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eThekwini municipality giving the ANC a bad name: Cosatu

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Sapa | 08 June, 2013 11:38

Durban beach front. File Photo

The eThekwini municipality is giving the ANC a bad name, Congress of South African Trade Unions Durban Central secretary Mlondi Manzini, said.

"They are not acting. They have failed the African National Congress and they shame us as the alliance," he told members of the SA Municipal Workers' Union (Samwu) at a protest march in Durban.
The municipality had failed to address issues in the metro police dating as far back as 2005, Manzini said.
"I am ashamed as an ANC member, how can they do this us, as the ANC and as the alliance?" he asked.
Samwu deputy regional secretary Pretty Shange said the city had failed to give older metro police the basic training which would enable them to progress to other positions.
She said scholar patrols needed to work more hours, and that the people who manned them needed to be appointed as permanent workers.
The union was also concerned about the victimisation of shop stewards who fought against corruption.
Marchers carried placards reading: "We demand decent salary with omnibus", and "We demand stability at the metro police."
They reacted angrily when mayor James Nxumalo was not available to accept their memorandum. It was accepted instead by his adviser Joe Nene.
City spokesman Thabo Mofokeng could not immediately comment.

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When a President fails a country, everything else takes second place.
Durban is not worse than Johannesburg which has now started giving residents "Double Billed" water and electricity accounts.
Yes, when the meter readers fails to do their jobs on time or at all, the residents just get billing double for two months.

POLICEWOMAN Cast Aside By Metro Police
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Cherise Cox Foresaken Hero
Cherise Cox is young South African woman, who from a very young age dreamed of being a policewoman. She wanted to make a difference to the crime in South Africa. Cherise excelled at school and was very athletic. After completing high school she joined the SAPS for a short period of time and then in 1993 she moved over to the Durban Matro Police. Right from day 1, Cherise made her difference, she put in long hours and never hesitated when it came to apprehending criminals. Cherise was  at the forefront of many stolen vehicle recoveries and arrests for violents crimes, she made such an impression she was charged with her own dog and was proud to become the first female dog handler in the Metro Police.

In August 2003, Cherise and her partner were patrolling in the jacobs area of Durban and responded to a call for a hi-jacking in progress. As they approached the scene, four armed men openned fire on them. Cherise jumped from her car, drew her firearm and returned fire. Cherise, not being very tall, streched up from behind her car, from where she was taking cover and fired a few rounds. Cherise felt her body jerk and the most excruciating pain she had ever felt. Falling to the ground, Cherise felt a warm sensation around her waist as her blood pumped from her body, she had been shot in the abdomen, the bullet had ripped into her as she streched over the car and her ill fitting bulletproof vest moved up on her body. In that few seconds, Cherise was not aware that the bullet had severed her femoral artery and femoral nerve, an injury that could take her life within minutes, as well as shattering her right hip.

Cherise did not give up, she continued to fire at the suspects fatally injuring one of them seconds before her service pistol jammed, something that had happened many times before, but never whilst she was under heavy fire by someone who had the full intention of killing her. Another suspect gave himself up and was arrested. Ironically one can say it was “Cherise’s lucky day”, there was an ambulance around the corner from the scene, they rushed to her aid and managed to stem the bleeding. A doctor happened to be passing by and stopped to see if he could assist, if not for him, Cherise would have bled to death on the side of the road. She was rushed to St Augustines hospital and from there on her nightmare began.

Back at the scene the violent crimes unit had secured the area and were piecing together the events with the help of Cherise’s partner as well as the second suspect, Simphiwe Shezi who was the leader of the so called and wanted “Shezi gang” and who was now in custody. Not to be taken lightly, Shezi and his gang were well trained and extremely violent. Detective Inspector Bruce McInnes (retired) had been after Shezi and his gang for sometime and had in fact been tipped off about a cash-in-transit van that was going to be robbed near the Southway Shopping Mall, the mercedese they were hi-jacking was to be used in this robbery as a battering ram. Shezi knew he was going down for his crimes and decided that he was taking others with him. He had no idea if Constable Cherise Cox was dead or alive so he was very anxious to make a deal. He did not hesitate to tell Detective Inspector McInnes where they had obtained two firearms, one at the scene and was later identified as the one that severly injured Cherise Cox and another that was later recovered from  the gang’s lair.

He was horrified, Shezi explained how these had been purchased by the dead suspect from two Metro Police Officers. These two policemen, Thembinkosi Mthethwa and Stembiso Zimu had claimed they were robbed of their firearms on the 30 July the same year, just two weeks before Cherise was shot. These policemen claimed the robbers had sped off in a white golf registration number ND 527 890, a vehicle that was reported to have been hi-jacket two weeks previously, niether could identify any of the robbers or what clothes they were wearing although they had been face to face. These supposed robbers also left behind the policemen’s celphones and two way radios. They also left behind the police vehicle. No attempt was made to follow or apprehend the robbers. Only after there was suspicion shown in the matter, there was suddenly a few notes appeared on the statements of these two police men claiming that the robbers had taken the police vehicle keys as well. This is clearly written in a different handwriting with a different pen and was not signed by the two policemen.

All the while this investigation was taking place, Cherise was in hospital fighting for her life. To date, Cherise has undergone more than 20 major operations and many more minor ones, it took 9 months for the wound in her abdomen to close up and had to learn to walk again due to the severed nerve. In short Cherise has had the following,

Total Colectomy, 2 x ileuostomy, and hernia repairs. She suffers with “dumping”  Syndrome and short bowel Syndrome. Everything she eats and drinks comes straight out of the permanent ileuostomy bag, causing severe dehydration which in turn results in Renal Failure. She has 80% weakness in her right leg and suffers from Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When I met Cherise for the first time in January 2011, it was in the surgical ward of St Augustines hospital, where she had been admitted for Severe Dehydration, while there she had surgery to repair a port in her chest as it was disconnected. She was released from the hospital on the friday and was rushed to Umhlanga hospital ICU with double Pneumonia the following monday where she has spent the past two weeks. Cherise is badly scarred and no plastic surgeon in South Africa wil even look at her case. The truth of the matter as sad as it may be is that Cherise is going to pay for being a hero with her life. Honestly speaking I feel she already has, because the past 7 years have not been kind to her, although being alive, she has not lived the life of a 30 odd year old should live. Sshe has suffered and will continue to do so until the end which could be tomorrow or next year, who knows

Now many of you will think that this is a horrific story, but to say the least, this is only the tip of the ice-burg. Never mind the fact that Cherise was shot with a service pistol that was sold to a criminal by a collegue, although wearing a bulletproof vest that didnt fit her. She has basically been cast aside by the Durban Metro Police Department and the Durban Town Management. Cherise was medically borded due to her injuries, yet the workmans compensation will not payout any claims as the doctors that treat her cannot possibily sign her condition off as stable. Her income was reduced to R4000.00 per month yet her medical bills mount to between R6000.00 and R8000.00 per month. Her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not caused by her tragic shooting or the injuries, pain and suffering she has endured since then, “according to the Metro Police that is”, so she is left to cover this medication and treatment out of her own pocket. There is never any response from the Durban City Manager Mr Mike Sutcliffe, everything is hidden and swept under the mat.  The accused Shezi was sentenced to prison where he receives medical care in a Private hospital if he is ill, at no cost to him. The two policemen who sold their firearms are still employed by the Metro Police and are earning their normal salaries, and have never been charged despite the fact that Shezi was willing to testify to the fact that they had sold the firearms. He was never interviewed by the Metro Police or Mike Sutcliffe as they claimed they did not want to interfere with a violent case. The Durban City Management, Metro Police Department, Department of Labour and the government in general have turned away and cast aside this young hero. She put her life on the line to serve and protect and that bullet fired from a “collegues” firearm has taken that life away.

Apart from her medcal bills mounting, Cherise also has to live, pay her bond, car and food, never mind just survive. There is a support page for Cherise on Facebook with banking details for anyone who would like to assist her in any way, no matter how small. Cherise is looked after by her brother and an elderly relative as she cannot afford a private nurse and her medical aid and nor will the Durban City Management provide her with one. Cherise cannot afford an attorney to take the matter further so she is at the mercy of the public, including you and me.

I have been one of the fortunate ones to have personally met with Cherise and can say without any doubt that she is worth any effort anyone is willing to put in to make the remaining time of her life comfortable. There will be more articles here with regards to the Durban City Management and the Metro Police including a full report on 133 firearms that were discovered as missing from the Metro Police many of which have never been reported to the SAPS.

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