 years ago.

"The suffering these cows must go through - it's not worth it." The mutilated cattle were worth R200 000.

Police and farmers said this was part of a spate of stock theft, allegedly by Lesotho nationals who live in squatter camps in Lenasia and Lawley.

Lesotho was identified in December as a hotspot for stock theft in southern Africa.

"They cut (the cows) into portions and then they sell the meat to squatter camp dwellers," said Warrant Officer Seremi Sello, who is with the Stock Theft Unit based in Vereeniging.

There have been around 15 cases of theft in Gauteng in the two years since the Stock Theft Unit began, Sello added.

Farmer Sarel Cilliers, 41, said he had to close down his 362-hectare farm in Jachfontein after losing nearly R1 million in cattle and about 160 sheep to stock theft during the past year.

Thefts happened almost every week, Cilliers said. He had bought electric fences and lights to keep the thieves away.

"Nothing helped. Nothing."

Cilliers plans to continue living on the farm, but will operate an electrical business instead of farming.

Police are offering a R50 000 reward for any information leading to arrests. Witnesses can call 071 603 9032.

This article was originally published on page 6 of The Star on April 29, 2010

The Star

Comments by Sonny

Now this is barbaric.

The same happened in Kenya about 50 years, (1960), ago!

First the cattle and then the farmers!

Johannesburg a World Class African City

Welcome in Africa!!!

Comments by Sonny

This mayor should be sweeping streets in Alexandra!

ANC heavyweight weighs in against mine nationalisation

The nationalisation of South Africa's mines "is not supported by strong enough evidence", a senior ANC leader argues in an article that is about to be published in the ANC journal, Umrabulo.
Creamer Media's Mining Weekly Online revealed that the article is the work of ANC national executive committee (NEC) member Joel Netshitenzhe, who is also a member of the ANC's economic transformation and political education subcommittees.

In what is the most comprehensive response to date by a senior ANC leader to its youth league's strident advocacy of mine nationalisation, Netshitenzhe arrives at the conclusion that the "balance of evidence" is against mine nationalisation.
He says that the ANC has adopted an approach to State ownership, which is different from an earlier interpretation of the Freedom Charter, in which nationalisation was a given.

While the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) may be factually correct in its interpretation of the Freedom Charter in years gone by, Netshitenzhe says that the ANC's current approach to State ownership is to "weigh the balance of evidence" - a process that is informed by the impact that State ownership has on the ability of the economy to address poverty and inequality and to encourage growth and competiveness.

He points out that South Africa's current dependence on the private sector is illustrated by the support that the State-owned Eskom is seeking from it, to ensure that the country has sufficient power capacity.

While the ANCYL is correct to want the mining industry to play a larger role in improving the country's fiscal capacity; creating more jobs; improving working conditions; enhancing South Africa's sovereignty; and transforming the country's accumulation path, he points out that some of the mining industry's most significant growth constraints are bottlenecks within State-owned infrastructure.

In the early days of the implementation of the new Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, insufficient capacity within the then Department of Minerals and Energy and the slow processing of environmental-impact assessments were also growth constraints.

"In this regard, the challenge, quite clearly, is not whether the mines are in State hands or not," Netshitenze says.

However, he adds that several challenges do point to the need to attend to macro issues in the industry, including declining fixed investments and low growth in mining production, in the midst of a commodities boom.

This stands out even more starkly when compared with Australia, where gross fixed investment in mining far exceeds South African investment.

Secondly, little progress has been made in developing the much-vaunted mining sector strategy as part of the country's industrial policy and action plans.

Thirdly, South Africa can hardly claim to be exploiting the opportunities for mining-related backward and forward linkages optimally. With regard to beneficiation, for instance, the impression among many in government is that there is a dogged resistance to a comprehensive approach to beneficiation within the private sector.

Fourthly, besides weaknesses of demographics in management, professional, skilled and semiskilled categories, the industry is "not producing sufficient skills to replace the ageing engineering and artisan population, let alone gear the industry for growth".

The fifth challenge is about the extent of commitment to cutting edge research, especially in the platinum sector.

He says that the State - which is already the custodian of the mineral rights and which already levies royalties - is building capacity to lead economic development in partnership with all stakeholders, including the private sector, which will need to adopt long-term objectives.

"They will need to determine the role of each partner, the weaknesses that need to be addressed, as well as the benefits and sacrifices that attach to each choice made to move South Africa onto a higher growth trajectory," he says.

This approach does not preclude the consolidation of the State's mining assets in a company that plays an important role.

Even more critical, are the strategic issues about the role of some of South Africa's minerals in the world's scientific and technological development trajectory, with major implications for the country's place in global geopolitical dynamics.
Edited by: Creamer Media Reporter

Comments by Sonny

The ANC just wants to 'rubber stamp' Nationalisation to suit their own greed!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

M&G analysis: Possible ANC action against Malema

M&G political editor Rapule Tabane reflects on this week's ANC press conference regarding possible action against ANCYL President Julius Malema. Will President Zuma take a stand or will the need to keep the peace prevail?

M&G analysis: Possible ANC action against Malema
M&G political editor Rapule Tabane reflects on this week's ANC press conference regarding possible action against ANCYL President Julius Malema. Will President Zuma take a stand or will the need to keep the peace prevail?

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I am sick of Malema.
Lets move on.

Derek Jones on April 22, 2010, 9:54 pm

If your enemies offer you advise dont take it. It is not in their interest to see you prosper. As far as Malema's future goes.

The crowd advising Zuma to fire Malema for the 'good of the ANNC' has never loved the ANC, anyway. If Zuma ever fire Malema, that will be the end of his (Zuma's ) political career ... and they all know it.
John Malamba on April 23, 2010, 9:57 am

i like Malema (like kak)

Let's move on
The Voice of The Voiceless on April 23, 2010, 10:54 am
Malamba - I dont the think top dawgs in the ANC, ever loved the ANC.
Sinudeity on April 23, 2010, 11:04 am
Whosoever is afraid of Malema is the an enemy of human development and empowerment for average South Africans. He is anti-revolutionary, anti-progressive, and should not be living in SA
Gbenga Daniel on April 23, 2010, 11:13 am
julius is still innocent in the eyes of the anc. Whatever the anc will be doing will be based on thier thinking not informed what the media has been reporting. President Zuma is not expected to do anything but the anc will look at the facts and if convince the DC must be set up it will even then Julius will remain innocent.Lets look at Julius like all of us who are innocent. We do not want a repetition where the media painted President Zuma Guilty in his trail before even the judgement was handed down.

There has to be a level of profesionalism in our media. Secondly, the media has to use the rights accorded to it by the constitution prudently not to infringe the rights of other. We have seen that during Apartheid where all freedom fighters were demonised as terrorists. Lets allow the ANC to deal with its internal matter in the manner that is in line with its constitution.
Cedric Mxoli on April 23, 2010, 1:26 pm
Daniel - 'He is anti-revolutionary, anti-progressive, and should not be living in SA' - Well said. Lets kick juju out :)
Sinudeity on April 23, 2010, 1:34 pm
Mxoli - But you are making the assumption that JZ was found innocent. He wasnt. Merely that Mbeki interfered in the corruption matter. So, because the two enemies were fighting with each other, the corruption matter got dropped. Wasnt even DA interference, it was ANC interference.

"I was smallfry in the armsdeal"

Makes you wonder how much the big fry got away with.
Sinudeity on April 23, 2010, 2:48 pm
Malema's behavior is not an internal matter, he is a disgrace to the ANC and to all South Africans.
The fact that nothing is done about it is frightening and should concern all our people in this wonderful country.
Bernrad Ramakoele on April 23, 2010, 3:40 pm
Malema is just a puppet, lets try to find the puppet master. He's stepped on everyone's toes, even those who though have him wrapped around their little finger
Funi Taumang on April 24, 2010, 12:41 am
Im not afraid of Malema, Im afraid that what he speaks is not the sentiments of the South African youth. Im also afraid that South Africans have turned a blind eye and have turned a hooligan into a hero. The youth league has been vocal in the past but their noise has always made sence.Our comrade president Malema seems to be letting his tounge loose before his brains and I feel that undermines the intelligence of South african youth because we are the ones who voted him in.
tshidiso mphuthi on April 24, 2010, 9:30 am
He should get a life or a backing band, would never even get past the first round of idols.
He should go to cash converters but a usedv tongue is not worth too much.
Leave him alone he is a real asset to the ANC opposition. He only has to explain how he got his money, ala Brett Kebble
Sean Power on April 24, 2010, 12:26 pm
There are so many un-employed why is the minister of pot holes, JM who I think has just found one found another one not looking for gold in them? JM please nationalise them and put the country to work.
Sean Power on April 24, 2010, 8:05 pm
Those who think Malema will be discipline must be dreaming.Zuma is the president because of this young man. If he knows whats best for the ANC unity , he should leave him alone. He must not listen to the critics like DA , they dont want to see unity in the ruling party.
mfana mndela on April 24, 2010, 10:47 pm
Malema = corruption. ANC = corruption. I keep saying this but it never gets printed.
Brian Edwards on April 25, 2010, 2:18 pm
In 1920 a little corporal upstart was challenging the German government .If this little upstart and been neutralised in some way it would have saved the lives of 40 million people and so much financial pain and suffering of the rest of Europe.Malema will lead the country into destruction .
Allan Milton on April 25, 2010, 6:46 pm
Our beloved ANC is loosing it's taste each day.Our leaders should start behaving in a proper manner or else we going down the drain.
smiso mtolo on April 26, 2010, 12:45 pm
The ANC should stop Malema now, before things get worse.This comrade has done enough damage and it's bad for the image of the leading party. discipline and more discipline
smiso mtolo on April 26, 2010, 1:03 pm
It's not going to be easy to take a disciplinary action against Malema, but it would be good for the country to act now. Look guys, Malema and Mugabe are standing together while Zuma is on the other camp. Ths is a receipe for disaster for the entire region. Previosly Zuma and Malema were in one camp. Malema plus Mugabe is just a lethal combination to every peace loving persons. Heat the iron while it's still hot. Azazi bo fethu
edward ndaba on April 26, 2010, 3:06 pm
If he gets some discipline,that means the ANC got their power back,if not it means that the powers behind the puppet and the buffon are still the poppet and buffon masters.The ANC WILL CARRY ON THEIR CORRUPT WAY AND THIS COUNTRY WILL GO TO HELL LIKE ALL OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES.
olga wueen on April 26, 2010, 3:30 pm
ANC 's failure to discipline juju, Mampara Malema ,speaks volumes on its own by the ANC , as an organisation, that is full of disorder and led by hooligans , thus people fear them from taking any dicision for the good reputation of the party.
Unlike other parties that well governed , you have seen youth leaders who are dander heads being ruined upon their behaviours,namely D.A, IFP, to mention the few, the youth leaders in these parties are aware that they are accountable to their parties.
Malema is just a wild cat, feared by the ANC president and it will cost the fall of the party before,one would realize the damage caused by this Mampara, which will probable too late to reverse.
musa buthelezi on April 27, 2010, 11:51 am
can u imagine having Julius Malema & Mangosuthu Buthelezi in the same party...?lol. This boyis just ruining our country people, everytime he open his mouth trouble is mantufactured!
Lihle ntabeni on April 27, 2010, 2:15 pm
Malema for President

Let's move on
Black Man on April 27, 2010, 9:26 pm
Your post makes my day. I have kept aloof from the petitions and protests about Malema: my feeling is, and remains, that the ANC youth put him into that position and it is for them to decide whether he remains there or not.
That does not mean that he shouldn't be in trouble with the law. At the very least, he seems to be guilty of contempt of court.
But his position as ANCYL president is up to ANCYL, and you confirm my conviction that the youth can be trusted to decide.
Madeleine Du Toit on April 27, 2010, 10:28 pm
Its a great pity to see such a great nation being torn apart by one selfish individual. Welcome to the Zimbo style!
Simangaliso Ncube on April 28, 2010, 1:51 am
I think we will be very lucky if we can get Malema to work for us. He is a man of some intelligence. :)
Graham Johnson on April 28, 2010, 9:16 am
Remember the sleepless nights during the night virgils from Malema and Friends during both trials. This is payback time for the man on top. He is sifting between an ocean and fire, both are dangerous. Its a catch 22 situation.
Moraka Moreiks on April 28, 2010, 10:32 am
Shame on you Thandi Modise, at your age you still playing around the bush, What a Low Intellect you have?
nhlanhla mngomezulu on April 28, 2010, 1:05 pm
...I love him then I hate him, then I love him more...
much like Zuma on his way to the top.
Mlungisi Mbuyisa on April 28, 2010, 3:00 pm
Malema raises controversial yet correct topics, and if there is anyone who has a different view, opose him and we will see who has the best idea and probably choose it.

let us not teach ourselves incorrect methods to deal with issues at hand, one of such methods is to try and silence people who raise issues of concern.

I, clearly do not have a problem with Malema raising issues, but my problem is with the minority that wishes to silence Malema without saying what is right that must be done.

freedom of speech.
Sebjeni Moyahabo on April 28, 2010, 4:48 pm
Sebjeni Moyahabo- How about not inciting hatred?

The chickens are restless on April 28, 2010, 5:32 pm
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Mail & Guardian

Comments by Sonny

Malema is Zuma nemesis!

Jessie Duarte quits Presidency

Jessie Duarte quits Presidency

Apr 28, 2010 4:21 PM | By Staff Reporter

Jessie Duarte has resigned as the Presidency's Chief Operating Officer "to pursue other interests and give more time to her political work for the African National Congress," President Jacob Zuma's office has announced.

Times Live

Comments by Sonny

About bloddy time she quits.

We haven't forgotten the times she used to drive around with a false drivers license.

Let's hope she is not pregnant?

Zille calls on voters to act against corruption

Apr 27, 2010 2:15 PM | By Sapa
South African voters have the power to stand up against corrupt government officials who abuse their positions of power, says Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille.

Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille
Photograph by: .

ANC supporters attempt to disrupt Freedom Day march

Apartheid laws still haunt country, says Zuma
Defend gains of freedom: ANC
SA's murder rate has killed ideals, dreams: FFPlus
Support for Mokonyane at Freedom Day celebration
Freedom Day pointless if corruption persists
Pretoria celebrating Freedom Day
Freedom Day means unity: IFP

"When people in South Africa today see all the corruption and power abuse and lack of delivery, they get angry and feel powerless," Zille said during her Freedom Day speech at the Constitutional Court.

"When this happens, we must remember 27 April 1994, and remember that we are not powerless."

"We have the vote," she said.

"If we don't use our vote to change the people in power, there will be more and more abuse, and more and more corruption, and we will become a criminal state."

Zille criticised the ANC and President Jacob Zuma, saying they were not made accountable for their actions.

"He [Zuma] has undermined the constitution to make sure he does not have to go to court and answer to over 700 counts of corruption against him," Zille said.

"He abuses power to protect his friends, like Shabir Shaik, from the law, while persecuting his political opponents."

"He supports a system in which the ANC uses the people's money to make themselves rich, that is what is happening at Eskom."

"When you pay your increased electricity tariffs, it will be a reminder of what the ANC's corruption is costing you."

Using the demise of democracy in Zimbabwe as an example, Zille urged South Africans to use their vote to "get rid of a government that undermines the Constitution".

"Let us remember this lesson on this Freedom Day, in a democracy, people get the government they deserve. We certainly deserve better than the ANC," Zille said.

Sunday Times


Bin Laden ex-guard says he wants to use nuclear arms
Betrams’ World Cup let down
Fence problematic in Zim border control
Man attacked for robbing crash victims
Roadlink driver in court
JSE takes a hammering
Woman stabbed in packed train
Gardener shot by employer
Mandela to skip World Cup ceremony
Ash cost SAA R84 million

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Apr 27 2010 02:39:13 PM
Baboon with Lipstick
SASucks, saw you on you tube:-) click on the link below, lol
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 03:13:00 PM
Always seeing the negative am beginning 2 think she is obssessed with Zuma n the ANC
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 03:24:33 PM
Well said Helen. More and more people need to hear and understand this.

The death of democracy and freedom has a name. It is called ANC.

We know who the enemy is, and now is the time to destroy it, before it is too late.
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 03:26:40 PM
"We certainly deserve better than the ANC," Zille said
Unfortunately there is no better party than ANC as yet. Till we get a party that addresses the needs for the masses, we will continue voting for ANC. Your party is not even an alternative for the masses.
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 03:47:53 PM
Mike 007.5
SASUCKS are you not in Sudan or some other place, or are you sucking deep on a spliff or two. Remember no alcohol.
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 04:01:35 PM
It has been a long time since I have made any comments, although I have read many. Racism is not going to solve one problem, but create thousands. Corruption and crime is killing the country and the ANC I voted for and knew is not the one in power. They have forgotten the Freedom Charter. They are instead of setting the pace, in Africa at least, trying to follow the biggest failure on our northern border. It is not a pleasure to read about all the negative racist remarks on the blogs. People do not show each other respect anymore. You think if you write anonymously you are entitled to lose your dignity. Can we turn to respectful debate or are we showing everybody that we are a bunch of animals that can only bark and urinate!
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 04:12:38 PM
cANCer survivor
The DA need to maintain their strong performance in local government so far. 53% of all the calls referred to the WC provincial government by the presidential hotline gets resolved while every other province lags way behind at 16% and less. Cape Towns debt is also almost paid off now.

I hope that their election campaign is going to be 'pro DA' and not 'anti ANC' like last time. I reckon their biggest challenge is rectifying the people's perception of the party.
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 05:00:26 PM
Bloody Agent
Everybody refer to leaders, who are these leaders? none of the mentioned leaders represent me, they all want to govern but can’t produce,
All politicians are corrupt, they do not add value to anything. Appartheid has been like that and now it is even worse
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 05:01:13 PM
TheVillageBoy_with a diploma

Electioneering on the freedom so moronic !
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 05:01:35 PM
You are so right Helen.A country gets what they deserve-The masses deserve no better as long as they vote for their corrupt masters-they will never but never have anything these poor people,I wish those like Maxi could open their eyes.In the meantime they will hate those of us who have everything and will always have ,even if the ANC is in control. The poor should hate their own people who are the ones stealing from them.How does one educate these poor uninformed masses-shame! in the end its always the poor masses who will suffer alone.

Times Live

DA at Work 28 April 2010

Call to action:

Check out the launch of the new DA Youth website >>>

Quote of the Week

“When people in South Africa today see all the corruption and power abuse and lack of delivery, they get angry and feel powerless: When this happens, we must remember 27 April 1994, and remember that we are not powerless. We have the vote. We can change things with that vote more effectively than through a toyi toyi.”

Helen Zille at the Freedom Day celebrations at the Constitutional Court in Gauteng


Last Week's Highlights

Top Story: Secret Eskom dossier shows all

Pieter van Dalen MP, DA Shadow Deputy on Public Enterprises recently revealed a secret Eskom dossier which showed Eskom’s large discounted electricity tariff rates to companies that had provided little or no benefit to the South African economy.

Van Dalen used the information to question the acting CEO in a recent portfolio committee meeting on public enterprises. He said that the Democratic Alliance (DA) had decided to release the information to the public because they believe the contents were of importance to the South African people.

The information in the large dossier included the fact that:

• Montraco, a Mozambican electricity distribution company, had been paying 12c per kilowatt hour for electricity – an amount far below cost, yet it’s debt to Eskom, had increased to R100 million for which Eskom had not made any provision. Montraco was also the fifth largest electricity user in South Africa, taking 3.7% of all electricity generated in the country; however it supplied 95% of its electricity to Mozal Aluminum Smelter in Mozambique.

• BHP Billiton’s total payment of electricity halved in 2009/10 from what they paid in 2008/09. This resulted in the electricity price charged to BHP to decline as the rest of South Africa was forced to pay more.

• Mozal Aluminum Smelter is also a subsidiary of BHP Billiton. Thus, BHP directly and through its subsidiaries, took up 9.3% of all electricity generated by Eskom – making it the single biggest user of electricity in South Africa.

Van Dalen argued that BHP Billiton only contributed an estimated 0.1% of Gross Economic Product (GDP). He said this was due to the fact that the imported aluminum was exported directly after it has been processed.

What’s more concerning, said van Dalen, was that Eskom gave a guarantee of R 224 million to Motraco, which meant that Eskom had put aside a large amount of money to a company that already owed it money and which had preferential prices.

Van Dalen added that according to an executive overview, in June 2009, the office of the Chief Executive received a provision of R 41.3 million. Van Dalen said this made sense why Maroga claimed R 85 million as severance package.

Van Dalen requested that Eskom be called before the Public Enterprises Portfolio Committee to explain the report and the facts contained in it. He stated that the DA believed that the publication of the secret document was in the best interest of the public and would ensure greater transparency at the utility.

Read more here>>

Who really captains the ship?

Sejamothopo Motau, DA Member of Parliament for Gauteng, raised serious concerns over the mixed messages sent out by the ANC on the issue relating to the Julius Malema’s censure.

Motau said that on the one hand the ANC Deputy Secretary General, Thandi Modise said that charges against Malema were still being formulated; while on the other, the ANC Youth League officials reported that the charges had already been dropped. Motau criticised the ANC saying that they were more interested in creating a smokescreen than actually following due process.

Motau questioned how it was possible that both Modise and the ANC Youth League could come to such conclusions in such a formative stage of the process when Malema still had a case to answer. He said that it was clear that the ANC had no intention of subjecting Julius Malema to a proper disciplinary hearing and that the ANC was clearly buckling under the pressure.

Motau expressed concern as to who really was in charge of the ANC, whether it was Jacob Zuma or Julius Malema. He said that if the ANC formally dropped their charges against Malema it would expose President Zuma as a president who was unwilling to make decisions, unable to confront rogue elements inside his own party and unable to demonstrate any semblance of real leadership.

Motau said it exposed the true extent of the ANC’s hypocrisy on Malema. He asked what Malema had to do for the ANC to take any real action? The fact that, Malema attacked the MDC and backed Robert Mugabe; ejected a BBC journalist from a press conference by hurling abusive language at him; hampered service delivery through his crony ‘tenderpreneurship’ practices in Limpopo; continued to practice racist, apartheid-era politics slurs should be enough to take action, said Motau.

He concluded that there was clearly one set of rules for the President, and another for everyone else, including Malema.

Read more here >>>

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Speaker confirms support for DA’s proposed Presidential Portfolio Committee

The DA’s Athol Trollip, Parliamentary Leader and Chief Whip, Ian Davidson met with the Speaker of Parliament, Hon Max Sisulu, to discuss the DA’s proposal for the establishment of a Presidential Portfolio Committee.

The committee would be tasked with overseeing the work of the Presidency and its two new ministries – the National Planning Commission and the Ministry of Performance Monitoring, Evaluation and Administration, said Trollip.

Trollip confirmed the Speaker’s support for the proposal, and discussed the procedures involved in the establishment of the proposed committee. He stated that a draft document on the proposed committee needed to be considered by the various political parties. A multiparty team would be constituted to consider the proposal who would then report its findings to the Chief Whips Forum. The Forum would finally make recommendations to the Joint Rules Committee on the establishment of the body to oversee the work of the Presidency, said Trollip.

Trollip called on the application of appropriate timeframes to ensure that real progress was made and that the establishment of the committee was afforded the attention it deserves. Honourable Sisulu confirmed the government’s commitment to leaving Parliament in a better condition than they found it. The support shown this week in favour of a Presidential Portfolio Committee is an important step in that direction, said Trollip.

Read more here >>>

NHBRC CEO in clear conflict of interest

Butch Steyn MP, DA Shadow Deputy on Human Settlements reported that the Democratic Alliance (DA) was in possession of a contract which revealed that Devgroep Investments, a company represented by Mr. Sipho Mashinini, the CEO of the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) was awarded a contract by the Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing for the construction of 600 housing units at a cost of R32-million.

Steyn said that the contract also made provision for a phase 2, at an approximate cost of R45-million.

Steyn stated that Mashinini was until recently the acting CEO and had since been formally appointed as CEO of the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) as of 1 April 2010. The NHBRC was established to protect the interest of housing consumers and to regulate the industry, said Steyn.

Steyn indicated that the awarding of a government housing contract to Devgroep, a company represented by Mashinini, was a direct conflict of interest. He called for the resignation of Mashinini as CEO of the NHBRC, and stated that the DA would issue parliamentary questions with regards to the tender process involved.

Read more here >>>

Deloitte audit reveals multi-million rand Metrorail fraud

Manny de Freitas MP, DA Deputy Spokesperson on Transport said that the Democratic Alliance (DA) had obtained a copy of a document detailing a forensic investigation carried out by Deloitte and Touche into two incidents of fraud committed at the Tshwane and Durban offices of Metrorail respectively.

The fraud occurred during June and July 2008 and involved the illegal electronic transfer of approximately R8-million in total from Metrorail’s bank account into a number of privately held accounts within a private bank, said de Freitas. The report revealed that the fraud occurred within an inadequately protected IT environment at Metrorail.

De Freitas stated that according to the report, no-one had been brought to book for the crime. He added that the report noted that the greatest challenge during the investigation was an alleged lack of co-operation from the Manager at the private bank responsible for the investigation.

De Freitas said that because the forensic audit was not completed, a number of questions remain unanswered and therefore required further, independent investigation. He concluded that the Democratic Alliance (DA) would be issuing parliamentary questions on the matter and that he would be writing to the Public Protector requesting further investigation.

Comments by Sonny

We just want to thank Helen Zille for defending OUR CONSTITUTION!

Mthethwa slams 'young cadres'

28 April 2010, 09:27

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Disciplining Malema 'plays into his hands'
Malema's leadership is under threat
'Stop the boer genocide'
Malema saga is a party issue, says ANC

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has criticised "cadres" who speak out of turn, SABC radio news reported on Wednesday.

"There's no revolutionary movement which can ever win any war... if its cadres are ill-disciplined," Mthethwa said at Freedom Day celebrations in New Castle.

"Cadres must know when to speak and when not to speak and especially when the president of the ANC has spoken, nobody is allowed to speak thereafter."

This was something that needed to be "instilled in young people", Mthethwa added.

African National Congress Youth League leader Julius Malema is facing a disciplinary hearing after attacking President Jacob Zuma in public, who had rebuked Malema.

The youth leader landed in the hot water for openly supporting Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party and for singing "shoot the boer" despite a court interdict preventing him from doing so. - Sapa

The Star

Comments by Sonny

Flattery will get you nowhere, Boss!

You speak with a 'forked' tongue!

He should stop his rhetoric and send the Task Force into Mozambique and bring back

our fleeing fugitives from justice!

Malema will get 'his pay!'