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Dossier fingers top cop

07 August 2010, 07:08
Paul O'Sullivan, the man who blew the whistle on corrupt police chief Jackie Selebi, has laid a charge against Gauteng police intelligence chief Joey Mabasa, who he claims is involved with a gangster who has taken out a contract hit on him.

This week, Selebi was sentenced to 15 years in jail for corruption.

O'Sullivan yesterday told the Saturday Star that senior police officers were trying to obtain a warrant to arrest him.

O'Sullivan believes Mabasa, who was the first person to be phoned by Lolly Jackson's alleged killer, George Smith, deliberately ruined O'Sullivan's investigation into Jackson (who O'Sullivan was investigating for links to Selebi) and then gave the documents relating to the probe to gangsters who have arranged for hired killers to kill him, just like Jackson was.

O'Sullivan also claims that Smith's employer, Radovan Krejcir, has close links to Mabasa and that the policeman received cash from the Czech billionaire. He also alleges that Mabasa and Krejcir's wives are in business together, which is really a front for payments to Mabasa.

Krejcir is wanted by international law enforcement agencies for his links to major foreign criminal syndicates involved in money laundering and human trafficking, but has been living openly in Joburg.

He was arrested in South Africa in 2007 but was later released.

Krejcir was one of Jackson's best friends. Police took him in for questioning immediately after Jackson's murder. He was released after turning state witness against Smith, who he had employed, Colonel Tummi Golding said at the time.

The deal is believed to have let Krejcir off the hook with the extradition order he is fighting.

The Saturday Star has received a comprehensive dossier containing what appears to be affidavits of underworld figures all blowing the whistle in exchange for indemnity and transcripts of conversations between O'Sullivan, Mabasa and other senior intelligence officials.

In one report, O'Sullivan purports to warn Mabasa: "It has come to my attention that yesterday you told certain senior police officers that you were going to make my life hell. I have also discovered that a certain director (you know who it is) would be taking action against me."

"That was a big mistake," Mabasa is alleged to say. "I am going to move first."

According to O'Sullivan's documents, Mabasa contacted him earlier this year on the pretext of wanting to assist in the probe into Selebi.

At that meeting, O'Sullivan claims Mabasa allegedly said the police were in the process of arranging to arrest Jackson and Smith and were even contemplating arresting Krejcir, as it was believed he was involved in dirty dealings with Smith and the stripper king.

O'Sullivan claimed he handed over information that he had, which he believes was then leaked - thus setting in motion the chain the events that led to Jackson's death.

In his complaint to the Hawks, in the form of an affidavit contained in the dossier in the Saturday Star's possession, O'Sullivan says Krejcir had a senior person in the SAPS who was helping him put a case together against him (O'Sullivan) and that he might soon be arrested and exposed as a secret agent, who was working illegally in South Africa.

The affidavit further claims that Krejcir's senior contact in the SAPS had shown him a "top secret" report on O'Sullivan, which implicated O'Sullivan as a spy and being involved in drug and/or gun trafficking in the 1970s.

The document further outlines meetings between sources and other shady characters, and a plot to discredit O'Sullivan as a "spy".

O'Sullivan states that further corroboration could be obtained from the outgoing calls on Mabasa's phone and the geographical position from where such calls were made.

"It is therefore crystal clear that my personal safety and liberty is at grave risk of being criminally (and imminently) violated, the former from a transnational organised criminal and the latter from a patently corrupt (very) senior police officer. It is clear that Mabasa is guilty of the offence of defeating the ends of justice," the affidavit reads.

O'Sullivan states that as his life and that of his wife and six children are at risk, he could not simply allow events to unfold.

Yesterday, Mabasa refused to comment on the allegations against him.

And, when contacted last night, O'Sullivan confirmed that he had laid charges against both Mabasa and Krejcir, but said he did not want to discuss the matter, in case it prejudiced the investigation.

Hawks spokesman Musa Zondi couldn't confirm whether an official complaint had been received from O'Sullivan.This article was originally published on page 1 of The Star on August 07, 2010

Saturday Star

Comments by Sonny

Paul, if they try and silence you, they will wake up the rest of South Africa!

Corruption and crime within the ANC must be stopped NOW!!


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