Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gauteng - No place for a true cop

In the most recent incident of attacks on police officers, Constable Primrose Nikani and Constable Mandisi Nduku from the Houtbay SAPS, were shot while patrolling the Imizamo-Yethu informal settlement. Nikani died on the scene and Constable Nduku, who was critically wounded, died in hospital at a later stage. During the annual SAPS Report presentation in Parliament yesterday, it was revealed that 81 officers were killed in the line of duty this past year. This number is a drop of 12,9% from last year’s 93. Gauteng has the highest number of cop killing incidents, with over 25% of killings attributed to the province. Of the 81 victims, 38 were killed on-duty and 43 were gunned down whilst off-duty. Other provinces affected by the cop killing trend include the Eastern Cape with 18% of the killings, and KZN following in its wake with 17%. The Western Cape only attributed 3.7% to the overall killings; however Western Cape Police Chief Arno Lamoer has told Eyewitness News that there have been over 150 attacks on cops in the province this past year. The high number of killings of Gauteng cops brings the total number of cop killings to 201, as surveyed since 2005. Infographic: SAPS Members Murdered 2005-2012. Source: SAPS According to an independent research report done by the School of Criminal Justice at the University of South Africa, reasons for these killings can be attributed to: 1. Cops being easily identifiable and known to be in possession of firearms 2. Lack of respect for the law 3. The law no being a deterrent due to prior crimes not resulting in their convictions 4. Corruption within the police force 5. Inadequate or incorrect training 6. Theft of the members’ firearms 7. Use of Force regulation a hindrance to cops in danger 8. Poor work ethic (for example, too aggressive or inadequate response times) 9. Ancillary motives 10. Opportunistic attacks The modus operandi for the murders has been identified to include: Graph: A situational analysis of the modus operandi of attackers. Source: School of Criminal Justice at UNISA Whilst the overall numbers of cop killings have decreased, the numbers for Gauteng has remained discernibly higher than the rest of the country. Make your voice heard on how we can address this situation by following the #CopKillings hashtag on Twitter. EYE WITNESS NEWS - - - - COMMENTS BY SONNY South Africa under the ANC is no place for a true and dedicated Policemen/Woman. Anyone with the bird brain and a zero IQ will know that. The SAPS is a pawn in the hands of power hungry ANC politicians & thugs. South Africa is run by a systematic syndicated crowd of Mafia. The "BROEDERBOND AND THE MK HAVE JOINED FORCES TO CRIPPLE SOUTH AFRICA!"

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