Friday, April 16, 2010

Corruption: Zille slams Zuma

2010-04-16 19:24
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Cape Town - President Jacob Zuma continues to "benefit from corrupt relationships" to this day, DA leader Helen Zille said on Friday.

Zille wrote in her weekly newsletter that Zuma was "paralysed as a President" and that the ANC, which "needs corruption to survive", was turning SA into "a criminal state".

"If we dig deep enough, I believe we would discover that Jacob Zuma continues to benefit from corrupt relationships to this day," Zille said.

"The lifestyle of his family is too lavish to be affordable on his presidential income.

"We wonder how he can spend R65m, which he has insisted is his own money - renovating his residence at Nkandla. And we marvel at how he can support his wives, his fiancée and 20 children on a single salary."

State contracts

Zuma's family members, including his wives, are involved in over 100 companies "some of which benefit from state contracts", Zille said.

"It was therefore not surprising that Zuma missed the deadline to declare his financial interests by 10 months, and only disclosed his assets when public pressure forced him to," she said.

"The irresistible inference is that his advisors were sanitising his business interests for public consumption."

Zille said it was impossible for Zuma to get tough on corruption, "even if he wanted to" as ANC leaders in the party, the state, and in business had become an interlocked network of patronage and corruption.

"Everyone knows that everyone else is corrupt, so they cover up for each other, and abuse power to tighten their grip, undermining independent institutions and eliminating opposition both inside and outside the party.

"In the process, the ANC is turning South Africa into a criminal state."

The ANC, she said, had become a "tenderpreneur-in-chief".

Front companies

"It is time for everyone to realise that corruption is not just an aberration in the ANC that must be rooted out from time to time.

"The ANC needs corruption to survive, it is its lifeblood. It needs it to fund its election campaigns. It needs it to pay the loyalty networks necessary for ANC leaders to entrench their power. And it needs corruption to pay for its leaderships lifestyles."

Zille said the ANC had set up front companies to "institutionalise corruption".

The most "notorious" of these was Chancellor House Holdings, whose purpose was to "channel tenders and contracts from the ANC in government to the ANC in business in order to enrich the ANC and its leaders".

Chancellor House facilitated a deal between Eskom and Hitachi Power Africa, to manufacture boilers for the new Medupi Power Station, from which the ANC stands to make an estimated R1bn tax free profit, Zille said.

"Eskom will have to pay with taxpayers' money. And, as a result, the ANC will become one of the wealthiest political parties in the world," Zille said.

"Let South Africans remember this when they pay their inflated electricity bills."



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There is no end to corruption in the ANC!

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