Friday, April 16, 2010

SA Zim farmer to be released

2010-04-16 20:38
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Pretoria - A South African farmer who was arrested during the invasion of his farm by war veterans in Zimbabwe will be released on Friday, AfriForum's legal representative Willie Spies said.

This followed an intervention by the department of international relations and co-operation, Spies said in a statement.

"Mr Furgorson was arrested on Thursday when he refused to leave his children alone during the occupation of his farm by war veterans."

AfriForum, which turned to government for help, expressed its gratitude at this "expeditious" intervention. The civil rights movement hoped it would be able to co-operate more closely with the department in the future to prevent similar human rights violations against South Africans in Zimbabwe.

In 2009, the South African government recommitted itself to protecting farmers after AfriForum challenged a bilateral investment agreement which was to be signed between SA and Zimbabwe.

This agreement would have excluded South African farmers from protection against land expropriation.



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