Monday, July 26, 2010

'Kebble plotted editor's murder'

Expose' of who is really behind organised crime in SA?

26 July 2010, 11:49

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By Gill Gifford and Omphitlhetse Mooki

Details of the underworld operations in which the Kebble mining family meddled emerged in the Johannesburg High Court on Monday morning, with a State witness telling the court how Brett Kebble had plotted the murder of a Cape Town editor and an Allen Grey auditor.

Auditor Stephen Mildenhall had to be murdered because he was making difficult for Brett Kebble and John Statton to access a R500m loan from Allen Grey Limited, a portfolio managing company, Michael Schultz told the court.

"Clinton Nassif said Brett and John were about to access a R500m loan from Allen Grey. They were gonna get the loan but this guy was standing on the way. Clinton said this guy had to be shot dead," Schultz said.

Mildenhall's house, along with others on a hit list of those causing problems for the Kebbles, was then put under survaillance after Nassif provided adresses.

The Noseweek editor had to be "taken care of because he had apparently been writing bad stories about the Kebble family".

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Comments by Sonny

Who plays God in SA?

The evidence is before the High Court!

Selebi has tarnished the good name of INTERPOL and the SAPS!

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