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African White Refugees

JOHANNESBURG 15 MARCH 2011 : 11:30


Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses:
Boer Volkstaat or
Jus Sanguinis 'EU' Citizenship
for African White Refugees
Petition & Briefing Paper (PDF)

Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses Briefing Paper:

Introduction & Exec. Summary:

[Cover Page] [Preface] [10/31/16]
Battle of Jus Sanguinis River Campaign:
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Audi Alteram Partem Notice: [ZA]
Battle of Jus Sanguinis Theses Campaign:
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Founding Petitioners:
[NL] [FR] [DE] [UK] [CH]
EU Progenitors / Stamvaders:
[NL] [FR] [DE] [UK] [CH]
Executive Summary
[FR: Résumé Executif] [DE: Kurzfassung]
[NL: Verantwoordelijke Samenvatting]

Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses Briefing Paper:

Evidentiary Arguments: Table of Contents:

Just War: Tragedy of the Breeding War Commons

Just War Tradition: Mutually Agreed Rules of Combat between Culturally Similar Enemies: Jus Ad Bellum Convention, Principles of Jus In Bello & Just Post Bellum
Population Policy Common Sense: Eco-Numeracy, Exponential Functions & Carrying Capacity, Youth Bulge Population Pressure Conflicts & Competitive Exclusion Principle.
Politically Incorrect Truths About Apartheid Conflict

Forsaking Gandhian Non-violence, honour & character.. ANC-Fanonstein spawned a Government of comrade-tsotsis, gangsters & kleptomaniacs
Pandora’s Multi-Culti Apartheid Box: SA’s Multi-Cultural, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Racial Integration Nightmare
SA Communist Party (SACP)’s M-Plan: Violent Liberation & Mandela’s Cult of Personality
No Proper Authority: Did Black South Africans want Black Rule?
No Right Intention: Did ‘Evil Apartheid’ raise poor Black living standards to highest in Africa?
Black Consciousness & Fanon’s Handbook for Black Liberation: ‘Violence as a cleansing Liberating Force’
ANC’s People’s War: Terrorize the People to Support the ‘Liberation Struggle’
The Nature & Causes of Apartheid: A Just War for Boer-Afrikaner Demographic Survival
Apartheids Strategic Ethno-Demographic Political Mistakes
Rainbow Illusions: Truth and Reconciliation Fraud

TRC Social Contract provides NO Definitions for Multi-Cultural Multi-Interpretation of Key Concepts of ‘Forgiveness’, ‘Reconciliation’, ‘Closure’ and ‘Ubuntu’.
Western Descartian Individualist “I Think, therefore I am” vs. African Ubuntu Conformist “I participate, therefore I am.”
Black Liberation Theology: Salvation/Liberation by Marxist/Fanon Class Struggle, not Reconciliation/Forgiveness of Sins
Stalinist Popular Front: ANC’s Mbokodo Quatro Torture Camps
Was Truth and Reconciliation Seen to be Done; by the Ubuntu Black Liberation Theology Truth Commission?
Masculine Insecurity Poverty Pimping: ANC’s Population Production of Poverty & Violence Breeding War
Land Grabs & Farm Murders: A Rainbow-TRC-Peace, or Racial-Hatred-War Reality?
Zimbabwefication of South Africa: State’s Systemic Collapse
Population Policy Common Sense Interpretation of Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation (TRC) Act, Amicus Curiae to Constitutional Court: CENSORED
Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return

Wake Up Whitey!: African White Refugee Canaries in the International Ethno-Cultural Geopolitical Coalmine
Europe commits Ethno-Cultural Suicide: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, and Europe for Everybody?
Jus Sanguinis Right of Return: Cultural & Ethno Homogeneity
Multiculturalism Impossible with Dysfunctional Cultures
Peak Oil, Economic Collapse & Friction Theory Cultural Conflict
ABC's of Ecology: Food Production & Population Growth; Peak Oil and Population DieOff
Parallel Goals: Economic Relocalisation & Political Secession
Secession in SA: Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK): Electoral Commission for the Election of a Boer-Afrikaner People’s Assembly
Evidentiary Annexures Attached & Online

Letter from Nelson Mandela to Freedom Front: General Constand Viljoen: Mandela endorses the Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination between the Freedom Front, the African National Congress and the South African Government/National Party
Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination between the Freedom Front, the African National Congress and the South African Government/National Party, signed on 23 April 1994
List of Signatories to the Why We Are White Refugees Petition
Updated List of Names of Farmers/Small Holders Murdered since 1994, as compiled by Adriana Stuijt, former Sunday Times journalist, currently residing in the Netherlands

Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses Briefing Paper:
Boer Volkstaat; or Jus Sanguinis 'EU' Citizenship for African White Refugees

Comments by Sonny

Our forefathers were dumped in Africa to fight the Colonial Wars of the Crown.

There seeds were planted here without our permission.

We demand the right of return to the Motherland!

If we had any say, our forefathers would have returned to the countries of their


We fought for this Country - OUR HOME!!

History has recorded our conquests!

Yes, we can - Yes, we will!

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