Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ANC-Councillor proposes genocide on white South Africans

POSTED BY CBB ⋅ JANUARY 9, 2013 ⋅ 5 COMMENTS FILED UNDER AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS, ANC, GENOCIDE, JACOB ZUMA, POLITICS, RECATO EBERWEIN, SOUTH AFRICA 2 Votes Recato Eberwein writes: “I personally hope genocide happens. Then we can get rid of amabhunu’s that life [sic] in cuckoo land. Kill A Boer, Kill A Farmer. Until Jesus Comes We the Communist ANC will rule. Skrik wakker witgedrogte.“ This note was posted on the website’s “Contact Us” page from IP Address, pointing to 180 Fox St, Johannesburg, South Africa – ANC Cllr Recato Eberwein ANC Cllr Recato Eberwein Source – Facebook Source – Recato Eberwein Related articles Three reasons South Africa will fail ( Is the ANC losing its grip on South Africa? ( Zuma win sparks DA membership drive ( South Africa’s ruling party endorses boycott of Israel ( - - SOUTH AFRICA NEWS - - Comments by Sonny - Seems that Hitler missed this ones family..... If this is not hate speech then is will certainly get him to 'President of the ANC!' Peter Mokaba would have been proud of this Goon. Why was he not elected to the ANC NEC?

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