Monday, October 29, 2012

Mogoeng claims worry DA

DEMOCRATIC Alliance (DA) Federal chairman James Selfe yesterday said that he would consult with lawyers this week over reports that Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng – the most senior judge in the country – attacked “rich and powerful” members of the opposition and media who criticise the judiciary. 29 October 2012 | PAUL KIRK Mogoeng’s outburst comes as the DA prepares to fight an appeal by President Jacob Zuma in a case where the DA is seeking to have the decision to drop corruption charges against Zuma reviewed. Selfe said he believed “the reported words used by the Chief Justice may become relevant” – meaning the DA may have to consider asking the Chief Justice to recuse himself from ruling on judgments relating to the party. City Press newspapers reported yesterday that at a retirement party on Friday for Gauteng Judge President Bernard Ngoepe, Mogoeng warned his audience to be careful of “what vocal and well-resourced opposition party leaders can do to you, what resources and forces the rich and powerful can mobilise against you, and what ridicule, recycled criticism and misinformation campaigns the media and others could subject you to”. Mogoeng was himself the subject of severe criticism from the DA who wrote to President Jacob Zuma asking that Mogoeng not be given the job of Chief Justice. In a letter written in September 2011 Helen Zille, DA leader, wrote to Zuma asking him not to appoint Mogoeng and arguing that “we believe that Judge Mogoeng does not possess the outstanding legal skills (as opposed to ‘usual’ or ‘adequate’) required of a Chief Justice. “ We believe he has, in his history as a judge, failed to display the unwavering adherence and commitment to the Constitution required of a Chief Justice.We believe that he has not shown himself, in his past judgments, to be suitably defensive of the independence of the judiciary. We do not believe he enjoys the support, both intellectually and collegially, of the majority of his colleagues on the Constitutional Court, and of the wider legal fraternity.” Zille asked for a meeting with Zuma to discuss Mogoeng, but this meeting was cancelled by the presidency who said that they had received Zille’s submission and would have contacted her if they wanted clarity on her statements. Attempts to contact Mogoeng were not successful. THE CITIZEN - - - - COMMENTS BY SONNY Another Zuma appointee? Our Constitution can be attacked from within. DIVIDE AND RULE!! ....."A CHAIN IS JUST AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST LINK!"..... ANOTHER CONTROVERSIAL JUDGE WHO MAY NOT BE INDEPENDENT! HOW LONG WILL THE CONCOURT REMAIN INDEPENDENT, IMPARTIAL AND WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR?

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