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Mom murder: Teen abandons bail bid

No Fear No Favour No Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll........

Murder of ex-Knysna Mom, Rosemary Theron, Shocks and Saddens Knysna

03 October 2013  09:32

The murder of a mother, allegedly by ex-Knysna teens, has made Knysna sadly abuzz this week.

"Hey mom! We have moved to a beautiful new home that is so fancy Charial [sister] is blown away everyday! She has her own swimming pool and her school is epic. We talk about you everyday and pray for you wherever you are, don't worry about us we are happy and strong. You'll be happy to know Charial cleans her room everyday on her own accord (she even says please and thank you) and her teachers think she is the loveliest girl in the world. We love you!"

That was ironically posted online months ago by Phoenix Theron (18) after her mother, Rosemary Theron (39), went missing in Cape Town in March 2013. Now, Phoenix, an ex-Knysna High student, along with her boyfriend, Kyle Maspero (18), were arrested in CPT for the alleged murder of her mom.Godfrey Scheepers (20) came forward to tell of his involvement in moving the body 4 months after the murder. He has been released on bail whilst Phoenix and Kyle are being held in Pollsmoor Prison.

The murder was allegedly premeditated. The Cape Argus reported that the court heard that Phoenix had hugged her mother (slim and only 5 feet tall) and said, "Sorry for fighting," before her boyfriend strangled her with a rope from behind.

All involved lived in Cape Town but all had, strangely, lived in Knysna. And Knysna is a small town. On Monday afternoon, this writer encountered 4 ex-classmates in 3 different places who knew the alleged antagonists. They were all surprised and spoke well of Phoenix who was described as friendly and sweet.

Phoenix and her mom had fought over her boyfriend. Additionally, drugs were involved with tik being mentioned. If reports that Kyle Maspero was manipulative and Phoenix Theron was malleable, it's reminiscent of the Nicolette Lotter/Matthew Naidoo case in Durban (. However, it's difficult to come to terms with a commentator on IOL who shared how not only how the trust of a friend had been abused but how cold this request was:

"Dear Concerned friends of Rosemary. I saw Racing Cloud [Phoenix] today and she said that as she does not have access to Facebook at the moment she would like me to make this request ( I suggested it and she liked the idea, it came as a relief to her.) She asked that people rather not phone too much, especially not to the cops, as they have been complaining that too many people are phoning them. But if they would like to do something, please put a contribution towards the trust fund that has been opened for them. Their big concern is paying the rent by the end of the month. At the moment they make just enough to pay part of the rent and food on teaching surfing, but this does not even cover full transport costs, so they could do with any help anyone can offer financially right now to keep them afloat a bit longer. She is in positive spirits and really being brave and strong. She is very grateful for all the kindness from everyone. Thank you, loving family."

Furthering the tragedy is that Rosemary Theron leaves behind two more children, Charial and Taki.

Personal note: I don't condone murder but no person matches a single description or action. Not only has a woman's life been taken but the lives of these young adults have been destroyed (in another year and frame of mind, there may have been a totally different outcome). Crime makes many victims. Hard drugs are the curse of Knysna where our politicians and local government have done nothing major to counter its growing hold on our town! Crime is a community problem.

News 24

Dad speaks out about ‘killer daughter’

2013-10-06 11:17

Cape Town - Ivan Claassen is battling to come to terms with the news that his daughter, Phoenix Racing Cloud Theron, is suspected of killing her mother, popular Cape Town entertainer Rosemary Theron.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the anguished father said he did not know how to come to terms with the fact that the daughter he adored and thought of as the sweetest little girl in the world could do such a thing. He said everyone who knew his 19-year-old daughter was devastated and shocked at the news.

Claassen, who lives in Knysna, said his daughter had lived with him last year while doing her matric.

He said although Phoenix came from a broken home, and that her upbringing had not been conventional, she had been a good student and had volunteered at NGOs including Rape Crisis.

He suspects however, that his daughter and her boyfriend might have got mixed up in drugs.

Rosemary Theron disappeared in March this year. At the time her daughter told police her mother had vanished after leaving home with a stranger.

Two weeks ago, a man walked into the Fish Hoek police station and made a chilling confession. He said Theron had been murdered by her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend, Kyle Maspero.

Her body had been buried in a shallow grave less than 500m from the police station.

Last week a court heard how Phoenix had allegedly embraced her mother, Rosemary, after an argument, and her boyfriend had sneaked up and strangled the artist to death. Theron and Maspero have been remanded in custody and their case postponed until 10 October.

The third accused, Godfrey Scheepers, 20, was released on bail of R500 on Monday. 
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News 24

2013-10-11 09:36

Cape Town - The Clovelly teenager who is accused of killing her mother broke down in tears in court on Thursday as she and her co-accused abandoned their bail application.
The Cape Argus reported on Friday that Phoenix Racing Cloud Theron, 19, appeared in the Simon's Town Magistrate's Court along with her partner Kyle Maspero, 18, and Godfrey Scheepers, 20.
They stand accused of murdering Rosemary Theron, 39, who went missing in March. Her body was discovered in a shallow grave in Strandfontein after Scheepers made a confession to police. He was granted bail at an earlier court hearing.
The State contends that Theron and Maspero conspired to carry out the murder while under the influence of drugs.
According to the Cape Argus, Theron and Maspero did not apply for bail on Thursday as they apparently wanted to finalise the matter as soon as possible without wasting the court's time. Theron stood trembling and crying in the dock, while Maspero appeared calm.
The Cape Times reported that the court was packed with family and friends of both the victim and accused.
The State prosecutor told the court that the investigation is not yet complete.
The case was postponed to next month and the pair will remain in custody.

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Another drug, sex and rock n roll related dysfunctional family murder.
South Africa has become one of the most dysfunctional societies in the World.
Where parents are part of the drug scene they are expendable in Murder.
Children have no respect for the parents and see them as obstacles in the way and blocking their social
In the last two year we have had many similar cases in SOUTH AFRICA.
.....and life goes on in Knysna.
Let's think back to Woodstock in 1969 where sex, drugs and Rock n Roll were FREE AND FLOWERS IN
Knysna has its own track record of murder and drugs........

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