Monday, October 15, 2012

Sex fired up ANC camps - Dlodlo got pill, AK47

15-OCT-2012 | HLENGIWE NHLABATHI | 11 COMMENTS IN AN unprecedented move, the Deputy Minister of Public Service and Administration Ayanda Dlodlo revealed how she found herself in the trenches as a young girl where she even lost her virginity. inShare NAUGHTY: Minister Ayanda Dlodlo. Picture by James Oatway Some of us even lost virginity in the trenches Dlodlo, who is outgoing secretary-general of uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) made the remarks while introducing President Jacob Zuma at MKMVA's 4th elective national congress in Boksburg on Friday. "Some of us were in the trenches since we were very young, we even lost our virginity there," she said before letting out a snigger and asked other delegates to attest to it. Dlodlo was 17 years old when she left the country to join Umkhonto weSizwe in Angola in 1980. Dlodlo said she was driven (to the struggle) by adventure and not poverty and recalled how she was given contraceptives on her arrival in exile. She yesterday told Sunday World that "our setup in the camps was not normal ... if we were home, we would have probably received even counselling and advise from our parents. "Lots of us (MK women) left the country while we were still young. We would have not had sexual experience but with maturity, age and emotions then women started engaging in sex." Dlodlo praised Zuma for restoring the dignity and hope for MKMVA members. She echoed MKMVA chairman Kebby Maphatsoe's sentiments that Zuma will be supported by the ex-combatants in Mangaung where he is seeking to be re-elected to lead the ANC. Maphatsoe was re-elected chairman of MKMVA while Dlodlo decided not to avail herself for re-election and was replaced by Dumisa Ntuli. Zuma was well received and had delegates jubilantly singing and dancing along to his trademark song Umshini wam' among other struggle songs. Dlodlo rubber-stamped her loyalty towards Zuma, praising him as a man "we must not forsake". Acting ANCYL president Ronald Lamola was embarrassed by delegates during his speech, when echoes of "viva President Jacob Zuma" rang from the back and one delegate shouting "he must apologise" for always attacking Zuma. Lamola was quick to point out that constructive criticism and insults were different things. He cautioned against the "ANC degenerating into an anarchy organisation under our watch", prompting more disapproval from the floor. Session chairwoman Phumza Dyantjie called for order, reminding delegates that MKMVA was a disciplined unit. A seemingly uncomfortable Lamola concluded his speech and went to sit down, folding his arms. Delegates continued singing, pointing fingers at Lamola, who smiled sheepishly. On his part, Zuma had strong words for his detractors who pretend to know the movement better. He said he chooses to keep quiet, but not for long. Without mentioning names, Zuma said the ANC had to beware of the enemy within. "The enemy is always present. in different guises, sizes and shapes. OR Tambo warned us all the time,'' he said, referring to former African National Congress president Oliver Tambo, who was quoted as saying "beware of the enemy within; remain vigilant". Zuma, the current ANC president, was addressing the elective conference of MKMVA. He told delegates there were "alien tendencies" within the organisation. These are factionalism, lobbying for positions, ill-discipline, fraud and corruption, gate-keeping and bulk-buying of members. "We shouldn't allow the organisation to be destroyed in front (sic) of our own eyes," he told the delegates. Zuma said people "burning the house in defence of those inside the house should be stopped. There are people who don't like this revolution and are trying to destroy it". However, even in the face of bitter, negative attacks the ANC had continued to grow. During the ANC's last elective conference in Polokwane in 2007, the party had about 600000 members, Zuma added. Additional reporting by Sapa Sunday World - - - COMMENTS BY SONNY It's a pity Dlodlo did not go on to mention how the women were abused in these "Freedom Camps!" Most of them were raped into submission. Women did not do well with their issued AK-47's they preferred being radio operators to fighters. It a pity the ANC DID NOT COME CLEAN ON CONDITIONS IN THESE 'FREEDOM CAMPS IN ANGOLA AND ELSEWHERE.' Let's hope she was never in Quatro. Chris Hani was much more popular than Zuma could ever be.

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