Friday, August 13, 2010

Houghton man kills, buries dad in back garden

AUG 13, 2010 | SAPA | COMMENTS

A 36-year-old man has admitted to killing his father and burying him in their backyard in Houghton, Gauteng police said on Friday.

The son has not been charged because cops are still looking for the dad's body

The man admitted to the killing on Thursday evening while at Norwood police station, before being released under supervision, Captain Phillip Maganedisa said.

It is not known how the 78-year-old father, a dentist, had been killed.

He had been missing for around five months, but this was only reported to the police by his brother-in-law on Wednesday.

Police took the son of the missing man into custody and gathered information that led them to believe the man was buried at the house the two shared in Johannesburg. Police want the man to show them the spot where his father is buried.

The son was released without being charged, as police want to find the body first, as evidence. Once a body has been found, police said a charge of murder would be laid.

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Comments by Sonny

Why did the police not take the alleged murderer to point out the scene where he is alleged to have buried his father?

It is obvious that the brother-in-law also knows more about the alleged murder?

How long will this cat and mouse game go on before the police do their work?

At this rate this case will never be solved!

One clever lawyer can abort the search!

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