Friday, November 15, 2013

Drug-dealing family get off lightly

No fear No Favour No Drug Trafficking Friends........

Vadivelu Kisten, left, was sentenced to three years in jail for drug trafficking. His daughter, Pravashnee Kisten, second from right, was fined R10 000 on the same charges and her mother, Fathima Bee, was given an effective R5 000 fine. Charges were withdrawn against Vadivelu s brother, Dhayalan Kisten, second from left. Photo: Sibonelo Ngcobo
Durban - A Hillary couple and their daughter have pleaded guilty to dealing in drugs, with the breadwinner admitting he had run the illegal business from his R1 million home, forfeited to the State.
Soon after they were sentenced on Thursday, Fathima Bee “Shireen” Kisten, 51, and her daughter, Pravashnee Kisten, 33, waited outside the Durban High Court to say goodbye to Vadivelu Kisten who was taken to Westville Prison.
The mother and daughter have to pay fines for their roles in the illegal family business.
All three are working with the police as informants, providing leads that have led to the arrest and prosecution of other drug dealers in Chatsworth.
Judge Esther Steyn said long-term imprisonment was appropriate when it came to those dealing in drugs.
“Members of society, including parents, wives and husbands, become weak and dependent on drugs supplied by people like yourselves,” she told the three accused.
“It’s important that those in the community do not follow in your footsteps.”
Judge Steyn said because the family had agreed to help eradicate drug smuggling, this was a factor in sentencing.
The Kisten family had reached a plea and sentencing agreement with the State. Advocate Mahen Naidu withdrew charges against Dhayalan Kisten, Vadivelu’s brother.
In her plea, Fathima Bee said she was dependent on her husband, 61, also known as “Ronnie” and “Karia”, and felt obliged to help him in his business.
Her daughter, Pravashnee, a call-centre operator, said she and her four young children had moved in with her parents when she had separated from her husband. She was unemployed at the time and dependent on her father and felt obliged to traffic drugs for him.
Both women said they felt remorse, pleaded guilty to the charges and had helped police by providing information about drug trafficking in the greater Durban area.
Vadivelu said he had been involved in the unlawful trading of illegal drugs and was approached in October 2009 by undercover operative Jonathan Stanford and others, who bought drugs from him on a regular basis.
 Vadivelu said he was unaware that Stanford was an undercover police officer.
His Hillary home was forfeited to the State after it was declared “instrumental in racketeering activities” and he has worked with the Organised Crime Unit this year as an informant. Vadivelu said he had provided vital information to the police on major role-players in the trafficking of narcotics in the greater Durban area.
His leads led to the arrest and prosecution of drug peddlers in Chatsworth.
Judge Steyn said forfeiting the house would cause the accused hardship and would help deter others from selling drugs.
Vadivelu was sentenced to eight years in jail, five years of which were suspended for five years; Pravashnee was fined R10 000, or four years for drug trafficking, as well as two years imprisonment, wholly suspended for five years.
Fathima Bee was also fined R10 000, or four years in jail, but half was suspended on condition she was not convicted of any offence.
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Same methods used in South Africa as the CIA and MOSSAD?
Crime intelligence appears to be a form of syndicated crime?
Only opposition to the State appears to be prosecuted?


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