Saturday, October 20, 2012

Joburg Connect won’t connect with us

October 19 2012 at 09:00am Comment on this story George T’ Joens of Glen Austen ext 3 writes: My problem starts in mid-April with the first mail to report a serious water leak, after failing to make contact via the call centre. Follow-up with the Joburg Connect centre was made at least once a week. Once through on the line, and having chosen the option “water”, we get transferred to Joburg Water. At Joburg Water, without fail, we get the recording that tells us: “We are experiencing a vast number of calls, be patient etc” and there we hold for the next 15 to 30 minutes. We never manage to get through to any of the call centre people. Two weeks ago, after holding on for about 20 minutes, we dialled 011 688 1400 – a number listed in the telephone directory. Luck was with us, as after some time, the reception lady answered and transferred us to someone called Solomon. Friendly, helpful and with apologies, we got a reference number. The next day the team came out and decided that they needed a digger to get to the municipal feed-in pipe. That Friday, another team came out, looked around at the leak for about 15 minutes and left. Since then nothing. The water continues streaming out of the pipe. Can you please wave the magic wand and get this sorted for us? T’ Joens writes again: Thank you MetroWatch. Barely 48 hours after our mail to you, Joburg Water came out, replaced the feed-in pipe and voilà! – issue resolved. However, we will have to dig down ourselves, to verify if they also replaced the shut-off valve, so the water can be turned off in case of an emergency. We could not establish this as the hole has been filled up, and we did not have the opportunity to talk to the repair crew. Little price to pay for waiting six months. Three questions remain: Why do we have to resort to your services, to have our issues resolved? Why the continued expense incurred for an apparent defunct service provision? Is there really no integrity, professionalism and pride left in Joburg Water? IOL News - - - - - - COMMENTS BY SONNY WORLD CLASS AFRICAN CITY! THE ANC IS DYSFUNCTIONAL FROM THE TOP DOWN. Johannesburg is the dirtiest City on the African Continent! Hillbrow and Sunnyside is a GHETTO! CORRUPTION, THEFT, FRAUD, DYSFUNCTIONAL SERVICE DELIVERY IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY! WHO DO WE HAVE TO THANK? Capitec Bank? MR FIX IT, ZUMA AND THE ANC AND ALL THEIR FRIENDS, FAMILIES & CRONIES? Hey, even when the lights go out, the Sun shines again the next day! Malema, we did not arrive here without any land! WE WERE BORN HERE!!!!! One day Zuma will be called upon to take up his offer! Anonymous writes - I CAUGHT "CABLE THIEVES" CUTTING OUR ELECTRICITY WIRES AT 01:13 YESTERDAY (FRIDAY 19 OCTOBER 2012) MORNING - 75% OF THE LIGHTS IN OUR STREET INCLUDING STREET LIGHTS WERE DOWN - THE THIEVES (3 PLUS) GOT AWAY EMPTY HANDED. CITY POWER RESTORED ELECTRICITY TO THE AREAS WITHIN 12 HOURS.... CONGRATULATIONS CITY POWER!! THE SAPS & SECURITY GUARDS AT RAU CALL HIGH SCHOOL SAW AND HEARD NOTHING!! Marius Haasbroek posted to City Power Johannesburg September 29 City power is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Power off since this morning 1:00, it is now 12:00 and still not back on in Weltevredenpark! gangster paradise - where cops and security guards sleep to avoid contact with CRIME!! CRIME IS THE ATTRACTION TO POLITICS!

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