Friday, April 23, 2010

World’s right-wingers start ‘Stop Boer Genocide’ drive


JOHANNESBURG - Right-wingers worldwide are now launching a campaign to protest against South Africa’s hosting of the 2010 Fifa World Cup – uniting under the slogan “Stop the Boer Genocide”.
The Swedish Resistance Movement is marching to the South African embassy in Stockholm on Saturday to protest the “ongoing genocide of whites” on South African farms.
Counterparts in other countries say they are preparing similar marches on the American Embassy in Washington DC and the SA Embassy in London.
Plans have been mooted to flood call-in radio stations “around the world” with thousands of calls.
The right-wingers are taking their dire predictions to the Internet, including comments to the effect that: “A terrible fire has been started in South Africa … and the only thing that can extinguish it is rivers of blood.”
But the SA tourism department does not believe the recent turmoil surrounding Julius Malema or the murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche will have “any meaningful impact on tourism”, and is “not currently aware of any cancellations that can be directly linked to recent events.
“We believe that our well-deserved reputation as a world-class destination has not been compromised, and we have full confidence that South Africa will host a very successful World Cup,” said spokesman Ronel Bester.
“We remain very positive about the expected visitor numbers for the World Cup, the economic boost to our country and the unparalleled marketing South Africa will receive… As a country we received more than 9,9 million foreign arrivals last year and experienced growth of 3,6% – whilst global foreign arrivals declined by 4%.”
The SA Tourism Services Association (Satsa) has not received any reports of cancellations from tour operators and believes the tournament will “put SA on the map in a very positive way”.
While Satsa communications officers yesterday bemoaned “shocking, sloppy and sensationalist” reports of “machete-wielding gangs” in some British newspapers, it believes the only way to counter such negativity is to “tell our side with dignity”.
“There has been a rapid response to these issues by the police and the President, and the majority of people are actively seeking peace,” Satsa said.
Match, Fifa’s exclusive agent for 2010, was recently criticised for failing to drop prices quickly to adapt to the changing market conditions. The organisation earlier returned 450 000 of bed nights it had reserved, as South African Airways (SAA) unreserved 45 000 domestic flights.
Dutch soccer federation KNVB has meanwhile scaled down estimates from an expected 12 000 visiting fans, to just 5 000.

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If you are the best qualified candidate for the position, it should be yours. Unfortunately black South Africans have all to willingly grabbed onto the fallacy and let themselves be made to believe that ... (1) they are entitled to receive positions, property and wealth at no personal cost (hard work, personal improvement, qualifications, etc.). The std 3/yr 5 certificate wielding state president of SA being a prime motivator, (2) by having somehow existed on the continent when Europeans settled, they are by birthright entitled to the successes of these entrepreneurs (infrastructure, taxes, mines, farms, social systems, etc.), but only the successes and the outcomes, not the risks, financing, stresses, strains and personal sacrifices made by the ingenious architects and administrators of what used to be the proud, clean, well-managed and promising business of the country of South Africa. Now, let’s get a firm grasp on the following two statements … “preoccupation with equality is the disease of the incompetent” and “you cannot multiply wealth by dividing – what you give to someone that has not earned it, you must first take from someone that has”. By really understanding this and then trying to place comments made previously in context, I can only deduct that the Vuyo’s of this world are, again, wanting to take the easy way out, are trying to take the shortcut, wanting to have what is not theirs; always peering over the neighbours fence at his timely planted and well cared for mealies/maize, but not wanting to, or possibly having the forethought to get up and do something constructive. Come nightfall, they then do what they do best … breed and perpetuate the *“Africa equilibrium” (*equilibrium is reached when everyone, all around has nothing more than the next, or that can be desired by the Vuyo’s of the world, and they all live happily in squalor). When the indian and eastern South Africans were furthering themselves pre-’93 and becoming doctors, lawyers, businessmen/women and applying themselves to better their futures, most of the Vuyo’s and their brethren were sitting around, playing the black South African’s game of ‘follow the shadow around the tree/shack’, day by day and breeding and perpetuating the misery which remains the black South African slums today and the white South Africans are scared, very scared; and the indian and eastern South Africans too. They see society crumbling, education systems go to ruin, pension funds falling prey to mass politics … and they, themselves have now become part of the process of reaching *”Africa equilibrium” under democratic rule. Democracy is a numbers game, so regardless of morality, ethics, application, sacrifice, social will, etc., etc., etc., the eventual democratic ruler will be the those that do not sacrifice time (but breed), do not sacrifice their lives (but breed), do not sacrifice energy (but breed), have no clue of responsibility or social conscience BUT BREED. These eventual masses, uneducated, living in squalor, with little or no social will have bred themselves into power and now have free access to the inheritance; which btw is also finite. Only so many schools can be rebuilt and burned down, so many RDP houses built and privately sold, so many government employees enrich themselves from the coffers, so many gravy trains kept running. The white (including indian & eastern) South Africans are scared. Their social conscience and sense of responsibility urges them, nay compels them, to think ahead for their own future and the future of the few PLANNED children that they may have and they are legislated out of their work, out of their farms, out of paying taxes … and they see the decay around them … they see the mechanics of the Africa equilibrium at work … and it scares the sh!t out of them! I wonder what the South African landscape would look like if each citizen received an amount of votes prorated to their tax contribution, e.g. R1,000 in annual tax, gets you 1 vote; R2,000 = 2 votes. One thing I can guarantee … Vuyo and his cronies will not be in charge.

2010/04/22 5:26:03
The only reason why Ronel Bester of the SA tourism department is saying that the World Cup is going to be a success, is BECAUSE she is told to say that otherwise she will loose her job!

2010/04/21 20:50:41
To VUYO,I believe you're to young to recognise or to link my name with anything.I do agree with you this is "our" land there is place for everybody(or shall I say there WAS place)for everybody untill our borders where very conveniently "opened" So now it is NOT our land anymore it belongs to people that could not even protect and/or survive in their land. Me as one of many did have my fair share of all this BULLSH@*T!Everybody wake up please the same people that was voted into the "management" positions of this country Surely is NOT up to the job!!So please don't blame the farmer nor the manager because his white. If you can work with me put in the same time and effort without complaining about each and every lunch,tea brake or family gathering or Saturday afternoon you have to work(to create jobs for 24 black staff members)that does take their tea or lunch does not matter how urgent a job is,if you are willing to sacrifice what "the white managers/farmers sacrifice, buddy you are welcome to come and take my place!!! Oh yes and NO I'm for one definitly not affraid of you. So please if you don't mind at you're age you really can't and don't know what it means to fight for your country. Some of us(Mostly White)fought for this country,lost our loved ones and friends on the borders and due to farm murders and other crimes,so please do NOT claim something that is rightfully not yours.Theft is a crime and eventhough it means nothing for the legal system in this country,it stays a crime!!

2010/04/21 12:55:10
Dear Vuyo

It is typicall of your thinking that this country will go no where. I work in the mining industry and we have allot of black employees in supervisory positions and 80% of those employees deserve to be there and they worked there asses off to get there so if he then want1s to play solitaire let it be. and if you are not a racist how can you approve of mugabe1s way of living show me one African country that worked under that types of rule. and all your work are being taken by the illegal immigrants coming from those country`s. We are the equal now my friend

2010/04/20 7:51:57
I give all support to the Boers.

End the black criminal rampages, STOP BLACK MURDERERS in their tracks.

America is full of black-on-white crime as well, ironically, any nation with blacks tends to have violent black-on-white crimes. I say we sight out blacks as the source of this problem, and have them dealt with.

White American
2010/04/19 22:57:08
It was not against prices that Europeans canceled, but they, in general believe money belongs to them and are selfish.Our minerals they believe are theirs for a pittance.They blocked Sepp Blatter from bringing world-cup to Africa, but failed. They also were hit hard by the economic climate world wide. But you know what, not all are like that, they will still come.They have their own troubles over there!World Cup is going on. Afrikaners and Blacks will make this a warm world cup! We will buy our own tickets and fill-up the stadiums.Better than their own WC! VIVA SUID AFRIKA VIVA!! VIVA!!!

2010/04/19 22:43:41
The incredible damage that the ANC youth has allowed to happen to this country will haunt them for the rest of their lives. They will now be so much poorer due to fleeing investment and skills. The hope of the boom of 2010 has now turned to disaster. We will know the damage by the end of the year. It is incredible stupid. But the stupidity of their leader is only surpassed by the ANC leadership's lack of action. A leadership's real soul is bared by their silence and inaction. The world now knows the real nature of the ruling party. It is so sad to have finally understood this reality.

2010/04/19 7:19:19
Just a small example of what is going wrong and is causing white resistance. I am old, white and Afrikaans. Under the Nats I was called a Kaffirboetie. I stood in lines for three days at Bellville SARS, for a relatively small query, only to be treated by a rude black youngster at the counter, wait for a Kaffir! This is but one of many examples of the way things are going,so don't blame us for now doing under black rule what the ANC did under white rule.....

Jack Sadie
2010/04/19 2:09:04

The Citizen

Comments by Sonny

If you don't join them, fight them!!

Boers in SA means "whites!"

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