Friday, July 30, 2010

Man jumps to death from 10th floor


29-year-old Mandla Zwane strolled into an office building and spoke pleasantly to the Security. Ten minutes later, he was dead

Report and Photos by Bafana Mahlangu

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At about 11am yesterday, 29-year-old Mandla Zwane strolled into a building in Johannesburg and asked the security guard where he could make photocopies.
The unsuspecting guard allowed him to enter the FHA House business building and told him where to go.

Ten minutes later, Zwane was dead.

He had jumped from the 10th floor and landed on the balcony of the first floor.
His body was trapped there and emergency services had to use specialised equipment to free him.

The building is situated at corner Market and Von Wielligh streets in downtown Johannesburg.

Zwane allegedly sat at the top of the 10-floor building, swinging his feet and was all smiles, with his feet facing the ground as if he was basking in the sun.

People started shouting at him telling him that the game he was playing was dangerous.

Zwane then stood up and jumped.

He was certified dead at the scene.

Johannesburg emergency services spokesperson Percy Morokane said: “We do not know why he jumped.

“He lived in Jeppe and was on leave.

“His family had been preparing an unveiling of four of his brothers in Vryheid, KwaZulu- Natal at the weekend.”

Eyewitness John Khumalo said: “I was next to my window on the 4th floor when I saw what I thought was an object falling from above. But later I heard people screaming and went down to see for myself.

“I was shocked to see that it was a man.

“The man does not live in this building nor does he work here. He just came to commit suicide.”


What a "joke", says PSA
Eyewitness News | 3 Hours Ago

The Public Servants Association (PSA) on Thursday described government’s revised wage offer as "a joke."

The state is offering employees a 6.5 percent wage hike and a R630 housing allowance, R10 more than its previous offer.

Hours before the proposal was tabled at the bargaining council in Centurion, meetings were held between Public Service and Administration Minister Richard Baloyi and union representatives.

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga were also there.

The PSA’s Manie de Clerq said after all the high-level engagements he was shocked by the offer tabled on Thursday night.

“I don’t think these people are taking us seriously,” said de Clerq.

State employees remained firm on their demand of an 8.6 percent wage hike, a R1000 housing allowance and the equalisation of medical aid subsidies.

Meanwhile, the Basic Education Department said the nationwide PSA strike will not disrupt classes on Friday morning.

It said all teachers were accounted for at schools on Thursday when civil servants downed tools and they were expecting a similar turn of events on Friday.

Teachers unions were expected to strike but on Thursday the South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) discouraged teachers from taking part saying it would negatively impact school pupils.

The Education Department’s Granville Whittle said all provinces reported a 100 percent attendance on Thursday.

“As far as we know it should be a normal school day and the whole of next week. The South African Democratic Teachers Union has indicated that their strike will commence on August 6. As far as we are concerned we have had normal schooling throughout the country,” said Whittle.


Comments by Sonny

This is what happens when SA citizens are underpaid and underfed!!

The ANC is responsible for service delivery and decent living conditions FOR ALL!!

ANC warns of rogues taking over the party
Stephen Grootes | 2 Hours Ago

The ANC on Thursday said "rogues" could take over the organisation if members are continually shouted down and violence is used against them in party meetings because they have opposing views.

The comments are contained in policy documents published ahead of the party’s National General Council.

The ANC said it is crucial for the organisation to draw a line between what is morally right and what is morally wrong.

In policy documents the ANC said factionalism is removing the tolerance for debate that is the lifeblood of the organisation

It also said a shadowy sub-culture is feeding public perceptions that its leaders are socially distant and have lost the moral high ground.

The papers also said this culture is forcing the organisation to lurch from conference to conference hamstrung by leadership battles, and that this is leading to indecisive leadership.

The documents also suggest that every province should have two regional courts specialised in dealing with corruption modelled on the World Cup courts.

These papers make for interesting reading but there is still no sign of the paper on economic transformation, which is expected to deal with the nationalisation of mines.


Comments by Sonny

Rogues are already in control of the ANC?

Are there any more "Rogues" waiting on the wing?

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