Tuesday, January 29, 2013

House robbery victim to be buried

Shaun Lipchitz Mbali Sibanyoni | 2 hours ago JOHANNESBURG - A father of three who was shot dead in front of his son at his Senderwood home on Monday night will be laid to rest at the Westpark Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. Shaun Lipshitz was killed in his house following a failed robbery. While Lipshitz’s devastated family prepare to bury him, questions are still being raised around the tragedy. Officials say two robbers broke into his home on Monday night while he and his 12-year-old son were in one of the rooms. The 37-year-old immediately reached out for his gun. Police say the robbers fired first and Lipshitz retaliated. One of his relatives says he died defending his family. “In the moment he calculated, there were two assailants on him with guns and he decided to shoot them.” Both robbers died at the scene. EWN Family gets counselling after deadly robbery A Johannesburg family is still in shock following a house robbery that claimed three lives. Multimedia NEXT LINE Shaun Lipshitz, who was murdered during a robbery at his home in Senderwood, Johannesburg on 28 January 2013. Picture: Supplied. 4 hours ago
Street where Lipshitz family lives 3 hours ago
Lipshitz house 3 hours ago Mbali Sibanyoni | 4 hours ago JOHANNESBURG - The family of a man, who was shot dead in front of his children in his Senderwood home on Tuesday morning, are receiving trauma counselling. Shaun Lipshitz was killed in his house during a failed robbery. It is a devastating time for the Lipshitz family after the father of three lost his life defending his family. Two men entered his house on Monday night and found Lipshitz and his 12-year-old son in one of the rooms. The men allegedly started shooting when he reached out for his gun, killing them both instantly. His sister-in-law says they cannot believe what has happened. Police and paramedics are still at the home and are clearing the scene. EWN - - - - COMMENTS BY SONNY - - Is this the ultimate price one has to pay for Freedom and Democracy in South Africa?

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