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Beeka's bodyguard speaks

Beeka's bodyguard speaks
2011-03-25 08:44

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Jacques Dommisse, Die Burger

Cape Town – Sasa Kovasevic, driver and bodyguard of slain underworld boss Cyril Beeka, said the hitmen's first shot was meant for him.
A heavily bandaged Kovasevic spoke to Die Burger from his hospital bed. Kovasevic, was seriously wounded in the assassination near the University of the Western Cape in Bellville on Monday night.

After he was shot first, bullet after bullet hit Beeka.

Two reporters entered the hospital without any difficulty and spoke exclusively with Kovasevic. No police members or private security services were seen in front of or inside the hospital's ICU.

The bullet which hit Kovasevic appeared to one of the reporters to have pierced his left arm. It was possible that the bullet could have entered his chest from the left side as parts of his chest were heavily bandaged.

He also had several bruises to his upper body.

His right arm was also heavily bandaged. It was probably injured when the car overturned. There was almost no mark to his face. He then said that he nearly died and that he would rather not talk to the media any longer.

It appeared as though he suddenly realised that he may still be in danger.

Hawks spokesperson colonel McIntosh Polela said Kovasevic's life was not in danger. Polela said Kovasevic was not the target and that was why he was not under police guard in hospital.

A hospital spokesperson said on Thursday night she couldn't find anyone to provide answers about access control at the hospital.

She promised to respond on Friday.
- Die Burger
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  1. SASA Kovasevic not in danger?

    He was the only eye witness to an assassination?

    Not in danger?

    With him out out he way plenty of hoods and crooked cops will breath a sigh of relief!

    Polela and his bosses obviously do not have much experience with crime and criminals!