Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Judge: Selebi an embarrassment

2010-08-03 13:19

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Johannesburg - Former top cop Jackie Selebi was sentenced on Tuesday to 15 years imprisonment by Judge Meyer Joffe in the South Gauteng High Court.

"I am satisfied that a sentence of 15 years imprisonment is appropriate in the matter," said Joffe.

Selebi was found guilty of corruption on July 2 for receiving payments from convicted drug trafficker Glenn Agliotti.

Former national police commissioner and president of Interpol, Selebi shook his head and blinked several times as Joffe read out the sentence.

Joffe called Selebi an embarrassment to the police.

He found it beyond understanding that Selebi thought that the court would accept evidence that he sometimes manufactured.

"If you thought the court would believe you, that is an embarrassment."

Joffe said Selebi was aware of his illustrious position and that police and citizens looked up to him.

Balancing act

Selebi's sentencing was preceded by Joffe explaining what he had to take into account when deciding on an appropriate sentence.

He had to balance punishment, retribution, needs of society and whether there were compelling circumstances to deviate from a minimum sentence of 15 years.

Selebi could have said no when Agliotti approached him with money and gifts.

This would have been expected from a junior constable earning a pittance, the judge said.

Agliotti, who was appearing in a nearby court on murder charges, when asked if he had heard his one-time friend has been sentenced, said: "I believe so but I have no comment on that."

Judge Joffe said Selebi was aware of the obligations he held when he took office.

At no stage during the trial did Selebi show remorse.

Selebi's counsel Jaap Cillers asked for an order for Selebi to be released on R20 000 bail to file a leave to appeal application within 14 days, failing which he would start his sentence.

Nothing to say

Selebi said following his sentencing: "I'm all right. I have nothing to say."

He was overheard to say: "It's still a long way" as he waited for his bail to be paid.

His lawyer Jaap Cilliers stepped in to shield him from reporters saying: "Please just respect him, no comment."

Selebi, if upset, was hiding it well.

He was seen laughing, throwing around some Russian "nyets", sitting in a court chair and waiting to be allowed to leave while some burly male friends stood protectively near him.


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Comments by Sonny

Selebi is not the only "embarrassment" to have worn a police badge!!

He is on the same level as Shabir Shaik Robert McBride and many others!

Will Selebi, The Mbeki man, get the same treatment as Shaik, the Zuma cronie?

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