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Zille calls on voters to act against corruption

Apr 27, 2010 2:15 PM | By Sapa
South African voters have the power to stand up against corrupt government officials who abuse their positions of power, says Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille.

Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille
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"When people in South Africa today see all the corruption and power abuse and lack of delivery, they get angry and feel powerless," Zille said during her Freedom Day speech at the Constitutional Court.

"When this happens, we must remember 27 April 1994, and remember that we are not powerless."

"We have the vote," she said.

"If we don't use our vote to change the people in power, there will be more and more abuse, and more and more corruption, and we will become a criminal state."

Zille criticised the ANC and President Jacob Zuma, saying they were not made accountable for their actions.

"He [Zuma] has undermined the constitution to make sure he does not have to go to court and answer to over 700 counts of corruption against him," Zille said.

"He abuses power to protect his friends, like Shabir Shaik, from the law, while persecuting his political opponents."

"He supports a system in which the ANC uses the people's money to make themselves rich, that is what is happening at Eskom."

"When you pay your increased electricity tariffs, it will be a reminder of what the ANC's corruption is costing you."

Using the demise of democracy in Zimbabwe as an example, Zille urged South Africans to use their vote to "get rid of a government that undermines the Constitution".

"Let us remember this lesson on this Freedom Day, in a democracy, people get the government they deserve. We certainly deserve better than the ANC," Zille said.

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Apr 27 2010 02:39:13 PM
Baboon with Lipstick
SASucks, saw you on you tube:-) click on the link below, lol
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 03:13:00 PM
Always seeing the negative am beginning 2 think she is obssessed with Zuma n the ANC
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 03:24:33 PM
Well said Helen. More and more people need to hear and understand this.

The death of democracy and freedom has a name. It is called ANC.

We know who the enemy is, and now is the time to destroy it, before it is too late.
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 03:26:40 PM
"We certainly deserve better than the ANC," Zille said
Unfortunately there is no better party than ANC as yet. Till we get a party that addresses the needs for the masses, we will continue voting for ANC. Your party is not even an alternative for the masses.
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 03:47:53 PM
Mike 007.5
SASUCKS are you not in Sudan or some other place, or are you sucking deep on a spliff or two. Remember no alcohol.
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 04:01:35 PM
It has been a long time since I have made any comments, although I have read many. Racism is not going to solve one problem, but create thousands. Corruption and crime is killing the country and the ANC I voted for and knew is not the one in power. They have forgotten the Freedom Charter. They are instead of setting the pace, in Africa at least, trying to follow the biggest failure on our northern border. It is not a pleasure to read about all the negative racist remarks on the blogs. People do not show each other respect anymore. You think if you write anonymously you are entitled to lose your dignity. Can we turn to respectful debate or are we showing everybody that we are a bunch of animals that can only bark and urinate!
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 04:12:38 PM
cANCer survivor
The DA need to maintain their strong performance in local government so far. 53% of all the calls referred to the WC provincial government by the presidential hotline gets resolved while every other province lags way behind at 16% and less. Cape Towns debt is also almost paid off now.

I hope that their election campaign is going to be 'pro DA' and not 'anti ANC' like last time. I reckon their biggest challenge is rectifying the people's perception of the party.
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 05:00:26 PM
Bloody Agent
Everybody refer to leaders, who are these leaders? none of the mentioned leaders represent me, they all want to govern but can’t produce,
All politicians are corrupt, they do not add value to anything. Appartheid has been like that and now it is even worse
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 05:01:13 PM
TheVillageBoy_with a diploma

Electioneering on the freedom so moronic !
REPORT ABUSE Apr 27 2010 05:01:35 PM
You are so right Helen.A country gets what they deserve-The masses deserve no better as long as they vote for their corrupt masters-they will never but never have anything these poor people,I wish those like Maxi could open their eyes.In the meantime they will hate those of us who have everything and will always have ,even if the ANC is in control. The poor should hate their own people who are the ones stealing from them.How does one educate these poor uninformed masses-shame! in the end its always the poor masses who will suffer alone.

Times Live

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