Saturday, April 24, 2010

Did you catch a criminal, officer?

24 April 2010, 11:34

By Tanya Waterworth

A Durban security company's guards are frustrated after they stopped their vehicles on the side of the M7 freeway as they tried to head off fleeing suspects, but were forced to move on by traffic officers - and the criminals escaped.

Protea Coin security officers said they regularly chased criminals breaking into houses on a Highland Hills street in Pinetown which runs parallel to the M7.

Coin's manager, Kuben Pillay, said the firm had dispatched two security vehicles to the freeway, when Road Traffic Inspectorate officers pulled up next to them.

"Our officers were responding to a call-out, but the traffic officers said they must immediately move. They did not want to get a fine, so they had to leave and the suspects got away."

The provincial Department of Transport, which is responsible for motorways and verges such as the M7, said they were unaware of the problem, but spokeswoman Lungile Ndlovu said the department would investigate urgently.

The thick bush has not been cut for many years and, according to security officers, is the perfect cover for burglars.

Both Protea Coin Security and Blue Security, who patrol the area, said a lot of housebreaking takes place during the day, when houses are empty.

A common ploy is for the criminals to be dropped off in a taxi on the M7 and move into the bush. They throw stones on to the roof of a targeted house and wait to see if anyone comes out.

Once they have looted the house, they move quickly back through the bush and up the bank to catch a waiting taxi.

This article was originally published on page 3 of The Independent on Saturday on April 24, 2010

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Comments by Sonny

Criminal assistance on the M7 Freeway in KZN.

On whose side are these Metro Cops?

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