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Sunette Bridges make a dent into the SACP copper kettle..........

No Fear No Favour no love scenes with communism.........


White genocide a figment of Steve Hofmeyr's racist imagination - SACP

Alex Mashilo
15 October 2013

Party condemns right-wingers for theft of its Red October campaign

SACP condemns theft of its Red October Campaign
Johannesburg - Monday, 14 October 2013 The South African Communist Party (SACP) has noted with disgust the right-wing theft of its Red October Campaign by an essentially racist grouping that has marched to the Union Buildings on Thursday, 10 October 2013. Organised, among others, by the controversial Steve Hofmeyr and Sunette Bridges under our revolutionary banner of the Red October Campaign, the march comprised unpatriotic activities such as the waving of the old South African flag. Amongst the demands of these racist right wingers was an end to "white genocide", something that does not exist, except in a figment of their racist imagination.
Our Red October Campaign stands as a monument and tribute to the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 in Russia, which was the first successful working class revolution to overthrow capitalism and tyranny and established a socialist order. This October revolution paved the way for socialist revolutions in other parts of Europe and the rest of the world. The 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia also provided an inspiration to many national liberation movements, like our own in South Africa, to get rid of the racist colonial apartheid system that these racists are now hankering back to.
The march in Tshwane at the Union Buildings stands in direct contrast to the noble objectives of freedom, equality, non-racialism and non-sexism, as the objectives that all those inspired by the 1917 revolution have sought to achieve. We call upon these racists to desist from attempts to steal our highly successful Red October campaign that has been waged by the SACP over the past fourteen years. Theirs has no place in a democratic South Africa.
Claims that whites are facing genocide in South Africa must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. We call upon the working class, including the white working class, to identify with the SACP's Red October Campaign, and not be misled by racists who do not have their interests at heart.
The Red October Campaign is not an imitation inspired by playing with red balloons on the green grass of the Union Buildings. Since its inauguration by the SACP in South Africa the campaign has resulted in important achievements for the working class and the poor. This includes advances and a shift in policy in land redistribution and agrarian transformation, health care transformation particularly through the adoption of a move towards the National Health Insurance, rural development, progress towards the transformation of the financial sector, to mention but a few.
Statement issued by the SACP Headquarters, October 14 2013




The only people to fraternise with Communists are "Verraaiers and Turn Coats!"




  1. Volks Verraaiers vanaf die Vorster era
    Volksgenote, hier is 'n lys van name wat die Boerevolk verraai en uit verkoop het sedert die John Vorster era (1966-1994).

    Julle is welkom om name by te voeg of enige adisionele info hier te plaas rakende die lys of verraaiers van die volk.

    B.J. Vorster – Eerste minister 1966-1978
    P.O Sauer – Minister van Bosbou en Openbare Werke 1958-1964
    Willem Pienaar – Redakteur Rapport (1965-1970) en Beeld 1974
    R.F (Pik) Botha – Minister van Buitelandse Sake 1977-1994
    Willem de Klerk – Redakteur van Transvaler 1976
    Henrry Kenny – Akademikus aan Universiteit van die Witwatersrand
    Schalk Pienaar – Beeld
    Regter P.M.Cillie
    Erika Theron Kommisie – 1973
    Piet Cillie – Joernalis
    P.W.Botha – Minister van Verdediging 1966-1980
    Genl Hendrik van den Bergh – Buro vir Staatsveiligheid 1969
    John D’Oliveira – verslaggewer
    Wiehahn en Riekert Kommisies – 1983
    Beyers Naude
    Dr Piet Koornhof – Minister van Samewerking en Ontwikkeling 1979
    Marais Steyn – Minister van Gemeenskaplikeontwikkeling 1979
    Erasmus Kommissie – 1978
    Pres Marais Viljoen - 1979
    J.R Roux – Sekretaris-Genl in die Eerste Minister se kantoor 1982
    Neil Barnard – Dir-genl van Nasionale Intelligensiedienste – 1982
    Chris Heunis – Minister van Konstitusionele Sake 1982
    Fanie Botha – Minister van Mannekrag 1981
    Gerrit Viljoen – Minister van Onderwys 1980
    Genl Magnus Malan – Minister van Verdediging 1980
    Barend du Plessis – adjunk-Minister van Buitelandse Sake en Inligting 1982-1983, Minsiter van Onderwys 1983-1984 en Minister van Finansies 1984-1992
    Sam de Beer – adjunk-Minister van Samewerking en Opleiding 1984-1989 en Minister van Openbare Dienste 1989-1994
    Louis Nel – adjunkMinister van Ontwikkeling en Grondsake en adjunk-Minister van Buitelandse Sake en adjunk-Minister van Inligting.
    Stoffel van der Merwe – adjunk-Minister van Inligting 1986-1988, Minister van Inligting, Uitsaaidienste en Filmbedryf 1988-1989, Minister van Onderwys en Ontwikkelingshulpbronne 1989-1990 en Minister van Onderwys en Opleiding 1990-1992
    Alwyn Schlebusch – Minister van Justisie en Buitelandse Sake 1979
    Dawie de Villiers – ambassadeur in London 1979
    Leon Wessels – LP vir Krugersdorp 1979
    Willie Esterhuyse – Akakdemikus en Politieke analis 1981
    Jan Grobler – Redakteur van Nat 80’s
    Pieter de Lange – voorsitter van Afrikaner Boederbond 1983-1993
    Adriaan Vlok – Minister van Wet en Orde
    Kobie Coetzee – Minister van Justisie Klerk – Minister van Nasionale Opvoeding 1985-1989
    Kent Durr
    David Braun – Politieke korrespondent van die Star
    Fred du Plessis – Hoof van Sanlam
    Zack de Beer – Anglo American
    Mike Louw – adjunk-dir Nasionale Intelegensie Dienste
    Anton Rupert – welgestelde Afrikaner entepeneur van Rembrandt-groep
    Frederik van Zyl Slabbert
    Alex Borraine
    Attie du Plessis
    Mof Terreblanche
    Louis Kriel
    Martinus van Schalkwyk – Voorsitter van Jeugkrag
    Albert Wessels – Wesco
    Sampie Terreblanche
    Kobus Meiring – adjunk-Minister van Buitelandse Sake
    Roelf Meyer – adjunk-Minister van Staatkundige Ontwikkeling
    Gerrit Viljoen – Minister van Staatkundige Ontwikkeling
    Hernus Kriel – Minister van Justisie
    Tertuis Delport – adjunk-Minister
    Francois Venter – Departement Staatsleer Potchefstroom
    Jan Wagenaar – Prokureur van PTA
    Genl Piere Steyn – Stafhoof SAW

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    Report Poem Traitors of today
    Traitors of today occupy imminent position
    Well orchestrated songs in praise for composition
    Establishment of personal rule over millions of people
    Can not look forward for anything good and are unable

    What have they to do for their own country?
    Rob, steal, cut backs and commission in form of money?
    Add vows to already worsened poverty?
    Can any one tell us when this will end misery?

    I have all praise and kudos for their divine talent
    We have tears in eyes but nothing more to lament
    What else do they deserve to invite us for comment?
    We prefer to be mere spectator and be silent

    In ancient time people were hanged to death
    For crimes, murders and ill gotten wealth
    Today it is considered as an adorable art
    Academicians, politicians present themselves as smart

    Where is the national interest and security?
    How can one claim to be powerful and mighty?
    When house is full of defaulters and selfish?
    Searching for troubled water to catch the fishes

    Why are we facing such national scene?
    Such a low lever acts were never witnessed or seen?
    How come national wealth is deposited in foreign banks?
    How come National security weakened and remains with unsecured flank?

    I am no crocodile to shed the tears
    I am immune and have no fears
    I have power and money to manage the show
    I can reign supreme and in full readiness to grow

    O, countrymen wake up and prepare for national funeral
    Decorate with honor and shields upon their arrival
    They are our heroes to barter and take away the freedom
    Such things may never appear to witness seldom

    I feel pity upon those who foolishly laid down their lives
    Curse on those parents who push their children and believe
    “The motherland is precious than heaven” and come forward
    Time has come now to think and look back ward

    Where are those golden days when promises were kept?
    Words were honored and nights were spent without being slept?
    The national interest ruled supreme in the mind and at heart
    Where from to pick thread now and with open mind to restart?

    I do not blame the culture or present set up
    We have degraded ourselves and deserve to be shut up
    We can see the scoundrels flourish with position and wealth
    Who bother’s about country men and its deteriorating health?

    I wish to born in land again and again
    Where Mafias, traitors, and squanders reign
    The borders are left open to venture at will
    Thousands of innocents to wait for terrorists to come and kill

    hasmukh amathalal