Monday, June 3, 2013

Police accept memorandum on farm violence

no fear No favour No dysfunctional police dys-service needed.........

MULDERSDRIFT police accepted a memorandum yesterday calling for violence on farms on Gauteng’s West Rand to be addressed.
03 June 2013 | Jevanne Gibbs

The memorandum, from the SA Communist Party’s (SACP) Dr Yusuf Dadoo District and the church community, called for a thorough investigation of the alleged racial activities the Muldersdrift police station has been involved in.

It also called for the immediate arrest of resident Dave Koerie, who is accused of shooting and killing his employee, 36-year-old Zimbabwean national Sizo Moyo.

It has been alleged that Moyo was shot while praying in an open field, after residents complained about noise.

Muldersdrift police station commander Kgaogelo Seabi, who accepted the memorandum, told The Citizen that the case was currently under investigation. 

He explained that Koerie had reported to the police that he had shot Moyo in May.

“The accused said he fired in self-defence. We can’t arrest him as investigations are still continuing,” said Seabi.

SACP district secretary Moreotsenye Diteko said the party would embark on further action if the police’s response to the memorandum was not satisfactory.

“… Moyo is one example of the many victims who continue to lose their lives by some arrogant farmers…” he said.

This is after the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) confirmed a probe into farm murders, following a complaint by civil rights group AfriForum.

AfriForum CEO Ernst Roets requested the commission to call a formal public hearing on farm murders. –

The Citizen


Far too little too late.
How many lives must still be lost before something radical happens in Muldersdrift?
We want active results not sweet hollow words..........

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