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Mugabe Threatens to Halt Raw Platinum Exports to South Africa

Mugabe Threatens to Halt Raw Platinum Exports to South Africa

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Enlarge“Let us close our doors immediately and say no raw platinum will go to South Africa,”
“Let us close our doors immediately and say no raw platinum will go to South Africa,”
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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is threatening to halt exports of raw platinum to South Africa unless three producers set up a refining plant in the country.
“Let us close our doors immediately and say no raw platinum will go to South Africa,” the state-controlled Herald newspaper cited Mugabe as saying to members of his ruling party at an address in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare.
Former Mines Minister Obert Mpofu had given mining firms “two years and we must see them now arranging to build a refinery,” Mugabe was cited as saying. “If they have not started, after that warning, building a refinery then when the time comes for us to demand that all refining has to be done here they should not blame us.”
Zimbabwe has three platinum mines, though all refining of its metal is done in South Africa. Zimbabwe’s platinum industry needs as much as $5.3 billion if it is to expand to produce more than 500,000 ounces of the metal and to construct precious and base metal refineries, according to the Platinum Producers Committee, which expects output of 365,000 ounces this year.
The group represents South Africa’s Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. (IMP), Aquarius Platinum Ltd. (AQP) and Anglo American Plc (AAL)’s platinum unit, which are the main producers in Zimbabwe.
Mugabe, 89, won elections in July to extend his 33-year rule. Prior to the elections he made threats to seize control of mines and banks from foreign and white investors and give them to black citizens and the government. - Bloomberg


Mugabe Plotting to Kill Zuma?

Posted by: Natalie Simon Tags: Assasination, Jacob Zuma, Lindiwe Zulu, Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe Posted date: July 14, 2013

Johannesburg – A two page report dated 2nd July contains dates and details of a plot by Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to have President Jacob Zuma and diplomat Lindiwe Zulu assassinated. According to the Guardian, which has seen the supposedly leaked document, Mugabe had hired six Lebanese men to to undertake the hits.

The document noted the hiring of the assassins by Mugabe and then detailed the briefing of over the planned assassinations.

“The six were told they must not concentrate on Zulu only, but should also pay attention to Zuma himself, and if they get a chance to do so they must assassinate him as well – but everything must appear as an accident,” the document stated.

Ruling party Zanu-PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo told the Guardian the document was a forgery, designed to create instability in the upcoming elections in the country.
“To be frank with you, it’s all rubbish and hogwash to think a head of state like president Mugabe would set up something like that. We have a disagreement with Lindiwe Zulu but it would not go to that extent,” the Guardian quoted Rugare as saying.
Relations between South Africa and Zimbabwe have grown tense as South Africa unsuccessfully tried to force postponement of elections in Zimbabwe. Mugabe called Zuma’s chief mediator Lindiwe Zulu a “little street woman” and “some stupid, idiotic woman.”
Zimababwe’s main opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change take the document seriously however. MDC spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora told the Guardian that while they cannot confirm the authenticity of the document, assassination allegations should be taken seriously by the international community.

MDC treasurer-general Roy Bennet, who is currently in exile, was however convinced of the truth of the document.
“We know the report to be credible; it comes from reliable and trustworthy sources within the heart of the CIO [Central Intelligence Organisation], It is a stark reminder of the full horrific extent that Robert Mugabe is prepared to go in order to hang on to power and avenge his critics,” said Bennet.

According to a report compiled by the Mail and Guardian at least 9 Zimbabwean politicians have died in mysterious car crashes.

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  1. Beautiful example of "cutting your nose to spite your own face" - he cannot even feed his own people ( NGO's are now feeding more than 2 million Zimbabweans)