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O'Sullivan's shocking revelations

8 August 2010, 12:53
By Investigations Staff

The South African Police Service's Hawks unit has confirmed it has received an explosive, 100-page dossier from Selebi whistleblower Paul O'Sullivan.

On Friday evening O'Sullivan, a former Johannesburg International Airport security chief, contacted Weekend Argus sister title the Saturday Star, saying he had reason to believe there was a contract out on his life.

At the same time, he said, he had been tipped off that he might be arrested on trumped-up charges, a move he said would come because those he had gathered information about wanted to silence him and keep the intelligence he had out of the public domain.

O'Sullivan's dossier has subsequently come into the possession of Independent Newspapers.

A collection of official documents, affidavits, witness interviews and and e-mails, it presents a chilling picture of a criminal underworld allegedly centred on fugitive Czech billionaire Radovan Krejcir and inhabited by senior police officers, South African intelligence agents, together with underworld figures like disgraced former police commissioner Jackie Selebi's friend, Glenn Agliotti, murdered sleaze king Lolly Jackson, alleged brothel owners, professional hitmen and the like.

Hawks spokesman Colonel Musa Zondi told the Weekend Argus the elite unit had indeed received a file with documents from O'Sullivan, and that the matter was being investigated.

Meanwhile, Weekend Argus understands a special Hawks task team has been probing the alleged criminal network for several months.

The investigation has also taken in the murder in May this year of strip-club owner Jackson, as well as the death by shooting of underworld private eye and information peddler Kevin Trytsman in December last year, along with a string of other unsolved murders and unexplained disappearances.

The explosive allegations contained in the O'Sullivan dossier include:

Mutually corroborating affidavits relating to money laundering and gold smuggling activities.

Details and documents relating to a money-laundering scam involving Jackson. In terms of the scam, an official of the Cypriot Laiki Bank would match up people bringing money into the country with clients taking it out - thus avoiding taxation.

The alleged smuggling into South Africa of large sums of cash hidden in the bodywork of customised luxury motor cars, like Porsches and Zondas.

A network close to the South African intelligence services engaged in buying uncut diamonds from Angola and smuggled consignments of gold.

An elaborate plot to discredit O'Sullivan as (literally) a madman, suffering from disturbances of the brain. O'Sullivan also refers in one of his own affidavits to a top secret document dating back to his contretemps with Selebi in which he was "exposed" as a British spy. Reference is also made to plans to paint him as an agent of the Czech authorities in their vendetta against Krejcir.

Connections between senior policemen, notably Gauteng Crime Intelligence Chief Joey Mabasa, and the circle around Krejcir.

The dossier includes a copy of companies' records indicating Mabasa's wife and Krejcir's are fellow directors in a South African-registered business entity called Radochloron.

The dossier also contains substantial detail on Joburg sleaze wars involving intimidation and various underhand tactics as various players manoeuvred for control before the murder of Jackson.

Contacted on Friday night, Krejcir said he was aware of O'Sullivan's allegations but believed O'Sullivan was pursuing a vendetta against him.

"I have invited him to take me on and talk to me in public, but he has refused.

"I have his medical records that show he belongs in a psychiatric facility."

Krejcir added that he also had an affidavit by a foreign lawyer who had proof that O'Sullivan was in the employ of the Czech Republic's secret service to spy on Krejcir.

This article was originally published on page 3 of The Cape Argus on August 08, 2010
The Star

Comments by Sonny

Who really controls 'organised crime in SA?"

It is so obvious to those who do not suffer from tunnel vision!

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