Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Three men arrested after robbing shop in wedding dresses, wigs

Accounts of police shooting in conflict Home South Africa Article Three men arrested after robbing shop in wedding dresses, wigs Sapa | 16 January, 2013 09:36 Three men who allegedly disguised themselves in wedding dresses and wigs to rob a supermarket will apply for bail in the Welkom Magistrate's Court this week, according to a report. The Volksblad newspaper reported on Wednesday that the faces of the three robbers, dubbed the “wedding dress robbers”, were recognised on security videos and they were arrested about a week ago. The report said a group of six robbers armed with knives entered a supermarket in Putswastene, in Thabong, and threatened the patrons last week. An amount of money and other articles were taken. The newspaper reports three of the men were dressed in wedding dresses, wigs and head cloth in an apparent attempt to make them look like Muslim women rather than brides. Video footage showed one of the robbers battling with his dress and tripping at least twice while stepping on the dress edge. The same robber, unlike his partners, also had difficulty in jumping the fence with his dress after the robbery. Police were looking for three accomplices in the robbery. The arrested three would apply for bail on Thursday, the report said. Times Live / VOLKSBLAD - - - COMMENTS BY SONNY This is not a SA first! We just wonder where these suspects broke into a Bridal Gear Fashion Shop?

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