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The SA Post Office - A Return To Core Values

Without Fear or Favour - Postal workers commit sabotage...........


The SA Post Office - A Return To Core Values

5 November 2012, 09:40

And those core values are, of course, incompetence, theft, lack of service and dishonesty. 

A number of you will remember those sad, dark days of 2008. Theft or "loss" of items by the SA Post Office became so bad that big online stores, in particular amazon from the USA and Blackstar from the UK, felt they had no choice but to blacklist South Africa and refuse to ship there. This made the news worldwide, although of course Radio 702, whose "independent" news happened to be sponsored by the Post Office when the story broke, decided to report that people were somehow bypassing customs and the mail sorting centres, getting the parcels and reporting them stolen. 

In fairness, since that incident the Post Office had tried to improve. In the last four years I have had no issues, with not one parcel failing to arrive. That seems to have changed in the last month. 

Some four or five items of mine are now two weeks past the expected delivery date. It is fun asking the Post Office what the problem is. 

To be honest, the staff at the branch and indeed the people on the customer help desk have tried to assist. The problem, it seems, resides at their "international hub". 

I have the direct number for several staff members there, as well as the general switchboard. Frequently the calls do not get answered. When they do get answered, the response is "we cannot assist". They advise you to send the details to their customer services email address. When you explain that you did that a week ago and have not got an answer, they just end the call. 

What is going on here? No doubt several people will - rightly - comment on the disasters they have had with the Post Office of late. The utter humiliation they experienced at having the country blacklisted, though, surely taught them to get their act together? It certainly seemed that way to me for a fair while. 

I have no idea if their international mail depot is current having a secret strike, if everyone has been fired or taken leave, or if they've just decided to start stealing again. I do know that all items ordered online do need to go through customs and SARS, so if it is a problem of theft then alarm bells should be ringing, considering who must be involved to get away with it. 

If I do not start getting some of my parcels within the next week then I suppose it's off to ICASA to wait for no response, then off to the Universal Postal Union with the matter. I suppose I had better contact the suppliers too, getting a refund instead of the desired products and sit and watch as yet again SA is blacklisted. 

Part of me really hopes it's just a staffing or system issue. If it is that, though, and they can't take out an advert saying "sorry, we are experiencing delays and will resolve them soonest", then there is all you need to know of their claims of honesty towards customers. 

No wonder so many of the kids today simply download stuff rather than order it, just rather steal it yourself instead of paying for someone to steal it from you. 


Letter to Mr President

08 February 2013, 15:04
Attention: Mr President
May I take the liberty of inquiring at what stage people should apply for political asylum elsewhere?
Should they wait till the exchange rate is utterly untenable to contemplate emigration?
Or possibly when their burglar bars, remote controls, razor wire, watch dogs and other security options have been stolen, which they can’t afford to replace?
Should they wait until their jobs have been taken and they are too old to beg ?
Should they wait till there is no more pension money in the kitty ?
Or what about till the exam pass rate is dropped to 25% leading to the standard of education being the laughing stock  of global education, rendering their children a Mickey mouse qualification and no credibility to pursue tertiary opportunities out of the country?
What about waiting until the government officials have acquired so many BMWs from the tax man’s almost empty coffers, so that more public hospitals have to be closed down as the money that grows on trees has amazingly become depleted?
Or maybe when International Antiretroviral funding stops, so that if one is ill one simply can’t get medical support, as the system is groaning and under tremendous threat ?
Or maybe when the potholes are so enormous that one’s car gets swallowed in a ‘gat’ and one can’t get out and about by public transport as its non existent?
Or possibly when one simply can’t afford a body guard?
 Just asking.
 I await your response.


Consumer help: post, parcels, mail

SA Post Office

The South African Post Office is the national postal service provider. Its services include local and international mail, courier services, stamps, paying bills, and third- party payments.
You can also do various transactions via the website, such as tracking your parcel, renewing your post box, and buy stamps. You can locate a branch or search the online postal code directory.
If you wish to complain about the service you have received, first contact the manager of the branch. If that fails to resolve the problem, call the national call centre or fill in the feedback form on the website.


PostNet is South Africa's largest privately owned counter network in the document and parcel industry, with owner-managed retail stores. It is best to complain directly to the store's manager if you are disatisfied. There is also a online contact form on the website.
SAinfo reporter
Reviewed: 13 July 2012

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Comments by Sonny
If it's not the ongoing postal strike, then there are allegations, of post being burnt at Wits Post and when enquiries are made the client gets told that the parcels have been "returned to sender!"If you make an unannounced visit to their premises in Ormonde, (just West from the Apartheid Museum), you find heaps of ash scattered around the yard.This never gets confirmed.Postal staff shrug their shoulders and tell one to 'wait for the slip!'The Postal Service is a National Key Point and burning of 'post is sabotage against the State and its people!'Zuma is unable to resolve most of the problems in SA ....."INCLUDING HIS OWN!".Theft and corruption are no answer to SA social problems.Dysfunctional service delivery is no option!


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