Monday, March 21, 2011

Canadian CF-18s take to the skies and fly first mission over Libya

Canadian CF-18s take to the skies and fly first mission over Libya
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This post is being constantly updatedAll times are in Libyan local time GMT +2
20:27 BBC Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay has confirmed that Canadian military jets flew their first mission over Libya today, Reuters reports. Four CF-18 fighter jets and two refueling tanker were involved, he said, but they did not open fire.
20:12 AFP In addition to the 40 killed today, 300 people have been wounded by Gaddafi’s regime gunfire
19:57 AFP Around 40 people have been shot dead in Misrata by Gaddafi forces, according to the revolutionaries, AFP reports.
18:40 Reuters The US has said that the coalition does not intend to completely destroy Gaddafi’s forces, but merely intends to target those that are in defiance of the UN mandate.
18:40 Reuters France has deployed around 20 planes over Libya on Monday, an army spokesman has said. He added that a French aircraft carrier will be in place to participate in the Libya operation from Tuesday. France has not carried out any air strikes on Libya so far on Monday, according to the defence ministry.
18:30 Al Jazeera The United Arab Emirates said on Monday that its involvement in Libya is limited to humanitarian assistance, after reports that it would send warplanes to patrol a UN-backed no-fly zone.
18:08 Almanara Media BREAKING: A massacre has just occurred in Misratah committed by Gaddafi’s gangs in which it targeted in civilians a scandalous way. It made no distinction between the youth, families and demonstrators who are rallying in Tripoli Street and in front of The People’s Hall (central Misratah). Tanks and heavy artillery fired rockets and tank shells on the people of Misratah who had no arms or weaponry which has caused many deaths and tens of serious injuries. The city’s hospital is currently unable to accommodate all the injuries and the situation is dire.
17:57 Almanara Media An eyewitness interview with a resident from Az Zintan gives a comprehensive update on the situation right now.

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