Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Granny shoot at attackers

18 August 2010, 09:29

A 77-year-old grandmother of Heidelberg fired her shotgun at farm attackers this week, injuring one and scaring off his accomplices, Beeld newspaper reported on Wednesday.

"I heard them breaking open the security gate at the front door with a pick axe. Then one of them broke the window next to the front door with a firearm and climbed in," Louise Jacobs, 77, told the Afrikaans daily.

"He was still busy pointing the gun around when I shot - from here, from the security gate at the bedrooms. You can look straight at the front door from here," she said.

"He shouted to the others to run and they left in a hurry. Then I phoned my husband."

The incident happened on their farm, about 12 kilometres outside Heidelberg in Gauteng, on Monday.

Her husband was at the police station at the time of the attack to report theft out of his bakkie at the weekend.

The police arrested a 33-year-old man. It was not the wounded suspect.

His five accomplices were still at large. - Sapa

The Star

Comments by Sonny

This Granny should be given a Gold Medal by President Zuma!

Only if he wants to fight crime in SA!

Pity she did not have a R5 rifle issued by the SAPS!

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