Monday, July 5, 2010

Selebi judgment: Stuffy court rooms and sore judicial throats

Thursday, 01 July 2010 15:06

JOHANNESBURG - After several hours of summation in the corruption trial of former police commissioner Jackie Selebi, Judge Meyer Joffe postponed judgment in the Johannesburg High Court until early afternoon on Thursday.

Suffering from a sore throat in the stuffy crowded court room, the judge said he would resume in the early afternoon and probably continue until about 4pm.

Judgment is expected to continue on Friday.

Reporters, counsel and members of the public were generally restless after several hours in the court room.

Despite the winter chill, people crowded into the packed public gallery fanned themselves with pieces of paper and notebooks. Some found themselves nodding off.

The problem appeared to lie with a faulty air conditioner.

The shabby grimy courthouse complex is not a favourite of the legal fraternity or the people who must go there.

Selebi is facing charges of corruption relating to up to R1.2 million he allegedly received from various people in return for favours, including controversial “businessman” Glenn Agliotti.

The former police chief and Interpol president also faces charges of defeating the ends of justice.

He has pleaded not guilty and the state has relied heavily on testimony from Agliotti to convict Selebi.

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Comments by Sonny

Selebi could not investigate the theft case of "mielie cobs" in Hammanskraal, let alone run Interpol!

No wonder he was allowed to call a policewoman a chimpanzee in the charge office!

Now Mbeki must be charged for genocide of HIV victims!

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