Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two arrested in PTA high-speed chase

Two arrested in PTA high-speed chase
Mar 15, 2011 11:56 PM | By CHARL DU PLESSIS

Pretoria police yesterday arrested two house robbery suspects in a dramatic high-speed chase by firing on their getaway car from a police helicopter.


Photograph by: EUGENE COETZEE

Lyttleton police spokesman Brian Plaatjies said three men fled the Wierdabrug area in Pretoria after robbing two houses.

They attempted to escape on the Ben Schoeman highway but were picked up by a police helicopter from the Pretoria Air Wing and pursued south into the Lyttleton area.

“They turned up a one-way ... and one of the police officers on the chopper started shooting,” said Plaatjies.

He said about four shots were fired, hitting one suspect in the leg, and another under his right arm. The men are being treated in hospital.

A third suspect fled the scene with a firearm in his hand and witnesses say he “took off all his clothes” to evade police identification.

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  1. Great speedy work by our boys in blue......

    Pity this is not done on a regular basis.