Saturday, April 10, 2010

Four arrested after shoot-out with police

Four arrested after shoot-out with police
10 April 2010, 10:09

A business robbery in the early hours of Saturday ended in a shoot-out with police in Marlboro, Gauteng police said.The robbery by about nine men armed with rifles and pistols at a Pringle clothing shop shortly after 12am was interrupted by police, said Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela."They respond and when they chased the suspects who were in the yard of the shop, they shot at the police."As the men fled in a BMW and Nissan, the police from the Bramley intervention unit opened fire. They wounded a 50-year-old man in the BMW which then stopped.Two other men, ages 24 and 38, were arrested along with the wounded man.Despite opening fire on the BMW, police recovered no weapons from the vehicle."They recovered eight rounds of ammunition, balaclavas and gloves," said Maphakela.He said the weapons were possibly with the approximately six men who fled in the Nissan. Police are still searching for them.The three men who were arrested will appear in Alexandra Magistrate's court on Monday and face charges of business robbery and attempted murder.Nothing was stolen in the robbery. Police had received a tip-off from a passing motorist who saw the men breaking into the shop. - Sapa

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