Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ties of Zuma son's firm in question

13 July 2010, 07:31

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Zuma's son in mine jobs mess

By Louise Flanagan

A Monument Park, Pretoria, business has dissociated itself from Shiva Uranium.

"I'm not providing a service to that company," said Annamarie van der Merwe, director of iThemba Governance and Statutory Solutions.

Last week, The Star reported that the Companies Registration Office lists the Shiva directors as Duduzane Zuma, son of President Jacob Zuma, Atul Kumar Gupta and iThemba.

Shiva has been criticised by miners' unions for warning that more than half of the remaining jobs at the mine may be moved to a contractor, JIC Mining Services, which is also connected to Duduzane and operates from the same offices as Shiva.

The unions have accused JIC of being a labour broker, which JIC and Shiva have denied.

The Star viewed records from the companies office which list iThemba as an active director of the company or close corporation type.

But Van der Merwe said this wasn't correct, as it wasn't possible for a company to be a director of another company.

She had found that the companies office listed iThemba as company secretary for Shiva, but insisted this was incorrect.

She said iThemba acted as company secretary for other businesses, but not for Shiva.

"iThemba is a company that provides statutory and company secretarial services to a large number of entities. iThemba has not been able to find any reference to this company in its own records and the matter is being investigated," said Van der Merwe.

The link may be through the Sahara group of businesses, which include Sahara Computers. Gupta is a Sahara director, and the Sahara Computers address in Midrand is used by Shiva and JIC officials.

Van der Merwe said she provides services to the Sahara group of businesses, as company secretary.

The companies office lists Shiva's registered head office address as being in the same office in the Monument Park office complex where iThemba is based.

Van der Merwe said this could be because of the Sahara link.

This article was originally published on page 2 of The Star on July 13, 2010

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Comments by Sonny

The Zuma family is like an Octopus, it's tentacles stretch from the ANC into the mines and IT world.

No wonder service delivery is a question mark in SA!

Soon the Zuma's will Nationalise SA.

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